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  1. Nose on, plus some glue on the tail and skid. Tail on and camped. There is a small join but that will be cleaned up easily enough. Wings glued. So far, so good.
  2. Fubuki4

    submarines lurking near underwater internet cables

    Dealing with the russians is probably easier than dealing with comcast.
  3. The interior is pretty good, added some AM seat belts and that's it. Now awaiting some glue to dry.
  4. Fubuki4

    1/144 Boeing 737-200 from Airfix

    Thanks mate. It did take a lot of sanding!
  5. My first airliner build that I did for a little Group Build challenge over on Airliner Civil Aircraft Modeller. I used the stand from an Tamiya Spitfire and decals from Airliners Unlimited that I got from Hannetts for less than 2 quid. As you can see I had a little trouble with the tail decal, I had to cut out the name and apply it over the painted tail as the decal shattered. I also masked and painted the cheat line rather than use the decal supplied. I also think airliners just look better 'in flight'.
  6. It's the original Tri Master kit in the Revell box. Tri Master plastic is also in the Dragon/DML kit. Unfortunately Revell never issued the 2 seater, only Dragon did that and I'm keen on picking that one up again. It's surprising that the only other 1/48 Me 163 around is the old Testors kit and as far as I know none are currently in production. Bit of an opportunity here for someone like Tamiya!
  7. The latest off my bench, the new Revell kit. There's some good things about this kit and some bad things, but overall I think it is slightly better than the Hasegawa model. Although, the major problem is the undercarriage, it is very weak and my tail wheel collapsed in a week. I wouldn't sit this model on a smooth surface or the gear might fail rather quickly. Markings were masked and painted on except the swastika, this aircraft had black roughly overpainted on the undersurface and the markings for night fighter operations with JG 300 Wilde Sau.
  8. I need to pull dads copy of War Prizes and see whats captured in there. Sure I'll find something. I made a bit of a start tonight. Just some minor cockpit parts, I do have some seatbelts around that I'll grab for the cockpit. There is some decals provided but they don't look too good.
  9. I was digging around in the back of the stash tonight looking for something else when I ran across this one. Poor Revell side opening box that's suffered nearly 20 years of stash crush, now is as good a time as any to rescue it. The price on the side says 15 bucks so it was a swap and sell purchase. I've given it a much better container, instructions have yellowed but surprisingly the decal sheet looks good still. I'll probably build it as a captured aircraft of some sort.
  10. I have a few to choose from; 1/72 Junkers 86 with Manchurian air transport markings. 1/48 Heinkel 111H-6 1/72 Heinkel 177 1/72 Focke Wulf 200 Probably some others in the stash that I've forgotten about.
  11. Fubuki4

    Some inspiration

    Here's a couple of mine; Revell 1/72 S-100 Schnellboot. Revell 1/48 Bf 110G-4 Revell 1/48 Bf 109G-10 'what if' Revell 1/72 Focke Wulf Flitzer luft' '46
  12. Fubuki4

    1/48 Hasegawa Ki-27 Nate

    Cool, I just got one in Manchurian markings.
  13. Fubuki4

    1:72 ICM MiG-25PD Foxbat E Turkmenistan

    Cool. I like the livery too.
  14. Here's my Airfix new mold 1/72 Spitfire PR XIX using Blackbird Models Turkish Spitfires decal sheet. It's a pretty nice little kit, only taking a week to build. The only fault with it is the lower camera bay clear parts are a bit small for the area they are meant to cover, so I used Testors clear parts glue for the clear there. Also new was my use of SMS paints PRU Blue. I bought it on a whim as Humbrol has discontinued their colour and Gunze don't match it. Very nice paint, sprayable right out of the bottle. I'll be buying more of them for sure.
  15. Fubuki4

    Iraqi Armed Forces MIL Mi-17 Helicopter.

    Thanks guys. I didn't know there were conversions for the later model 17's, I might have to get one to add the later model to my Mongolian collection. Actually this was meant to be a Mongolian machine until I realised it was the wrong version.