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  1. Thanks everyone for the responses. I’m looking more closely at this kit. I thoroughly enjoyed building my first Hasegawa hornet and am considering giving this Kinetic kit a try. Thanks for the tips.
  2. Thanks everyone. I bought a new set of needle files that made quick work of the tight corner.
  3. Got the notice that my order shipped. Can’t wait to see the quality. I’ve heard great things.
  4. Thanks for the info. Let’s hope their quality goes up.
  5. I’m in no hurry. I know he’s a stand up guy so not worried about any kind of scam. Just making sure it’s not out of the norm. Thanks.
  6. A couple days ago I ordered from Fightertown on their website. My payment processed but I haven’t heard a peep about shipping or my order being processed. I sent them an email earlier today and received no response. Anyone work with them recently or place an order?
  7. When did Kinetic make corrections to accuracy in the 1:48 Hornet lineup? Which boxings have the new shapes and corrections? Thanks for the help.
  8. What is the best skinny or narrow sanding sticks? Having trouble reaching the lower corners of a 1:48 F-15C intake.
  9. Can’t believe I haven’t seen this until now. Great effect on the control surfaces! And I love to see the JG 26 markings. Looking good!
  10. Yes. I’m not a big fan of it but I do like the shredded flag look to the tail. Comes with a masking set for that. Should look pretty nice.
  11. Just ordered a sheet of Galaxy F/A-18F decals. Here’s hoping.
  12. Great to know. How could I tell which ones are printed by Cartograf?
  13. Something in the olive or olive drab or khaki (dark) range. It doesn’t have to be exact.
  14. Shopping on eBay and see some decal companies I’m not familiar with. Anyone have experience with DXM, Authentic, Galaxy, Jasmine, or CTA? Never heard of any of them but lots of 1:48 options.
  15. Very nice! Those Eduard MiGs are gems, aren’t they? Looking forward to more!
  16. Looking for best references regarding Fw 190s, Bf 109s and Bf 110s. Books available? Online sites? Thanks for any help. I’m very inexperienced regarding these subjects.
  17. Bottom picture is very helpful. Thanks! I saw the top picture and couldn’t quite tell if it was an optical illusion. Thanks for the help.
  18. Did the Bf 110G have extended slats like the earlier Bf 110C/D/E? Can’t find a definitive photo of a real G, but modelers seem to make the modification on their kits.
  19. Where did you find the nice case? Excellent build!
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