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  1. Def Models makes a set of coolers and water bottles, available at Sprue Brothers: http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/defdm35013.htm Also, Meng models has just announced a modern US accessory set which includes 2-3 different coolers, but it isn't available yet, but is coming soon. Rick
  2. Awesome work Floyd. Can't wait for my set to arrive. Keep those updates coming! Rick
  3. I emailed Matt a couple days ago asking how to order. He said they were currently out of stock, but casting as we speak, so they should be available again in a few weeks. Just send him an email that you're interested, and he'll email you when they're ready. Rick
  4. Hey Floyd, do you have any previews of your NightStalkers part 2 decal sheet yet, with the MH-47, and MH-6M on it?
  5. Will you be putting out decals for this conversion as well? Rick
  6. We really need a 1/35 apache series as well, US and foreign versions please would be big sellers IMO.
  7. Check out his other work on Britmodeler as well. Simply amazing stuff.
  8. I thought it was designed for the Revell kit, because the Hasegawa kit comes with wingfolds. HTH
  9. Hi Jake, I saw a couple pics of a 1/32 Kuwait Hornet that Pete built on LSP. He only had a couple pics posted because the rest of the build was going to be in the new book coming out. Do you have a tentative release date for the book yet? Looking forward to it. Rick
  10. According to the book Roberts Ridge, the MH-47E's involved in the battle of Takur Ghar were equipped with a tail ramp mounted M60D which is a 7.62 caliber machine gun. Here's a link to some pics: http://www.chinook-helicopter.com/standards/areas/armament.html Also according to the book, Razor1 had FDNY and an arrow with a bolt of lightning painted on the hull in muted grays, although i can't find any pictures of the markings. Lot's of good pics to be found at this site, including some pics of Razor1 after it crashed on the mountain: http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?40746
  11. Hi Floyd, I was hoping this was the big item you were working on. I'm one the persons on Andriy's waiting list, so I'll definitely be picking up this set when it comes out. Thanks for getting this project going again. Rick
  12. Any hints about the extra special project you're working on that is big? Rick
  13. I'll definitely pre-order for 1/35th and possibly 1/48th as well. Eagerly looking forward to it. Rick
  14. Was one of the pending new release kits a new tool F-15C in 1/48 scale by Tamiya? Here's hoping it is. Rick
  15. I'd love to get markings for the Humvees from Outlaw platoon used in Afghanistan with the green skulls painted on the doors. I'm currently reading the book Outlaw Platoon, it's a great read if anyone is interested. Rick
  16. Did you sand down some of the raised detail? It doesn't look nearly as pronounced as other buiids I've seen. Excellent job, especially the paint. Cheers, Rick
  17. I am by no means a helo expert, I'll let you know what I know. Cobra Co. makes several resin detail sets for the CH-47 in 1/35 scale which is the largest scale you're going to find for this bird to my knowledge. I cannot comment on the quality of detail of the sets, because I don't have any of them. However, I do have several MH-53 detail sets from them and they are outstanding. There is a link to the website in the links section of this website. The owner is also on these forums, Chief Snake I believe. Eduard may also make some photo etch sets for it, but that I am not sure of. HTH Rick
  18. Can anyone tell me all the differences between these two helos? Thanks, Rick
  19. I saw some pics of helo's from Task Force Brawler in this months Air Forces Monthly magazine that have some very cool markings and nose art. Any chance we could get these in decals as well? Rick
  20. Hi Honza I can't see your pics any more, it says you've exceeded your bandwidth. Rick
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