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  1. Hi fellow modellers, I just completed this caravelle model from Masterkit. The kit is the old airfoil kit, which is really poor quality, and shape. I had to use a lot of putty and sanding to get to a close enough result for myself. I am not a rivet counter, but the shape was really bad. I hope you can enjoy this build with me, and all comments are welcome. Happy modelling, Boz
  2. Hi, I did this year a C-47, CF-DTD from plane savers on 1/48 scale. This aircraft flew the mission on D-Day, but my build is as it stands today. Would this count for the GB ? I made 3 video of the build, and would be very happy to share them with you. Let me know, Cheers, Boz
  3. Glad you enjoy those video. Thank yo for watching, and I will keep posting the new build. On project: Hasegawa ERJ170 LOT with "Airplane Movie" Livery 1/144 caravelle from Mastercraft with Air Inter Livery 1/144 Zvezda 737-8 Sunexpress "Peter Rabbit" livery 1/144 Revell 737-8 Anex Flight (Azur Russian Airline) Haven't decided yet the sequence after that 😉 Happy modelling Boz
  4. Thank you for your comment. The Zvezda kit is simple, the challenge was more with the decals, as they are quite big, and chances to wrinkle on them is higher. For the paint touch up I used Tamya X-4 blue, and worked pretty well. Cheers, Boz
  5. Hi Fellow modellers, I just released the video of my last build. I made a 787-900 with R2D2 livery. The Zvezda kit is as usual very good. For the livery I used some PAS decals. I have to say they are excellent, son enough, but not too fragile. perfect compromise for me. I order them directly in Russia. All went very well, and I will order again. Enjoy the show, and feel free to comment, Happy modelling, Boz
  6. Hi Thomas, Thank you for your comment. As you could see I have a youtube channel for modelling. I also did a project on a DC-3 on 1/48 scale for Plane savers. I hope you will enjoy. Hope to come home this summer for some family holiday 😉 Cheers, Philippe
  7. Hi Fellow modellers, Here is my last build. An A321 from Zvezda, with the decals from PAS decals. Enjoy the show, and feel free to comment. Cheers, Boz
  8. I just got my decals shipment from PAS, and I have to say that everything went flawless. Those decals are amazing. Very thing, but strong enough not to break and very accurate. I would recommend to anyone, and order directly from them instead of EvilBay... The price are also quite cheap compare to the other provider. Cheers, Boz
  9. Hi modelers, Here is part 3 of the build, and some photo with the model and the actual aircraft. Enjoy the show,
  10. Hi Everyone, Here is part 2 of the build. Enjoy
  11. Hi Fellow modellers, Hers is the video 1 of 3 of my latest build. I used a 1/48 Revell C-47 and converted to a DC-3C who flew D-Day. It is owned by Mikey from Buffalo in Yellowknife, and it is restore as we speak to fly on D-Day celebration this year. I made the model as it looked when they purchased the aircraft who was sitting outside for quite a few years. Enjoy the show, Boz
  12. Hi fellow modellers, Hers one of my last model of a Air Antilles Express (French Caribbean Regional) carrier of an ATR-42. I hope you enjoy the show, and please fill free to comment. Cheers, Boz
  13. Hi fellow moiler, I just finished my last build. It is an SSJ of Zvezda with some aftermarket decals of 8A from Mexico. I really like them. They can be a bit delicate, but overall are very good. I hope you enjoy the show, and feel free to comment. Cheers, Boz
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