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  1. le_boz

    1/144 Zvezda 787 in Norwegian livery

    Hi Everyone, here is the part 2 of the Norwegian 787, I hope you enjoy. Cheers,
  2. le_boz

    Qantas New Livery

    Not a big change from the previous one 😉
  3. le_boz

    1/144 Air Tahiti ATR72

    Hi, Yes for the resin you don't need weight. I also thought about Trans Asia livery. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any, but if you are good with photo shop, you can try to do your own. I did some in the past for some other aircraft. Good luck
  4. le_boz

    1/144 Air Tahiti ATR72

    Hi the resin kit is not bad, but if you want to do the plastic one you will have to scratch build the propeller. I had to redo them on the ATR 72 and 42. If you want to do a 42 my Best advise would be to take the Italery kit. I hope this help. Happy modelling
  5. le_boz

    1/144 A350 Cathay Pacific

    Any time, Cheers,
  6. Hi everyone, Here is the part one of my 1/144 Zvezda 787 with Norwegian colour. I used LN decals for colofull livery. Enjoy the show, Boz
  7. le_boz

    1/144 A350 Cathay Pacific

    Hi Terry, Well, it took me a while. But I had to mix some Tanya paint. Mainly Gloss white, and a little bit of white blue, and some patience and a few try. I wasted 2 or pot of white before finding the right colour to be honest. I hope this help. Cheers,
  8. le_boz

    1/144 A350 Cathay Pacific

    Thank you for comment. I will put mu next build. Norwegian 787 Cheers, Boz
  9. le_boz

    1/144 A350 Cathay Pacific

    Hi everyone, here the part 2 of the build. Enjoy the show and Happy modelling, Boz
  10. Hi Everyone, I just finished this A350 from Revell. I used 26 aftermarket decals to do a Cathay Pacific livery. Here the link on youtube to follow the build. This is part 1. Enjoy the show, and happy modelling, Boz
  11. le_boz

    Engines snap-off models

    Hey, For the Engines, I never had issues so far, unless the fall the shelf, or were mishandled during relocation. But maybe I have been lucky so far. For the pealing decals, I normally apply a clear coat once the model is finished. I hope this help, Cheers, Boz
  12. le_boz

    Qantas New Livery

    Any Photo of the new paint, I haven't seen it Thanks, Boz
  13. le_boz

    1/144 Air Tahiti ATR72

    Hi Fellow modeller, Here is part 2 of the build,
  14. le_boz

    1/144 Air Tahiti ATR72

    Hi fellow modellers, I just completed a new build. It's an ATR72 from F-Rsin with Air Tahiti decals. I think it is better to show the build on youtube, than only photo, please let me know, Enjoy the show,
  15. Hi Everyone, I hope you enjoyed my last video. I finally finished my project this weekend, so enjoy the show, and let me know if you like it Enjoy the show, Boz