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  1. le_boz

    Zvezda 777-300 Swiss

  2. le_boz

    1/144 SSJ 100 Zvezda

    Hi fellow moiler, I just finished my last build. It is an SSJ of Zvezda with some aftermarket decals of 8A from Mexico. I really like them. They can be a bit delicate, but overall are very good. I hope you enjoy the show, and feel free to comment. Cheers, Boz
  3. le_boz

    Zvezda A320 MEA

    Hi Everyone, Here is part 2. Enjoy,
  4. le_boz

    Zvezda A320 MEA

    Hi fellow modellers, Here a quick video of my last build an A320 from Zvezda with a MEA livery. Enjoy the show, BOZ
  5. le_boz

    Zvezda 777-300 Swiss

    Hi Fellows modellers, Here is the second part of my 777-300 of Swiss. It will be final assembly, painting, detailing, and decals of the model. I hope you will enjoy the show. Cheers, Boz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxpoSxspfws&t=8s
  6. le_boz

    Zvezda 777-300 Swiss

    Hi fellow modellers, I just completed my Zvezda 777-300 with after market decals from 8A. Here is the link, and I hope you will enjoy, Cheers, and Happy Modeling, Boz
  7. le_boz

    1965 1/72 Airfix B-29

    Hi guys, Here is the final part of the build. Cheers, Boz
  8. le_boz

    1965 1/72 Airfix B-29

    I was thinking about your 1/48 superfortress as well, and thought to myself "How is he going to make that one" and where to put it on display... I also have a Concorde on 1/72 and I am still thinking where am I going to put it on display... 😉 I will wait in the Box for a little longer.. Part 3 will be released on Wednesday, Cheers, Boz
  9. le_boz

    1965 1/72 Airfix B-29

    Hi Guys, Here is part 2 of the video, enjoy
  10. le_boz

    1965 1/72 Airfix B-29

    Thank you for your comment. Indeed, the detached redder is good one, but the rest of the flight control detached was quite challenging. Part 2 will be out tomorrow. Cheers, Boz
  11. le_boz

    1965 1/72 Airfix B-29

    Hi fellow modellers, I found this Airfix 1/72 model in my basement not too long ago. I purchased it back when I was a teenager, and forgot for a few decades. I now decided to build it, and add some old photo etched part, and details. I had to add some decals as well, and this is how it turned out. This video is the past 1 of this build. Your comments are welcome and enjoy, Boz
  12. le_boz

    1/144 PBK PC-6 Porter

    Hi Fellow Modellers, Here is the part 2 of my PC-6 Porter. Enjoy the show, Boz
  13. le_boz

    1/144 PBK PC-6 Porter

    Hi Fellow Modellers, I am currently working on this build, and I thought you may enjoy the video. All comment are welcomes. Cheers,
  14. le_boz

    1/144 Zvezda 787 in Norwegian livery

    Ha ha, thank for your comment. Maybe I should warn people next time 😉 Enjoy modelling, Boz
  15. le_boz

    Thai retro 747-400 Hasegawa 1/200

    Hi Fellow modellers, I hope you enjoyed part 1 of the build, now part 2 is available. Enjoy the show, and let me know if you want to see something else. Boz,