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  1. Does anyone know the difference between the Type 1 and 2 exhaust they have for 1/48 Super Hornet?
  2. I agree, the North Star set is nice, but it is very hard to get, it's always sold out. I think based on your previous missiles that yours would be nicer!
  3. Chris, Now that you've done AMRAAM missiles to go with your AIM-9 missiles, how about doing some AGM-65 Mavericks. Rick
  4. Has this kit's release been delayed in North America? My local hobby shop was expecting it in March, and it's still not out, and I haven't seen it at Sprue brothers either. I know it's available on ebay and some online shops in Asia, but not over here yet AFAIK.
  5. Thanks a lot for the response. I will keep trying with your method. Cheers, Rick
  6. Incredible work! How do you get your rescribing to look so precise, consistent and neat? It looks like a new tool Tamiya or GWH kit’s panel lines!
  7. Great job, looks fantastic!
  8. If Lockheed Martin gave Bombardier a license to manufacture the JSF in Quebec. we'd be buying 200 of them.
  9. Unbelievable...the whole Mark Norman fiasco was basically just to intimidate RCAF members from leaking information about the F-35 purchase.
  10. Not an aircraft kit, but I'd love to see a modern US Carrier display base to display models on. A few different sections of the carrier deck that could be combined together if you wanted to make a bigger display, or be used individually for a single aircraft. I've seen a few that have been scratch built that look awesome.
  11. I'm not sure what it's called, but i think it returns to the way it originally looked after you flat coat it.
  12. Great! Would someone be willing to pick up a set for me and ship it to me? I will pay for it with Paypal. Rick
  13. I see that Sierra Hotel is one of the venders at the show. Does anyone know if they have there F-22 correction set for the Academy kit available with the corrected nose, vertical tails and stabs? Thanks
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