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  1. I had hopes for this kit too. It's the same issue with the GWH kit in both 1/72 and 1/48.
  2. Since the birth of our first child a few months back I've had to put aside model building for a while and have rediscovered my passion for drawing.
  3. That's some really nice surface details! I can live with the spartan cockpit, since there'll probably end up being plenty of aftermarket available. But it really begs the question, why the heck didn't they do the Hind this way?
  4. Well since the Tanmodel one never materialised this should make a lot of people really happy.
  5. I had no idea Revell had a 1/72nd F-15 planned. If a single seat one follows I'm definitely in. The Hasegawa is getting pretty old, The Platz one has panel lines you can see from outer space and the GWH one suffers from the same fat/flattened canopy and chunky trailing edges as their 1/48 kit.
  6. I have Facebook and I'm also checking here almost every day. I regularly post and comment both here and there. Both have their pluses and minuses. I just prefer here when on my desktop at home.
  7. If you're looking to correct the misshapen canopy there's an upcoming aftermarket replacement coming from Reskit. It replaces the whole cockpit/escape module where the canopy shape/width problems start. Apparently they also have a replacement planned for the bomb bay, which also has some shape problems. As for the wing problems there is no available replacement, only a couple sets designed for the Academy kit.
  8. What kit are you looking at?
  9. You could say that about every cold war era jet Trumpeter/Hobbyboss did. F-100, F-105, A-5, A-7, F-111 etc. All except for maybe the A-7 badly need a better representation in 1/48 scale. Yet the standard attitude is those kits are new enough and therefore must be good enough even though all the faults with them are very obvious.
  10. Definitely welcome news. lets hope they eventually scale them up to 1/48. As Im sure they'll probably show Trumpeter how its meant to be done.
  11. I think you'll find that a lot of people who build models such as my self started as kids then became as you like to call young people. That stage of life where being with friends and discovering other interests like cars and girls happens. It just happens that today that comes hand in hand with technology, social media etc (Which in case you haven't noticed a lot of adults even into their 50s and 60s partake in also). Then after that stage only to take it up again once settled right into adulthood. At this point with more money and thus being able to afford all these fancy new kits that are r
  12. They are Wolfpack resin nozzles. Which is probably the only upgrade the kit really needs. Though I think they may have added just enough weight to make the model a tail sitter when the wings were swept back. Fortunately I was able to put some weight inside the forward bay behind the fuel tank there.
  13. Thanks! Thanks, I normally only build 1/48, so 1/72 it's little for me. But yes the 106 is a big jet. I have a couple 1/48 Mirages on my display shelf, and its about as big as those.
  14. I recently cracked an aftermarket resin canopy for the GWH F-15C after modifying the kits parts. So until theres a rerun of that set its toast.
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