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  1. Correct, Rod. The renders of the tail show a correct-appearing hub for an AH-1G, but the proportions of the blades appear more like the larger blades on the AH-1S. Also, the renders show two pitot tubes; the angled one on the transmission doghouse is correct for the AH-1S. There are also some RWR antennas on the tail that should not be there on an AH-1G or AH-1Q. None of these issues are fatal flaws, but things for the modeler to be aware of if these area make it into the final product. I think it is great we are getting a newly-tooled Cobra and I hope MPM churns out a whole lot of the
  2. There have been complete kits made from 3d-printed masters for a few years now, and the large figurines that are made from digital Zbrush sculptures are breathtaking. The technology can be applied to all manner of scale model projects. Norbert's is the most ambitious helicopter project by far, though. Some of the coolest 3d-printed models I know of are spacecraft from Battlestar Galactica that were made directly from the digital models used for the CGI in the show. Once you start learning the process it's like a whole new world opens up for you. As Norbert says, the only limitations right
  3. Every little bit of discount helps, right? Here is the model: And here is the printed wheel on a rubber casting of a tire that was made the "traditional" way: This is 1/24 scale and the overall diameter of the wheel is just 0.863" inch. And it cost a ridiculous amount to print it!! For me, I must have a very detailed sketch to start from. I can't fathom something as complex as a complete model just yet.
  4. Norbert, this is the most amazing scale helicopter model... Ever! I am learning Autodesk Inventor and I just today received one of the first pieces that I've sent out for printing-- I am addicted to 3D now! The price of quality printing is very high and you will have a fortune invested in this model, but it will be a truly unique masterpiece when it is complete!
  5. This could be a potentially sticky situation. I suggest that the organizing committee (or a rules committe) sit down with a a couple of dictionaries and draw up concise definitions for each category. You can be as arbitrary as you want, as long as the definitions are concise and clear and any competitor can understand exactly why his/her entry is in a particular category. You could arbitrarily say that any entry that contains two or more separate figures is a diorama. It just has to be clear and understandable.
  6. Had a dark green Huey fly over my house yesterday morning. This was after seeing CH-53E's, an HH-60H, and an SH-60 fly over in the past few days.
  7. I mastered a set of tall skids for my 1/35 MD520N conversion. I never put them into production but I sent a couple of sets out to somebody a while back to test and I haven't heard anything back. I put thin piano wire into them to make sure they could hold up the model without flexing.
  8. The most efficient way to add all window panels on that nose is to make the entire front end clear with integrated windows. It would be more a more expensive piece, but the design will simplify the mold and also make it easier to get a fantastic model. I think the benefit to the modeler is enough to offset the cost. The only alternatives are to supply the windows on a vacuum-formed sheet, which will be a major PITA to the modeler, or cast the individual window panels in clear resin, which will drive the overall cost even higher, since you now need another large rubber mold in addition to th
  9. These tires are available now in the four different formats. Information is available right now on my website at www.fireballmodels.info. I have some Eagle GT sets available in black rubber also. Tomorrow (Friday Oct 19) is a travel day for me, so I may not be real quick on answering emails; please bear with me :) Thanks for your interest, Joseph
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I'll answer both questions in one sentence: The Eagle GT tire set (from earlier this year) is only available in the one size, 235/60R-15, but I can produce them in black rubber as a special order.
  11. Putting any type of gloss coat over a flat paint will virtually always darken the color a bit. In real life, those paint colors would have been single-stage (I'm guessing, since it was the 60's) and would have been glossy coming from the spray gun. I would suggest just carrying on and clear coating the remaining parts so that all the colors match.
  12. Here's my suggestion: do NOT take the preorder route that many people in this hobby have done because the risk is too great. Do a Kickstarter campaign... Go to www.kickstarter.com and read up on the process. It will protect both you and your customers. This is called "crowd sourcing" and it is really becoming a great way to do do business in this new economy.
  13. Hello, gentlemen: I am now producing some new 1/24 scale "BF Goodrich Radial T/A" tires in both hard white resin and flexible black rubber: I am not selling them just yet, as I want to build up a good stock before they are released. There are two sizes, based on 235/60-R15 and 295/50-R15 tires. They are perfect for a wide range of 60's, 70's, and 80's muscle cars. Unlike many resin tires that are simply recasts of existing old kit tires, these tires are 100% new from scratchbuilt masters: Full details with ordering information will be available soon at my website, www.fireballmodels.
  14. Hello all, I am retiring my set number FMR-003, the resin radome nose and enlarged tail fin for the HH-65C and later. The latest version of the set includes two photoetched tail fans, the original asymmetrical fan and the newer gapped fan. I have six sets left in stock and they are still priced at $12 plus shipping. Order details are available on my website, www.fireballmodels.info. Thanks, Joseph
  15. Hey all, I just posted a new list of kits for sale in the Classifieds section. Many, many 1/72 helicopter models are on this list! Thanks, Joseph
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