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  1. More pics of the '47 please! That plane is pure gangster! And to reinforce what someone said earlier, yes heads on '47's do like to leak, and that's what ends up happening to them. It's usually more apparent on the left side of the fuse though, as that's the way the blades turn, so this one must be pumping through the oil!
  2. Some great shots there, thank you very much for posting these! Cheers, Craig
  3. I get it too. When I do a google search for arc forums, of the first 3 hits I get if I click on the second one it goes to that annoying URL4short thing, which was my saved link, but if I click on the hit below it, it goes straight to the forums without a problem. I am using a Mac by the way….. Craig
  4. Here's a couple more… As already mentioned, the blades are red, green and yellow. The red pitch housing for the head is the heaviest and the other two are balanced to it as a matched set. The head comes factory balanced with little round weights that sit just inboard of the vertical hinge pin tanks (the flat, round tanks on the extremities of the head). The blades are then fitted and balanced through the chadwick, vxp or some other form of vibration monitoring gear at various speed regimes in the hover and forward flight. Once the blades are balanced to the aircraft they generally stay
  5. Looking good there Oliver! Those archer rivets are certainly helpful aren't they? I am always amazed and in awe of not only the quality but also the neatness of your builds. Although I can't say that the Frelon has a special place in my heart, your build is quickly making me change my mind! Cheers, Craig
  6. Wow! Great job! Where did you get the figures from? I love the weathering on the chains too… Craig
  7. Any idea what the shipping cost would be to Queensland, Australia? I'd be interested Craig
  8. Nice! Always a pleasure to see another Mustang come together, I never put the engine in mine so It's good to see the work you're doing on this one. Keep it coming :) Craig
  9. Hi Floyd, Great job on tackling the soundproofing, especially around the windows. I remember that being quite tricky on my build too. I also think your approach to doing each sides soundproofing is a good one. I tired to do it like the real thing and in one piece across the cabin from the top of each seat rail…… very hard to do and not recommended! You're certainly crafting a fine representation of a chinook interior! Craig
  10. Nice work Marv! I have a few of these yet to build from years ago when I used to play the game. The rules changed too much and the guys at the game shops were too weird to continue playing, but I've always like the models and the background histories they wrote for them. One day I'll have a crack at doing them. It's good to see three of them all with the same theme, I'm sure your son and grandson would've been stoked with them! Cheers, Craig
  11. Wow Chuck! Isn't it amazing how something as simple as a little wash can completely transform the look of the model? You must be pretty happy in seeing all that hard work finally pay off as the surface detail starts to show. Really great work! Craig
  12. Hooray! Glad to see you're back with a new project Oliver. Off to a great start already! Can't wait to watch this one unfold Craig
  13. HI Chuck, I must admit that it's been quite a while since I posted on your build but I have been following it, everything looks great but those walkways, that just rocks! I'm definitely going to give this a crack myself, thanks for the info! Craig
  14. I thought that might be the case! Still, great job nonetheless :) Craig
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