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  1. I finished things off tonight with a bit of a wash and a flat coat. Thanks for following along.
  2. Gloss and decals on. I've also sealed teh decals in and I'm going to let that dry overnight before a wash. I also have the gun sight and amoured glass to install, that will come last of all.
  3. Fuselage done. There's a few smaller parts to attach, some gloss and decals up next.
  4. RLM 76 is on in this picture and I'm just starting to mask the wings. Wings painted RLM 81 and 82. Waiting for everything to dry before masking and mottling the fuselage.
  5. A little polishing and masking later and it's ready for a little more interior paint. I've also been masking and painting the nose cone. I will mask it off with a thin black line to the red and apply the camouflage next. Painting these types of things is much easier than trying to use a decal.
  6. Oh yeh it's tiny, I've stood next to the one out here in Australia, can't say I'd have wanted to fight a war in one!
  7. Wings are now on, I cleaned up the mating surfaces to make the attachment more more clean. It only needed a little super glue and a swipe of sandpaper to fix things up. I tried using the decal for the red and white on the dolly, but the decal just refused to soften up, so I ditched it and used some paint. I also put the back deck on, it is a pretty poor fit so I've been filling and sanding, will polish it up then mask off the rear windows.
  8. Nose on, plus some glue on the tail and skid. Tail on and camped. There is a small join but that will be cleaned up easily enough. Wings glued. So far, so good.
  9. Fubuki4

    submarines lurking near underwater internet cables

    Dealing with the russians is probably easier than dealing with comcast.
  10. The interior is pretty good, added some AM seat belts and that's it. Now awaiting some glue to dry.
  11. Fubuki4

    1/144 Boeing 737-200 from Airfix

    Thanks mate. It did take a lot of sanding!
  12. My first airliner build that I did for a little Group Build challenge over on Airliner Civil Aircraft Modeller. I used the stand from an Tamiya Spitfire and decals from Airliners Unlimited that I got from Hannetts for less than 2 quid. As you can see I had a little trouble with the tail decal, I had to cut out the name and apply it over the painted tail as the decal shattered. I also masked and painted the cheat line rather than use the decal supplied. I also think airliners just look better 'in flight'.
  13. It's the original Tri Master kit in the Revell box. Tri Master plastic is also in the Dragon/DML kit. Unfortunately Revell never issued the 2 seater, only Dragon did that and I'm keen on picking that one up again. It's surprising that the only other 1/48 Me 163 around is the old Testors kit and as far as I know none are currently in production. Bit of an opportunity here for someone like Tamiya!
  14. The latest off my bench, the new Revell kit. There's some good things about this kit and some bad things, but overall I think it is slightly better than the Hasegawa model. Although, the major problem is the undercarriage, it is very weak and my tail wheel collapsed in a week. I wouldn't sit this model on a smooth surface or the gear might fail rather quickly. Markings were masked and painted on except the swastika, this aircraft had black roughly overpainted on the undersurface and the markings for night fighter operations with JG 300 Wilde Sau.