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  1. Interesting news ! So we will have the 2 most interesting nightfighters this year on the workbench ! Mybe Revell will bring a re-release of their Mosquito in 1/32 in the next years. Thomas
  2. Hello everybody, while going through the net i found this interetsing picture. Can someone give me a good color code ( the best would be for Humbrol or revell colors. Which kind of darkbrown, olive green and light blue/grey ? any suggestions thanks in advance greets Thomas
  3. I had just arrived at Pristina Airport, Kosova, back from Holidays through my first deployment to the Balkans (KFOR 3.EinsKtgt). It was an surreal situation, because from one second to another the peaceful atmosphere changed. Cellphones were ringing and my soldier, who was with me in holidays, told me that an airplane crashed in one tower. Seconds later we knew the bloody truth about the attacks. Than Orders were given to take on Helmets, vests and our escort ( an APC Fuchs ) was now on fully alert. For the next 72 hrs we were on AA ++ ( it was a german alert state code ). Thomas
  4. tango35

    Bf 109G-10

    Seidl, Alfred Oblt 31 victories 2(Erg)/JG-53(3/41), 8/JG-53(6/41 S.U.;4/42 Malta), 7/JG-53(7/44), Act Kdr. I/JG-3 (1/1/45), JG-7 Bf 109E-8 Wk# 1237 "Blk 15" 75%(3/41), Bf 109F-2 "Black 12" (S.U.), Bf 109F-4/Trop Werk # 7005 "Black 10 + I" (lost 9/30/42), Bf 109G-6/R6 "Black 2 + I" (Italy), Bf 109G-14 in JG-3, Me 262 in JG-7 DK-G, EP, EK 1 & 2, Wound Badge(12/19/41), Fighter Operational Clasp 614 combat missions. Seidl made a force landing at Fontenet on 17 March, 1941 in his E-8, cause unknown and was uninjured (Prien). He also flew Bf 109F-2 Werk # 5696 "Black 12" at Maldegh
  5. tango35

    Kit Poll

    What about a Dornier Do 17 in 1/32 or a new release of the Century series - especially the F-106 ? greets Thomas
  6. LOL, must be a bad copy of a Hanebu flying saucer
  7. Thanks to my government and the "foreign minister" no german aircrafts will be part of the Non-Fly Zone Coalition What a Shame for Germany
  8. I will start with : It depends ..... For a beginner i would choos the the shake&bake kits from Tamiya, but the Fw 190 D-9 is not inaccurate its wrong in the wheel well section. The A-8/F8 or the F8/F9 kit is superb and with the latter you will get some ground crew, but expensive. The next manufacturer for a beginner should be Hasegawa. For advanced modelers and experts i would recommend the Eduard kits overall. A bit tricky, ok, but for the half of the price of a Tamiya kit you will get a model with a complete engine section, open weapon bays. A bit of criticism are for the Fw 190 D(ora
  9. I agree with Jester, but why should Hasegawa do this - if there is an excellent kit ! ( Eduard ). It would be better that Hasagawa or better Eduard would produce a Ta 152
  10. At first, Olli you did a fine on your Fw 190 ! Are you interested to show up at a model exhibition in Hannover next spring ? For people outside Germany : In Germany its forbidden by law § 86 StGB to show swastika or similiar signs of forbidden organizations in public. Of course a modeler wants to make a historical copy - but thats life here in pc germany. Thomas
  11. Hi Konrad, an outstanding Butcherbird ! Only one point, please check your machine weapons on the engine cowling - they are not yellow. T
  12. If you want to start airbrushing, do it right from beginning. I started with a cheap Badger 150 ( bought on ebay for 35 Euro). She is a trusty companion and brings good results. Thomas
  13. And how expensive will it be ?? again over 150 euros ?
  14. Congrats to the spanish team. It was not a great game, and the dutch can be happy that the referee didnt sent mor than one plaayer off and not so early. Maybe the Dutch team should make a new carreer in the NFL. The referee did under these circumstances an exxcellent job, no critics for him and many refs should learn from him to make a btter job in the future
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