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  1. Hi Fellow modellers, Here is my last released Revell 737-8 from Revell with 26 Decals for the colourful livery of Caribbean Airlines. Enjoy the show,
  2. you can try Nazca decals for the 727 https://www.nazca-decals.com/html/b727-200.htm
  3. Any time, hope to see your build 😉 Tucson is a great place, I have good memories there, and Pimar museum is outstanding
  4. Hi Andrew, Check this out, https://joydecals.com/decals-by-aircraft/douglas/dc-9/?sort=priceasc&page=2 You can also paint the corogard, I am using Tamya paint normally it is a mix of grey 2/3 and metallic 1/3, but I am mainly using bold eye until I find it acceptable. Cheers,
  5. Hi fellow modellers, Here is my last build, an Ilyushin 62 from Zvezda, the kit is just straight out of the box, with some Ascencio decals for the Dalavia livery. I have nothing to say about the kit as it is a very god kit, a usual great Zvezda job. I have to admit that I was expecting quite a few challenges for the decals as I read a lot of bad things about Ascencio decals, but they were indeed very good. Thin, easy to handle, and went very well on the kit, so this was also a good surprise. I hope you will find the video interesting, Enjoy the sho
  6. Hi fellow modellers, Here is my last build. It's a resin kit from RVPN of a Be350 on 1/72 scale. Kit was design to be a military aircraft, but I preferred to build a more colourful "exotic" livery. I did the decals myself and use some masking technique for the large area. I hope you will enjoy the kit and build review. Happy modelling weekend to all,
  7. Hi fellow modellers, Here is the last build I just finished. A lear 55 from Amodel. The kit is a decent quality, and some less experienced modellers will get a pretty nice result I sure. The kit is straight of the box. I hope you enjoy the show. Enjoy modelling,
  8. Hi fellow modellers, Here is my last build, a old Revell Concorde with the Pepsi livery made in the 90's. I purchased the decals over a decade ago, and I forgot the brand it was. I used some resin kit for the engines, and some photo etched part as well, specially for the undercarriage. I hope you enjoy the show, Enjoy modelling,
  9. Hi fellow modellers, I just finished my A220 from Eastern express with the Swiss livery. I dit the model straight of the box. Unfortunately the tail decal are not up to size so I will correct them in the future with some paint mask. I hope you enjoy the video of the kit review, and the build, Enjoy modelling,
  10. Nice one, I look forward to the final result...
  11. Nice progress I like the way you add the weight in the front, something to keep in mind when I finish my plaid stock 😄
  12. Hi fellow modeller, I just purchased the last A321 kit from Zvezda and the A321 from Revell to compare both kit, then I realised that the Zvezda kit is just a classic A321. I just released the video if you are interested to check out the differences in both kit, Cheers, and Happy modelling,
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