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  1. I've bought every A-4 decal sheet they have, and couldn't be happier with them. The subjects are all well researched and interesting, and the decals are beautiful. Get them and enjoy them!
  2. Very nice build overall. I really like it! I don't know why, but the cleanliness and clarity of the canopy parts really sticks out to me and looks great. Did you anything to enhance them?
  3. Thank you so much! And great work on the decals. I have both sets and want to build them all
  4. Thanks Rick! There are a lot of great aggressor schemes for the A-4 out there Thanks Spejic! Nice profile picture!
  5. Hasegawa kit, Phase Hangar ejection seat, Brassin wheels, and Fights On decals
  6. I use black mr surfacer 1500 thinned with mr leveling thinner most often and like it a lot. Stynelrez (probably spelled that wrong!) is a really good primer as well, I just found it to be a pain to clean from the airbrush because it is pretty thick. I believe ammo's one shot primer may be stynelrez from what I've heard from others, but I'm not sure
  7. Thanks Geoff, and good luck with your projects. Post a bunch of pics! Send me a DM with your address and I'll see what I can do. I haven't tried it yet, so we'll see how it translates to a smaller scale
  8. Definitely an interesting subject. I just finished the HK B-25 and made some masks for the markings. It's from the 405th, so not one of the squadrons you mentioned, but if you are interested I can see about reducing the mask to 1/48th.
  9. Eduard's new Tempest kit was a really enjoyable build. Nice detail and great fit all around. I added the Eduard flap set as well as Barracuda's seat, spinner, intake and wheels. Hope you enjoy!
  10. Very fair point. I guess nothing is certain
  11. The way that the F/G is designed, I would say that it is certain they will eventually. There would be no reason to design the kit the way that they did if they weren't going to do other versions. I can't give any kind of guess as to when though. I would think that they would want to let the F/G version have some time on the market first. If you haven't built the F/G version, it is a beautiful kit and a lot of fun to build
  12. Nice job on your mustang! I like the weathering on the underside. I've always had difficulty making splatters look realistic, but you did a nice job with it
  13. I am working on both kits at the moment, and in my very unscientific test, the masks for the G should work for the F. I can't guarantee all the small masks for the gun turrets will match perfectly (top turret, ball turret and waist glass are different on the two versions), but in the few masks I tested they fit really well.
  14. Very nice! Great job on a unique scheme
  15. I always love your straight forward and practical methods, and the clear way you explain your process. Thanks for taking the time to put your videos together. I’m really looking forward to this series
  16. I've been enjoying the videos on YouTube. Thanks for posting them!
  17. Awesome work! I really love how it turned out. I may have to steal your idea for a future A-4 project. It shows the A-4 how it should; low and fast! Great job
  18. Thanks for the help guys. I decided to just go for it and cut open both panels yesterday. Between a very rough diagram in the TA-4 NATOPs manual and the help you have given me, I figured I could make it look busy and hopefully interesting. Thanks again!
  19. Hello everyone, Does anyone have photos of the insides of the two access doors on the tops of A-4 intakes? I have a bunch of photos showing them open on the ground, but can't find any images showing what is in the space they cover. I'd like to open the doors up on my current build but need some detail shots if you have them. Thanks so much for any help!
  20. Item number 48004. It's out of production and hard to find, so if you have one,or a partial one, let me know and I'll pay a good price for it. Thanks!
  21. While there could be some variation throughout different squadrons and services, most of the pictures I have seen show the undersides of the slats as the same color as the underside of the plane. The first pic is a restored jet and the second is of an Israeli jet, but it seems pretty common from what I've seen Hope that helps, though I am sure there will be some people that flew them or worked on them on this site that can give you a better answer
  22. Thank you everyone for the nice comments, I really appreciate them! I'm looking forward to building a few more of these phantoms
  23. After seeing this video on theaviationist.com (rights to 1-300) I had a need to build a Japanese Phantom. In fact, I am planning on doing two more soon, one in the all grey scheme and an RF-4 in the green camo scheme. https://vimeo.com/199142621 Hope you enjoy! kit: Hasegawa 1/48 F-4EJ Kai aftermarket: Aires seats, Aires exhaust, DE Mold intakes and wheels paints: Mr. Hobby Color JASDF set
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