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  1. It is far from certain that J-20"B" will be the only version with WS-15. a) Current J-20"A"s might get WS-15. b) Current J-20"A" production might continue with WS-15 for some time.
  2. OMG!!!!! this made my day! Meng models are very high quality.. a J-20 in that quality will be epic. Definitely will buy it.
  3. So, the wings are not moveable.. ?
  4. Market probably is small outside China but Chinese market can be large enough... Great Wall Hobby should have sales numbers for PLAAF Su-35 boxing in China. That will give some clue. Personally I would definitely buy one from both especially J-16D.
  5. Anything is possible but there a lot of differences between J-16 and vanilla Su-27UB. Refueling probe, off centered IRS, WS-10, plethora of antennas, landing gear etc.. J-16D doesn't have IRST or gun and has all those pods.. Cockpits are also different.
  6. Nothing wrong... just some extreme "g" also, some hot water can fix it, possibly.. it reminded me my old days, the struggles with academy flankers 🙂
  7. Blasphemy!!! Mig 1.44 looks AWESOME! And it is a crime we do not have one in true scale, 1/48.
  8. Kinetic Su-33 is a great model. I love GWH Su-35 but next to GWH, Kinetic surface details do make me happier. I just do not like matt surfaces on models and prefer polished plastic and Kinetic is just sharper. The only significant upgrade (for me) of both GWH and Minibase flankers is the single large piece engine nacelle + intake parts over Kinetic. Having said that, I will most probably buy J-15 because of the new armament.
  9. It may have a refueling probe too. Otherwise the fuselage should be pretty much identical.
  10. Same as the main, lower fuselage camo color.
  11. Looks amazing. 3D parts can be better than resin as KA Models proves for exhausts (Their F-15 exhausts are better than anyone else's offers). If these are at KA-Model quality/detail levels then this is very exciting. I am already building one Mig-31 and this is motivating me to build a second one. And by the by, 3D parts would be stronger than equally thick plastic or resin... 3D seems to be the future.
  12. I hate the nose of Academy one so wouldn't have built that one. I love Has. I have 4. The only aftermarkets worth buying are the seat (especially if the cockpit is open, optional eduard color cockpit, I just love them so good for lazy/talentless builders like myself) and weapon bay details if you are going to built the bays open. If the canopy and bays are closed nothing worth buying.
  13. I have both and no contest, KA Models wins easily in a side-by-side comparison. On its own, GWH exhaust are very good too. They do have all actuator arms as a separate and rather smart single piece. They actually look very good on a finished model, the best of any F-15 model out there. However, the exhaust have an accuracy issue: they are a little bit too long, ~3-5mm.
  14. Su-47 Berkut!!!! 1/48, please! Then Mig 1.44 😄
  15. These ebay sellers are model shop owners in China so yes they probably know when they are going to receive the models so I am pretty confident when they know the date for he shipment. They put ebay listing up hence pretty confident they will deliver in a reasonable time frame. For me it never exceeded 1 month and most of the time the longest holdup is with USPS processing at the "border" which once was 3 weeks. Otherwise delivery to where I live in US takes 1-2 weeks. I just go to ebay, pick he cheapest option with more than 100 reviews and that is it :)
  16. I ordered all my great wall hobby kits on ebay directly from China because it is cheaper and so far so good. No problems in 5 kits, Mig-29, F-15s and Su-35s.
  17. Su-25 doesn't excite me 😜 Immediate follow up will be obviously the single seater. Then maybe early version with different tail etc. Mid term, I am hoping for canard flankers. I think there is an F-14 project, too, right? Long term, I would like to see 5th generation fighters. Any would do, J-20, Su-57, F-22, F-35C and my all time wish list leader Mig 1.44 😄
  18. Excellent! Only minor problem I have is those 4-piece exhausts... I don't get them. Why not smt like this??
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