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  1. Chris I am perfectly happy with the airbrushes I have now as far a general airbrushing is concerned and my old Paasce H served me well for years and i bought another one 75% off at Hobby Lobby . But having said that if I went to Hobby Lobby tomorrow and bought the Iwata Eclipse for detail airbrushing would it be a good investment. Hell Chris even Count Customs use Iwatas
  2. Point taken, appreciate you input boom 175 That is what I pretty much thought. Cheers Andy G
  3. Thanks Steve. Steve I am having a difficult time navigating the ARC after all the years of absence. I suppose I'll figure it out, but every time I hit discussion forums it' archived; So I suppose I shall have to learn all over again I'm building models again and have a tons of photos to upload Have to do Photobucket again, do not remember how to upload pics to ARC from Photobucket to ARC, but we shall get to that later. Cheers I still know how to do that Andy G
  4. I have never owned or tried a Iwata airbrush. About 4 weeks ago I went to hobby lobby and bought another Paasche H because it was on sale 75% off, then a week ago I bought another Passche just a cheap airbrush, body made of plastic but it came with glass jars, so I bought. I figure I'll use the damn thing for clear coating. But Hobby Lobby here in town also sells Iwatas . One kit says neo for Iwata for 50 dollars then there is a Iwata Eclipse for 130 dollars. I am now after a period of a number of years getting back into modelling and am currently working on kits that I have had in my closet f
  5. Thanks guys for ur kind words. No I only have 61 kits in the stash and that's big enough, I won't live long enough to build the damn things­čĹ╗ Cheers Andy G
  6. So my fellow ARCers here I am again. Been along time...years..have not done any modelling in 12 years, and as I have a closet full of kits and nearing 61 I bloody well start getting back to it. Most of you I certainly don't know, some some I will, like Steve B. I have now gotten the modelling bug back and very anxious to get back to business and into the thick of things. I am posting a pic on Facebook of the models I shall be doing in the coming months, 5 109's a Spitfire and a Bristol Beaufighter all in 1/32 scale. So I ask u fellows is there an easier way to upload pics to ARC than yesterye
  7. I am afraid that this THINGAMAGIG has gone to TOOFARMAGIG therefore I recommend that we do another THINGAMAGIG whatever that may be..or whatever thingamagig
  8. I am a guitarist on a chair, sometimes on a SOFA writing songs wherever it PLEASES A starlet not in the PICTURE
  9. good lord ARC broke DOWN, how HORRIBLE I have not been on the computer much in the last YEAR, except buying GUITARS. But it is so good to hear from you GUYS
  10. That's because you are no TAYLOR DO you design SUITS or tailer PAPER
  11. Dead bears indeed. See what happens. Cheers Andy G
  12. I'm trying to upload pics, very slow, always have to go files once one pic is uploaded. Then they say if you want to go to old format...multible uploads...etc...etc..and I go to the old format which I loved and then they need permission from whowever. Is there another alternative to Photobucket, photobucket has become to complicated and a pain the rear. And I certainly do not like pains in the rear. Cheers Andy G
  13. Is that a RECTUM or an absolute of whatever is in your twisted MIND
  14. the PORT was closed due to MONTY was there and he was HOWLING
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