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  1. Pushed back to early 19? I’m sure it will be more than worth the wait.
  2. More things to empty my bank account, what a nice way to empty it though.
  3. Awesome as usual from Live Resin. Great sets to work with.
  4. Wafu

    AF Huey Replacement Announced

    I’d be stunned if this does go ahead after the Agustawestland EH101 Marine 1 fiasco, but stranger things have happened at sea. The 139 is a proven small to mid helicopter with a track record of operation around the globe, after its first faultering steps, its grown to be a work horse of the oil and gas industry in Europe, especially since the Airbus 225 has been withdrawn. AgustaWestland normally throw in the type courses when buying new aircraft, especially when you buy more and being used to sitting the engineers courses in the US and Italy, it’s a good basis to getting your hands on experience, especially if you have pervious helicopter experience.
  5. Excuse my ignorance on the Blackhawk family but doesn’t the new blade look like what’s fitted to the S92A?
  6. Thanks Snake, it’s back to the drawing board for me then;)
  7. Hi all, Can anyone till me if the wheels (front) on an Apache are the same size as a Blackhawk? I have a 1/35 project on the go and need to look at options with availability of weighted wheels. Cheers Ian.
  8. Wafu

    S-64F Skycrane

    Drewe, the biggest laugh is that the old 1/72 has Erikson decals, probably because it's the 'old' Erikson? I also think and I could be miles wide of the mark but company PR people sometimes are so off the true feeling of the CEO. I feel sure if I asked the CEO of the company he or she would see it's a way of promoting the company. With that thought, I'd better not get in contact with the Italian Forestale, they might say no😎
  9. Wafu

    S-64F Skycrane

    Did see the 1/8th scale one but never seen the 1/48th, both look stunning. Woo.
  10. Wafu

    S-64F Skycrane

    Certainly looks like no bleed from the drivetrain, I would wholeheartedly agree that the only other way would be electrical. The differences between the E and F become more apparent the more I drill down. Now all the imperfections are out of my shoddy build work it’s down to marking the rivet pattern. Will it be Rosie the riveter or do I take the plunge and decal her up with 1/4 and 5/16 mushroom headed, leaning to the latter being a A+C guy😎
  11. Wafu

    S-64F Skycrane

    I've now found and bought a Skycrane maintenance manual from a aviation download site, however I can't see how the transmission oil cooler is driven when it's mounted aft of the APU? On the A model its mounted above the main transmission and driven by V belt on the tail rotor output shaft, on the E and F model its mounted on the starboard top deck, aft of the APU, sitting next to the tail shaft. Any ideas/pictures Cubs2jets? Or anyone else for that matter? Cheers the Woo
  12. Wafu

    S-64F Skycrane

    SOLAR T-62T-16A2, the same apu as the CH-47. Its just a big AC geny bolted to a tiny centrifugal compressor/turbine. Thanks C2J
  13. Wafu

    S-64F Skycrane

    Ok guys you've made me very happy. Thank you for the links to the pictures and the online powerpoint, both very helpful. Arotrhd, yes your correct, some of the pictures and all of the drawings I can't seem to open, however I can sone of them. The ones of the top deck area and the rear facing seat area are very helpful. As modellers we want more but they are more than I had this morning so thank you. C2J, The powerpoint was great. One of the areas I'm struggling with is the rotor and engine's systems, pipework etc. I can't find anything on what looks like the APU. So here is how far I am on my build.. I'm sorry its so rough but I've up-scaled the Revell 1/72 kit to 1/35. The Revell kit 'seems' to be fairly accurate to the eye so I'm happy to run with it. Feedback is always welcome in what ever form you choose..:) The cockpit is 3d printed with good old plastic card, rod and box for the airframe. This picture has the Gearbox to one side, the basis is the awesome Blackhawk Gearbox from Fab Resinworks, only hope he does'nt mind me hacking into his stuff? Cheers the Woo.
  14. Wafu

    S-64F Skycrane

    Don't know about that but these days it seems that companies want to keep their info next to their chest's, so to speak.
  15. Wafu

    S-64F Skycrane

    Yes you're right, Sikorsky sold all the type certificate to Erikson. I contacted them with a carefully worded email and had a reply within a week. They sent me a basic dimension sheet of the E and F models with rotor, airframe etc dimensions on, I was also told I couldn't use any Erickson logo's or wording on my model. I have to admit I was a little taken aback with this but as I'm modelling the Italian Forestalle Skycrane its doesn't matter. So, I'm now just waiting for a few carefully chosen photos from Erikson to come into my inbox.