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  1. Thanks guys. Willc453 - no plans for any figures or a base. I'm not that good at figure painting either. a4s4eva - I was kinda aiming for the clean missile look. In pictures the missiles looked pristine, despite the running gear being muddy. My guess was they either covered or cleaned the missiles regularly.
  2. This was a pretty nice kit to build.I did a Czech machine as the three tone camouflage was a bit more interesting than the overall Green Russian versions. The only real issue I had with the model was the track link diagram was 1 link short which was a bit of a pain. Looking at pictures, these things got a bit grubby and muddy when out on operations, but otherwise they seemed to be rather well cared for, so I went easy on the oil stains, paint chipping and rust streaks. I also kept the missiles clean and painted in semi gloss as I'd say the crews looked after the missiles more so than the vehicles.
  3. Indeed, most were written off in accidents, the Jumo engine was so under powered they couldn't carry more than 2 bombs on the bomb rack (which could mount 4), the pilots had serious concerns about the interrupter gear for the machine guns as at least 1 pilot holed his propeller when firing them and their serviceability was so poor that not more than 3 were operational at any one time after their first mission. They certainly earned the nickname "mule". :)
  4. The old Hobbycraft Avia makes into a decent model, even if it's starting to get a bit old. I added the SC 50 bomb rack with bombs out of another model as the kit gives you a drop tank, which is inaccurate. I also replaced the 20mm barrels with those from a Hasegawa Bf 109, as the kit supplied ones were far too thick. Decals came from Aeromaster, as I've had previous negative experiences with Hobbycraft decals, however, the fuselage band and the fin flash decals were not even close to fitting, so these were masked and painted. It really is time for a new mold 1/48 Avia.
  5. .
  6. Nice, it's based on a pretty well known picture. I will be buying one, only to build the 'Yontan Tony'.
  7. Thanks mate. I might be back with another build, there is plenty of time.
  8. Here's my pair of Hasegawa 1/72 Thunderbolts.
  9. Done. A few more pictures are in the Group Build Gallery.
  10. Nice cockpit, it's looking good.
  11. Damn, that is brittle. Perhaps the age of the plastic has effected that too? Nice start though.
  12. Decals are now on and dry. I only have a couple of wrinkles in the checker tail, so I'm pleased with that, although the added decals to the set, which the checkered cowl flaps were on, were not as good as the original kit decals and you can see the difference. Although, not bad I spose for 25 year old decals. The set I used for the Brazilian aircraft were pretty good too.