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  1. Thank you for your kind comment. Will keep doing them 😉 Cheers
  2. Hi fellow modellers, Here the video of my last build. A Zvezda Tu 154M on 1/144 scale. As usual al went well with this brand, and I used after market decals from PAS decals for a Sibir livery. As usual with PAS decals, soft and thin very easy to handle. Hope you enjoy the show, and feel free to comment, Happy modelling, Boz
  3. I wish I was here... Thank for your comment, Boz
  4. Hi Fellow modellers, Here the complete review and build of my Revell 1/72 Hawker Hunter with the last livery Papyrus from his retirement in 1995. I hope you enjoy the show, Cheers, Boz
  5. Hi fellow modellers, Here is my last video of the Revell/Hasegawa 737-800 on 1/144. Once again I used aftermarket decals from PAS. results are very good. The decals are soft but not too fragile, and goes well on irregular surfaces. Enjoy the build, and feel free to comment. Cheers, Boz
  6. Thanks, will put more in the future 😉
  7. I honestly would go for the Zvezda without any hesitation
  8. I think they are about or they just released a 700 version, I saw one on eBay recently....
  9. honestly, it is the best of the 2. You also have the option with or without winglets, and the new winglets version. You can checkout my video with both kits comparaison. Cheers, Boz
  10. comment are more than welcome ;-)
  11. Hi fellow modellers, Here is my last build. A Zvezda 737-8 on 1/144 scale. I used Pas decals as aftermarket. Great decals, very easy to use and apply with great quality. Enjoy modelling, Boz
  12. Enjoy it's a great kit and the PAS decals are great to use. Don't forget to show us the result, Cheers, Boz
  13. Hi Every one, early this year I did a replica of C-FDTD from plane savers. The aircraft participate on D-day, and was left for the last 30 years in Montreal St-Hubert airport. Plane Savers team put her back in the Air, and the model is a replica of DTD in the condition she was before the restauration. Enjoy the show. This is in 3 episode. Cheers, Boz
  14. Hi fellow modellers, I just completed this caravelle model from Masterkit. The kit is the old airfoil kit, which is really poor quality, and shape. I had to use a lot of putty and sanding to get to a close enough result for myself. I am not a rivet counter, but the shape was really bad. I hope you can enjoy this build with me, and all comments are welcome. Happy modelling, Boz
  15. Hi, I did this year a C-47, CF-DTD from plane savers on 1/48 scale. This aircraft flew the mission on D-Day, but my build is as it stands today. Would this count for the GB ? I made 3 video of the build, and would be very happy to share them with you. Let me know, Cheers, Boz
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