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  1. Airfix 1/72 OOB Build with Xtradecals. Lightning F.6, s/n XS921’M’ No.74 Sqn, RAF Tengah, Singapore 1970
  2. Airfix 1/48th OOB build with S & M decals and Xrtadecals Gnat T.1, s/n XP530 No.4 Flying Training School RAF Valley 1964. Angelsy, Wales
  3. Kinetic 1/48th OOB build including kit decals CF-5A, s/n 116763, No.434 Sqn RCAF. CAF Chatham 1988
  4. Alleycat 1/72 OOB Build including decals. This kit is made up entirely of resin. Gannet AEW.3 XL471 ‘E’ ‘D’ Flight, 849 NAS HMS Eagle, 1970
  5. Revell 1/72nd OOB build inc kit decals s/n XF418 ‘16’, No.1 TWU, RAF Brawdy Pembrokeshire, Wales Aug 1979
  6. Revell 1/72 OOB build with Airdecal decals Tornado Gr.1, s/n ZD740 ‘DA’ No.31 Sqn ‘Goldstars’ RAFG Bruggen, Germany 1985
  7. Thanks.yes the decals are the kit ones.
  8. Airfix 148th scale. Added scratch build detail in cockpit, Resin ejection seat and photo etch in wheel bays. Barracudacals and Model alliance decals
  9. Hobbyboss 1/48th scale build mostly OOB except tail tip which was changed and ejection seat.
  10. Nice work!! The folding wing option and approach is interesting.
  11. Nice and very convincing metal effect! Great work
  12. Thanks Andrew for your input. Had to double check on your assumptions but both other pylons are in their correct attitude with both amraams pointing outward, with the most clear being on the amraam next to the JDAM. It must be camera angle combined with the look of the double load, as on the model it is pointing outwards of the gbu.
  13. Thanks. Regarding the dual gbu mounts I am not 100% sure for the F but definitely 100% seen on dual mounts on the F/A-18D.(in pics)
  14. Nice work, but check references about the wheels.
  15. Excellent scooter trainer, well done!!
  16. Nothing special you say. Excellent build I say, totally excellent work!
  17. Nice helmet, bike and rest. Like the Jolly Rogers markings!
  18. Wow, that is an excellent piece of work, truly a masterpiece!
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