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  1. Wafu

    Fightertown Decals New Tomcat sheets out

    Wow, that’s the sort of detail we don’t get from the run of the mill decals sheets.
  2. Oliver, the Rotorhead looks stunning as does the Swashplate and scissor links, I really lick the weathered shading you’ve replicated. A nice touch is the US flag on the beanie, class.
  3. The 3D Shapeways parts look like they work out with no problems?
  4. Wafu

    hasegawa Growler kit oop?

    Wow Andrea, this shop in France has some great kits, thanks for letting me know.
  5. Wafu

    hasegawa Growler kit oop?

    Thanks Andrea, although it works out to £90 with shipping😬
  6. Wafu

    hasegawa Growler kit oop?

    Just looked and it says Out of Stock.
  7. Wafu

    hasegawa Growler kit oop?

    It’s the same for the Hasegawa FA-18F in 1/48, ebay only and they are a small fortune, even the Revell kit is silly money. A re-run is well over due of both the Growler and the Super Hornet.
  8. Wafu

    Tamiya 1/48 Tomcat build book.

  9. Hi all Tomcat lovers. I picked up a copy of Spencer Pollard’s ‘Let’s Build’ book on the 1/48 Tamiya F-14 Tomcat this weekend at IPMS (UK) SMW show. Just thought I’d share my opinion on this book with you. The book follows the previous ‘Let’s build’ books on WWII fighters and the recent book on the Airfix Sea Fury kit. It’s bright pages display three builds of the two kits provided by Tamiya of this venerable aircraft, my favourite Cold War jet. For me who had already bought the A model kit, the book confirmed the ‘need’ to buy the D model kit this weekend. Spencer builds three differing Tomcats, a from the box A, a detailed A and a down and dirty D model. All the builds have you hooked, showing how a professional model maker take each kit in differing ways and using techniques within even my grasp, leaves you with a breathtaking model of this cat. In this book Spencer has shown the reader how to get the best out of this kit of kits. My personal opinion is, if you’re going to buy and build one or more of these Tamiya Tomcats, then get this book as an insight to what can be achieved, you won’t be disappointed, I wasn’t. Cheers the Woo.
  10. Wafu

    1/48 Revell CH-53C to HMH-463 CH-53D

    Very nice build.
  11. Wafu

    Fightertown Decals New Tomcat sheets out

    Brian, I’ve preordered mine from Hannants, being on this side of the pond, do you think they will have their stock within three weeks? Hoping to pick mine sets up at Scale Model World on the 10th of November.
  12. Pushed back to early 19? I’m sure it will be more than worth the wait.
  13. More things to empty my bank account, what a nice way to empty it though.
  14. Awesome as usual from Live Resin. Great sets to work with.
  15. Wafu

    AF Huey Replacement Announced

    I’d be stunned if this does go ahead after the Agustawestland EH101 Marine 1 fiasco, but stranger things have happened at sea. The 139 is a proven small to mid helicopter with a track record of operation around the globe, after its first faultering steps, its grown to be a work horse of the oil and gas industry in Europe, especially since the Airbus 225 has been withdrawn. AgustaWestland normally throw in the type courses when buying new aircraft, especially when you buy more and being used to sitting the engineers courses in the US and Italy, it’s a good basis to getting your hands on experience, especially if you have pervious helicopter experience.