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  1. Wafu

    1/32 KA-6A tanker conversion

    Thanks guys, very helpful. I didn't realise I'd have to chop into the kit to move the wing fence, out comes the razor saw then? Its a very good idea to add the refuel buddy tank, I'd seen one on eBay but wasn't sure if they ever fitted one on to the aircraft, now I know. Ive been looking at research material to buy and have narrowed it down to the Intruder book with one flying in the sunset, I take it this would give me enough detailed instruction on the differances from the A-6A to a tanker version? failing this I'm not sure what to pick up? Thanks again guys, I'm off to order the conversion from Sprue Brothers or try to find one this side of the pond.
  2. Hi all, Ive just added a 1/32 Trumpeter A-6A Intruder and would like to build the tanker version from Steel Beach. My questions are, is the Steel Beach conversion the only thing I need? There doesn't seem to be a lot in the conversion. I've seen allthumbs build of the EA-6A, and his great referance material, what's a good referance book for my build, the interweb doesn't seem to throw much up for my chosen subject. The Avionix cockpit doesn't seem to add much that couldn't be added with a small amount of time, is it as good/mediocre as the pictures? I will change the seats though. Thanks in advance for any comments. The Woo.
  3. Would you consider making wingfold assemblies for the Tamiya 1/32 Phantoms?
  4. Thanks for this thread, it's very revealing. Ive just sold one of my three Hasegawa cats, having one A and one D, my D model has a damaged upper fuselage that I've tried to get replaced, no luck getting it from the UK stockist though. I've been thinking of approaching the USA stockist but not sure who to approach or if it's worth it? You guys haven't touched on the Hobbyboss kits, I've got a few of these. How do they stack against the Hasegawa and Tamiya kits? I've yet to get an A model Tamiya kit but am looking forward to the D and the AMK models coming out.
  5. Now they do look really nice, both the Hawk and the little bird. The one thing I'd like to see though is greater thought placed in the design and moulding technics, there can be no doubt that the surface detail is excellent, but let's have a chance to keep it. Small steps would bring large dividends to the modeller. If we look at the amount of detail on the belly area, the manufacturer could split the model into three component parts at the floor level and preserve the belly area as one moulding, it would mean time spent having to be taken to align the three parts (the belly and two vertical sides) but with locating pins and tabs this wouldn't be out of the skill set of most modellers tackelling this kit. In addition, on the top of the model have the transmission covers as seperate items, this again would help the modeller achive a great finish on the upper surfaces. Tamiya was doing this in the 80's and 90's with its large scale Phantom and Tomcat kits, Academy produced probably the best F4 range by moulding the top of the fuselage as one part. Please don't think I'm knocking Kitty Hawk, no I'm not, I whole heartedly applaud the release of any large scale helicopter, especially US subjects and especially if a large scale Seahawk or Jayhawk comes from this release.
  6. Wafu

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    You wait for a bus all day, then two come along going to same place you want to go, that's the rule of life😎 Ive not seen a Tamiya Tomcat in the flesh but have read all the threads, seems like my wallet will be empty at the end of summer. FLY NAVY, eat crab.
  7. Wafu

    1/32 Tamiya Phantom

    Hi Mike, Just as Phantom says, the wing tip and main wing has square holes. I just used right angled plastic sprue, filed down and shaped. Once in place it was held in position with super glue. The kit profile of the wing helps mask the ad hoc fix, it would have been a lot easier if Tamiya had included the wing fold, never mind though it's a great kit and I will be building another one very soon. Cheers Ian.
  8. Wafu

    1/32 Tamiya Phantom

    Hi all, Thanks once again to all that helped and influenced me with regards to this build. The first thing I will say is, I'll never again consider using the markings from the kit, ever. Aftermarket all the way for my next Phantom conversion, back-dating a J to a B using GT's set. Anyway, I built this for the Carrier build on Britmodeller but feel I should pop it on here because I loaded it out from recommendations and pictures from ARC guys. Here she is, the decals fought me all the way and I did replace some as they disintegrated in front of my eyes.
  9. Wafu

    1/48 EA-6B VAQ-141

    Can you tell me as well? I've tried a few things but with no where as good a finish as you. Also, did you spray or brush paint the inside of the canopies?
  10. Wafu

    Lockheed S-3B Viking - Hasegawa

    Very nice addition to your collection and in 1/72, well done sir.
  11. Wafu

    S-3 Viking 1/48

    Sorry to chip in on this thread, but has anyone seen the Black Dog 1/48 sets for the Viking? Detailed U/C, Nose bays etc, there's even a pair of pods for the wing stations. They look really good on the Black Dog site just wondered if anyone's seen them in the flesh? Oh and just to give a Brit's opinion of 'those' two beers, they tend to be drunk by the youth of this country who (a) like to look cool drinking out of a bottle and (b) have yet to experiance more cultured beer from nearer to home. To the pit of misery for me then?
  12. I second Twong and in 1/35 would be a dream.
  13. Hi Harald, I've got one sat with some 1/72 Sea King spares. I'm in the UK so would just have to cover the postage. PM me and I'll get it sorted. Ian.
  14. Now I do like those and would buy a few sets when on sale.
  15. Wafu

    1/72 Agusta A-109 LUH

    At last a AW109E to model, I only wish I modelled 1/72. Looks really nice though, good luck with the sales.