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  1. GWH Flankers Kinetic / Minihobby Su-33 Tamiya F-16 Tamiya F-14 AMK Mig-31
  2. Beyond the exhaust from FAB models, do you guys aware of any aftermarket for this?
  3. oh.. in that case it is just Su-30 as well. PLAAF has Su-30 which was ordered two decades ago 🙂 Su-30MKK to be precise. And yeah, you don't need to do anything special.
  4. Do you mean J-16? That is more similar to Su-30. It will not be very difficult to build a J-16 out of a Su-30 kit.
  5. That looks really good. Nice job! 😀
  6. Just received. Very reminiscent of Hasegawa F-22 as I thought. Raised RAM details, inner parts engineering, and layout of parts are all great. Exhaust breakdown is similar to Great Wall Hobby Su-27/35 series with multiple parts which can work but doesn't for me 🙂 Overall, I am pleased, should be a fun built. Hopefully aftermarket will come up with a nice exhaust and external pylons / missiles / fuel tanks etc.
  7. It reminds me Hasegawa F-22 a lot with that surface detail. I like it. Million pieces of exhaust, I am not fan of. Key is the overall dimensions and complex dorsal body shape of J-20 for me, hope it captures that.
  8. I ordered one as well. It is out. I even saw some low quality plastic pictures. No "real" reviews yet.
  9. Evidently this one is released.. any reviews you guys have seen?
  10. Brilliant job! I would love to have this one build as together with its brother Mi-28. 1/35 would be fun as well 😄
  11. If anyone has the 1/48 Kinzhal missile from the Trumpeter kit and would like to sell / give as a spare part, please let me know! I live in New York.
  12. If anyone have spare 1/48 conformal fuel tanks, please send to me!!! I am happy to cover the shipping cost to New York. Thanks!!!
  13. Indeed. Maybe it is relic of testing and USAF didn't even acquire it.
  14. Standard "main" pylons, which is connected to fuels tanks, is correct. LAU-127 rail is also correct. But! There is an F-22 specific adapter between these two when you look closely at the photo you can see it.
  15. It is far from certain that J-20"B" will be the only version with WS-15. a) Current J-20"A"s might get WS-15. b) Current J-20"A" production might continue with WS-15 for some time.
  16. OMG!!!!! this made my day! Meng models are very high quality.. a J-20 in that quality will be epic. Definitely will buy it.
  17. So, the wings are not moveable.. ?
  18. Market probably is small outside China but Chinese market can be large enough... Great Wall Hobby should have sales numbers for PLAAF Su-35 boxing in China. That will give some clue. Personally I would definitely buy one from both especially J-16D.
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