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  1. Fubuki4

    Our moderator missing?

    He posted on facebook 2 days ago, I'm sure he's around. If he doesn't pop up by June let me know I'm sure I'll bump into him at Model Expo.
  2. Title says it all. Pleas drop me a line if you can help. I'm located in Australia.
  3. Fubuki4

    North Korean Type 033 Romeo Class Submarine

    Oh sorry, it's Trumpeter in 1/144.
  4. This isn't a bad kit, although I believe the conning tower is a bit inaccurate. It makes up into a reasonably sized model that looks pretty good. I decided on a North Korean submarine after seeing some picture of Kimmy boy riding on one. I liked the green top colour, I have no idea what the anti-fowling paint colour was, but a wine red colour seemed plausible enough. I had a bit of fun with weathering, I figured these things would be pretty battered, they are over 50 years old afterall.
  5. Looks great. What colours did you use?
  6. Fubuki4

    Killers Flightline- Display case

    1st LT David Waldrop III's F-105D in which he probably scored two MiG 17 kills using the 20mm M61 cannon, although officially credited with only 1.
  7. Fubuki4

    Airfix Sea Fury

    Just watch out your fin isn't short shot. This seems to be an issue for the kit.
  8. Ok decals are on. Yes I did get the tail letters/numbers slightly out of position, the result of being a night owl and building models at 2am Saturday mornings. I also got one of the fuselage insignia a bit askew, damn thing just stuck like the proverbial to a blanket! If all goes well, I should have this done tomorrow.
  9. Ok, weapons and drop tanks are on, everything ready for decals. I used Tamiya X22 gloss for the first time, it came out kinda ok. Might try it again.
  10. Fubuki4

    F-105G Thud 63-8320

    Looks sweet, your freehand camo is tight.
  11. You're flying though this one. Nice job. I have the 1/72 Hasegawa Iranian boxing I might start after I finish my thud.
  12. ...and some colour, along with more masking and colour. I also ran out of USAF Dark Green, Gunze 309, but some Gunze RLM 83 seemed to fill the gap. Gunze 303 is the light green. Now, lets see if I've screwed up....