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  1. Captain John B England's P-51B Mustang 357th Fighter Group. Hasegawa 1/72
  2. I decided to finish things off today. The hot weather had everything drying very fast. More pics in the GB Gallery.
  3. Nice work. Have you checked that the windscreen fits the fuselage yet?
  4. Nice work. You're right about the interior, almost none will be seen. I did a lot of detail work on the Trumpeter Wellington, but I should have just painted it all black for what can be seen!
  5. On the home stretch now. I also threw on some gloss tonight while I had the chance before the hot weather. Decals will be on tomorrow.
  6. Thanks nspreitler. With the weather a little cooler (going to be 40C later this week) I got some more painting done.The olive drab went on well. Now masking for the white in the invasion stripes. I did the fuselage and wings separately. That worked well. There is a little bit of overspray but I'll fix that up later.
  7. I really hate decals that wrap around fuselages or wings, so I decided to paint the spinner and front cowling. It's not perfect, but looking at pictures of other aircraft, neither are they, probably painted by hand and eye.
  8. Finally some cool weather, so I applied the natural metal with a base of gloss black.
  9. I've found his books overall decent, but sometimes inaccurate or incomplete in details.
  10. A little more work. It's been rather hot here so airbrushing has been difficult then I got some stomach bug over the weekend which was not fun, but feeling better now so I got some modelling done.
  11. Thanks mate. Uh I dunno, I just bought this kit at a swap meet, it was in a bag, no box or decals for like 5 bucks and I just felt like doing something silly with it with a nice paint scheme. I don't mind building the odd what if.
  12. In the late 60's, Communism was the threat around the world and with it looking increasingly likely that New Zealand would fall to a Communist dictator, Australia decided that it needed to bolster it's carrier strike force. With the retirement of the Sea Venom ans Sea Fury, strike aircraft were limited so we purchased two squadrons worth of A-6 Intruders from the US, freeing up the Skyhawks to perform the dedicated CAP duties they were optimised for. In 1970 New Zealand fell to Communism and Australia, unwilling to have a 'Cuban Missile Crisis' in this part of the world launched Operation Shee
  13. Just like D Day the enemy has not showed up yet. I might have to change that lol
  14. Ah ok good, I knew it had something to do with the hydraulic pressure. Haha not done yet, was busy watching Australia get smashed all around the ground in the cricket today and besides, it was 43C painting was out of the question.
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