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  1. :lol: true - until they start believing their own propaganda, keep losing possession and i break my voice yelling at the telly! :lol: I remeber i thought the male huntsman was scary. ..then saw the female!!!
  2. Hi Folks, I started piecing together my first entry: a israeli/american modified Super mystere from Honduras: '' These aircraft were modified by israel to be better suited as attack aircraft; being re-engined with a skyhawks Pratt and Whitney J52 (which was lighter and had half the fuel consumption of the SNECMA atar) in a lengthened tailpipe to help protect against sams. The aircraft was given two extra missile stations for self-defence. Honduras purchased the aircraft after el salvador also purchesed ex-Israeli Ouragans. the aircraft was used as an "air superiority" fighter primarily unt
  3. Hey folks! I decided to enter a 1/72 Condor Mig-21SMT just been scrounging parts so far; found some R-3Rs from a dragon weapons set, a fujimi nose cone, a zvezda intake ring, a tub and some instrument panels to work from. I have the landing gear and details form an old zvezda mig-21bis that diddnt make it which I will probably use to replace the basic kit parts
  4. Thinking a 1/72mig-21smt at the mo :-)
  5. Australia: if its not trying to kill you, thats because something bigger and meaner is around that you havent seen yet! :lol:
  6. Yea its certainty never been easier for aftermarket retailers to reach a global audience! Im curious to see how sustainable larger scale kit sales are; from my time working in a hobby shop down here 48th has the strongest following in the local club, with casual purchasers preferring 1/72. When large scale new relases pop up people grab them in a frenzy but rarely build them (usually ending up on ebay) or people try to give away the built kits at shows!!
  7. Uavs count? Thinking a honduran (ex Israeli) super mystere
  8. I think it has to do with geography,grossly generalising of course! eg 1/144 is far more popular in asia, strong 72nd presence in uk...atleast from what ive seen on my travels! A great match with the revell fuselage; ive seen some people use the hasegawa block 60 bits n pieces to good effect on a tamiya fuselauge...was tempted myself but can't justify the cost of the tamiya kit!
  9. Always great to se an afghan build!! The 'fitter family' were pretty popular in the DRAAF
  10. ah much better :-) Glad to hear! (been out of the loop for a few years!) hoping the Su-34s get a repaint soon!
  11. yea I just cant get into the 'shark' scheme! Surely you dont mean this one? :blink: :D
  12. i reeeeeaaaaaallly hope it dosnt get an overall grey in service, as the RuaF seem to be fond of applying recently!
  13. The problem with determining fact from fiction is there is a large amount of propaganda (produced for domestic consumption ) hence the burden of proof that any of these loadouts are actually part of a operational weapon system is quite high Id love to believe the Iranians are doing all sorts of wierd and wonderfull munitions mashups with their fleet, but i just dont see it... Chinas a good example, for a few years you see ac with different combo of weapons then a standardized loadout starts appearing.. With iran much fanfare is made over a specific event then it dissapears, as skull
  14. Hey dragaon! Thats a mighty fine su-24! Your building pase is most impressive!!
  15. some more updates to the cockpit - side wall and panels added - buttons were created by using differing sized needed to press out indentations on thin sheet. one one part of the build I had been dreading was creating the v3b kukri missiles - I decided to make 4 - 2x for this build and 2x for a f-1az in the future. i used a method of cutting out the fins in patterns to try and keep symmetry. they're not perfect, with the fins a little oversized, but should pass
  16. Hiya thanks guys! been pretty cold here in the southern hemisphere today so jsut a little update: the Instrument panels getting closer, still want to see if I can get the HUD closer to the real thing: Cheers!
  17. Hi folks, for a bit of a change I had parts from a mirage IIIE and a hasegawa Kfir, so I decided to have a go at engineering an atlas cheetah-e out of them :-) Starting with the seat and cockpit, i scrat spares and usedan instrument panel originally from a italeri Kfir and begun work on the hud - still need to add MFD and other bits n pieces to complete the instrument panel which needed the coaming widended to accommodate the HUD Having cut away much of the locating surfaces I added some guiding strips and used the kits origional engine piece (somewhat filed down) to help hold the cor
  18. some more progress today, applied decals for the cockpit ( I had to replace the cockpit tub) and got the base coat on the ejection seat. the instrument panel will be slightly drybrushed to bring out the 3d detail behind the dials later. the seat was based on a F-86 seat. An example of the drybrushing over decal technique:
  19. Cheers! As far as i know they just sell the single sheet of fach markings, unfortunately i won't be back in chile ril next year, but they have a webpage you can order from; searching for 'calcas" :-)
  20. Hi, I came across this photo of a RMAF CL-41G displaying some of the ordinance it can carry; admittedly US weapons from the 60s/70s are not quite my specialty I was wondering if anyone could ID the bits of Kit infront of the Tebuan Cheers!
  21. Small Update; Managed to get the base coat down for the cockpit, and start working on the instrument panel: after a bit of a run round across santiago (jugueteria Alemana moved 2 days before I returned to chile!) I managed to get another set of decals, though I imagine I will have to make the unit badge myself on a colour laser printer Ive never had great success in clipping wings....after ruining an Ouragan wing I decided to try a method of hollowing out the inserts on hasegawa's T-33 tanks and mount them over the wing THats all for tonight
  22. Hi Folks! Since im getting back into scale modeling; i thought id start with a fairly straight forward project: an airfix 1/72 Chilean F-80C. I have the latter style wing tanks from a t-33 in the spares, and decided to start scratch building a bit of a cockpit, I'm not sure if I will go with a BMF or camo scheme at this point! The cockpit tub is from an old DML mig-15 and the instrument panel from a italeri corsair, ill probably try and modify both be a bit more accurate
  23. Will be following this with interest :-) your cockpit looks great!!
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