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  1. MRP is probably the best choice for the Swedish splinter scheme. I used it on my JA37 and found it to be very accurate compared to reference photos. Also, as already noted the pigments are very fine, which helps for airbrushing harder edged camouflage like this. I didn't get any built up ridges along the edge of the paint masks I was using. Thats not to say you won't, but MRP is by far the best paint for avoiding this problem.
  2. They said they are definitely doing it. But for some reason they Keep pushing other projects forward instead.
  3. Have you fitted them to the kit yet? Ive seen a picture of the 1/48 ones being oversized compared to the Revell kit. I'm just curious to see if thats the case on the 1/144 ones before I decide to buy them.
  4. Thankfully I discovered the online instructions too. But I was still about halfway guessing my way through building it. http://www.kineticmodel.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=64&search=48062
  5. Single piece engine nacelles for a start. The back piece on the Kinetic one is moulded into the lower fuselage part. So you have to glue the intakes onto it, where you end up having to sand a step between the two. I had to waste a lot of time getting this area flush, plus re scribing all the lost detail in that area. Also parts like the vertical stabilators on this kit are split in two halves. Where on the Kinetic one they're cast as one solid piece resulting in deep sink marks that needed to be filled, sanded and re scribed. I imagine theres a lot of other areas that are an improvement too but I can't comment since its not even out yet. I really wish this was what the Kinetic kit was because Ive almost finished mine. And it looks like this one will be so much more of a pleasant building experience. Might I also add that they should take their time getting the instructions to be clear and understandable. The Kinetic instructions are by far the worse I've ever encountered.
  6. Not sure about that one. I was looking at getting one with a Vf-31 F-14D that has a yellow tail and the colours were way off.
  7. I can't speak for the Japanese subjects they do. But Some of the F-14 sheets aren't very well researched.
  8. Ah it was a typo. Thanks for clearing that up.
  9. You're probably right. With each new announcement I'm growing evermore pessimistic and hope full at the same time. I mean every time you don't win the lotto is another chance you can isn't it? 😬
  10. I see listed on the Cybermodeller website that theres a new 1/48 EF-111A by Revell due in April. I also found it listed on the Hannants online shop as a future release. So begs the question who's tooling is this? Or is there an actual new tool F-111 on the horizon at last? The only 1/48 Ravens I know of are the Academy and the Hobbyboss ones. Both which leave a lot to be desired compared to how well represented so many other subjects are in this day and age. Can anyone actually shed some light on this?
  11. Well that'd have my vote too. Maybe after a few more WW2 subjects and a couple more reboxes of misshapen kits...HAHAHA! 😂
  12. I've built both their 1/48 Mirage IIIC and Mig-21 SMT. The release date Of both was several years apart and the improvement between them is amazing. The Mirage was a nice kit, but the Mig is a whole different level. And I imagine all the WW2 releases since are even more so. But how about they actually give us some newer Cold War era subjects, rather than reboxing everyone else's kits??
  13. This looks like a 1/32 kit I actually would consider. Though I will wait to see what it looks like built up compared to photos of the real thing to see if they have the shapes right. As for details Im sure there will be plenty of aftermarket to address anything there.
  14. I second this idea. All the aftermarket options are getting a bot long in the tooth. So I don't fancy going down that path either.
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