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  1. Wafu

    S-64F Skycrane

    Certainly looks like no bleed from the drivetrain, I would wholeheartedly agree that the only other way would be electrical. The differences between the E and F become more apparent the more I drill down. Now all the imperfections are out of my shoddy build work it’s down to marking the rivet pattern. Will it be Rosie the riveter or do I take the plunge and decal her up with 1/4 and 5/16 mushroom headed, leaning to the latter being a A+C guy😎
  2. Wafu

    S-64F Skycrane

    I've now found and bought a Skycrane maintenance manual from a aviation download site, however I can't see how the transmission oil cooler is driven when it's mounted aft of the APU? On the A model its mounted above the main transmission and driven by V belt on the tail rotor output shaft, on the E and F model its mounted on the starboard top deck, aft of the APU, sitting next to the tail shaft. Any ideas/pictures Cubs2jets? Or anyone else for that matter? Cheers the Woo
  3. Wafu

    S-64F Skycrane

    SOLAR T-62T-16A2, the same apu as the CH-47. Its just a big AC geny bolted to a tiny centrifugal compressor/turbine. Thanks C2J
  4. Wafu

    S-64F Skycrane

    Ok guys you've made me very happy. Thank you for the links to the pictures and the online powerpoint, both very helpful. Arotrhd, yes your correct, some of the pictures and all of the drawings I can't seem to open, however I can sone of them. The ones of the top deck area and the rear facing seat area are very helpful. As modellers we want more but they are more than I had this morning so thank you. C2J, The powerpoint was great. One of the areas I'm struggling with is the rotor and engine's systems, pipework etc. I can't find anything on what looks like the APU. So here is how far I am on my build.. I'm sorry its so rough but I've up-scaled the Revell 1/72 kit to 1/35. The Revell kit 'seems' to be fairly accurate to the eye so I'm happy to run with it. Feedback is always welcome in what ever form you choose..:) The cockpit is 3d printed with good old plastic card, rod and box for the airframe. This picture has the Gearbox to one side, the basis is the awesome Blackhawk Gearbox from Fab Resinworks, only hope he does'nt mind me hacking into his stuff? Cheers the Woo.
  5. Wafu

    S-64F Skycrane

    Don't know about that but these days it seems that companies want to keep their info next to their chest's, so to speak.
  6. Wafu

    S-64F Skycrane

    Yes you're right, Sikorsky sold all the type certificate to Erikson. I contacted them with a carefully worded email and had a reply within a week. They sent me a basic dimension sheet of the E and F models with rotor, airframe etc dimensions on, I was also told I couldn't use any Erickson logo's or wording on my model. I have to admit I was a little taken aback with this but as I'm modelling the Italian Forestalle Skycrane its doesn't matter. So, I'm now just waiting for a few carefully chosen photos from Erikson to come into my inbox.
  7. Great work, I especially love the new engine bay tin wear, a little staining and it's perfect. Not sure about the silver and black 'pipes' going over the APU firewall though? The orange seal should come against the APU access door, if that is its the same as an S92? Lol. Your attention to detail is second to none, even now with parts and figures placed on the diorama, you can feel the busy atmosphere of the flightdeck, away from the cat's. Very well done and I look forward to following this to the end. Can I ask what colour you use for your AN pipe fittings and the orange flexi pipes, they look perfect.
  8. Really nice work there Charlie, great looking dust off. I especially like your hoist and the overall exterior colour, it looks like every picture I've seen of the work horse. Well done sir.
  9. Started saving now, 10pence per day should get the ball rolling😉
  10. Wafu

    The Incredible 1/32 Tamiya Mossie

    Awesome Woodern Wonder.
  11. Wafu

    S-64F Skycrane

    Hi all, Just wondered if anyone can help, I'm still looking for good reference material on the F model Skycrane. Anyone point me in the right direction? Ideally the Rotorhead, Swashplate and transmission deck. Also the Engines and nose landing gear areas. I did approach Errickson but no deal on any pictures or technical dimensions, possibly thought the crazy Brit would try and build one in his shed? All help appreciated in advance. Kind regards Ian.
  12. Wafu

    Inventory Reduction Sale!!!!

    Hi, do you have a check out code or are the prices already discounted? Looking at 1/32 A-10 and F/A-18 decals. Cheers Ian.
  13. Wafu

    1/35 Trumpeter CH-47D Chinook

    I would do another of Floyd's conversions at the drop of a hat, a. Just can't get hold of them, b. Can't really afford one at the moment even if he was still producing. Having said that the UK customs taxes drastically increase the import of all the great stuff you guys have, Floyd's conversions, Lone Star/Cobra stuff etc So many cool things coming out, Kittyhawk Blackhawks have me mesmerised, especially with Black Ops nose and Floyd's decals. Tamiya F-14D is in my sights as well. Dont don't delay with the MH-47, it's a beast but can be trained to give a nice model, the biggest two fights I had was with the Trumpeter underside join and the canopy. With the canopy I opted to drill and file out the windows, after much polishing with every known polish, replacing them with the vac formed ones later provided by Floyd. Floyd was a big help in my build, supporting me through any niggles I had with my competency in tackling the build and I thank him for that. Cheers The Woo.
  14. Wafu

    1/35 Trumpeter CH-47D Chinook

    Appologies, I thought I'd put it on ARC. Here's the link to my builds last year, it's the top one so you won't have to scramble through the whole page. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235031902-woos-2017-builds/&tab=comments#comment-2916563