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  1. So.....is anyone already got the kit ?
  2. Seems the cutaway of the nose still not very good,but not a big ill for me.Can't wait to get one
  3. The only one I finished this year.Hope you can like it~ Merry Christmas~!
  4. Hi,friend. I'm not sure,but it seems your froent wheel bay were in a wrong direction,the back is in front.
  5. Somebody help me?I can't remove my sight!What amazing! But it seems that the A-10C's cockpit is different,but,well,I'm not sure about it... Really a nice work,very impressive.
  6. Not all the modelers spending their time on building their kits.You can't foget those who playing models by their mouth and eyes.
  7. Nice work!But the horizontal and flaps should be drooping~
  8. Best of the best Hornet i'v ever seen!great wrok!
  9. one of the best Flanker i've ever seen!it's really an amazing model!
  10. ..............are you kidding me?
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