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  1. Hopefully I can get my hands on one of these. The last sheet by another decal maker that I found interesting sold out long before I could free up the funds for it
  2. No Misawa jets on that one unfortunately.
  3. I looked into this myself a couple years ago and concluded it was two tone only after finding a cheap kit on Facebook marketplace. The only problem for me was the decals had yellowed badly. So the search for a more modern aftermarket option continues. Since any options are currently long OOP.
  4. They had a display with some renders at a hobby show in Japan last year.
  5. I recall SMS doing this colour, and it actually glows in the dark.
  6. Guys he's actually referring to the GWH kit. Both the Academy and Hobby Boss kits have been around for a few months already. GWH make great kits like their Flankers and Fulcrums . Though I don't really fancy their track record with western subjects. Theres usually either some type of corner cut like the chunky trailing edges on their Eagle kits or the engine nacelles on their B-52. Or some glaring shape issues like the fat canopy on their Eagle too.
  7. If you have a look at this photo you can see two different colours on the forward fuselage. Look at the line just above the nose landing gear door. So Its most likely the same three colours as the other VF-103 jets from that time. The middle colour being FS36320. Click on the link and theres a few more photos of the same jet in that photo stream.
  8. I bought one a few years ago and found the rubber parts that make contact with the model took paint off. And I use lacquer paints which are meant to be the most durable. Apparently Im not the only who found this happening either.
  9. The Hasegawa F-111. Since its the only really good kit of the F-111. and its over 30years old!
  10. Those delicate trailing edges make the GWH ones look extremely chunky.
  11. I can't fully tell from this angle. But it looks like they got the omega profile correct.
  12. Great to see this eventuating and probably being the definitive 1/72 scale Eagle. For now I'm more than happy to wait for the USAF versions to come along.
  13. I've seen an online comparison of both and Tamiya is superior in every way except price.
  14. Even if the scale is a bit out on the Kinetic kit It'd still be my first choice. As for the landing gear parts there's probably more than one company that produces aftermarket landing gear. Even if they're sized for another kit I'm sure they could be kit bashed with the Kinetic parts if one wanted to go down that path.
  15. Since I've managed get through masking up a splinter Viggen before I'd be more inclined to go that route. Provided you're using a more forgiving type of paint like MRP or other acrylic lacquer brands of paint you'll find it much easier to fix mistakes than using decals.
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