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  1. Hey Guys, Something just came to my mind after a discussion I had wit ha few modelers. While I'm pretty much doing all my researches on any kits online before buying and ordering online afterwards, others are spending more time and going to actual physical stores to pick up their kits. I see the pro and con of both solutions... So I'm just wondering which way you guys are going usually? I'm pretty curious to see the poll results and I'd love to see some reasoning as well! Have a great day! Greetings, neu
  2. That is a great looking art...I love it!
  3. Mark, this is simply stunning! I love it! Keep up the great work! Greetings, neu
  4. Thanks buddy, I really appreciate it :) Greeitngs, neu
  5. Thank you guys, we appreciate your nice words and actions! billb: try it now, we were doing some maintenance that might have caused the issue. Greetings, neu
  6. My condolences to you and your family :( Apparently, as a great father he did a lot for you to be the enthusiast you are Today!
  7. Given that it's not me who has to pay for it, I'd turn it to a Museum and keep it in good condition. This ship is history and I think sinking it is not necessarily a nice ending. Maybe I'd even let some sections to be rented out by enthusiasts :)
  8. These are the ones I'm aware of for Delta (just made this a few days ago to compare them) 1997-2000 seems to be a short living livery. I think American now is trying to communicate that they are changing and they are not what they used to be. Seeing the communities reactions I'm not sure they made the best choice, however I tend to agree that we here are not necessarily sharing the public, non-enthusiast people' opinion. Time will tell and it might easily turn out that they'll change some aspect of the livery in a few years (I'd start with the tail as it just doesn't work for me this way...
  9. Hey Guys :wave:/> As a long time ARC Sponsor and ARC'er I thought I make a ONE TIME post to kindly ask your assistance to spread the word about us. Usually I'm not doing this, but I thought we're here together for a long time enough to ask your support and I appreciate if you spend a few minutes of your precious time to do it. We'll still be friends if not of course ;)/> A lot of you are familiar with who we are, a lot of you are already enjoying the 20% ARC Discount we provide to each registered ARC members, but I quickly sum it up for the ones not knowing us. More customer examples
  10. OK...this is sick :D Keep up the updates, amazing work!
  11. I already have a frame if the new movie!!!! :D :D :D
  12. Because it looks so robust :D We've done a print of almost exactly this jet, but I couldn't manage to find contacts to the unit for some more info. I really like how the Hellenic Vipers are looking like!
  13. I'm always amazed that some people attribute issues to being either Boeing or Airbus or whatever company. I can't recall any new aircraft that had no problems at all. It's the nature of complex engineering and machinery. Some pilots even say that an aircraft type is not done until one of the doesn't crash...might be too harsh, but they have a point. I'm quite sure that A350 will also have issues like the A380 as well had issues. Given the fact how complex these systems are I'm actually amazed that they are flying! So keep calm guys and be reasonable :) The more issues they find and fix with a
  14. It's gonna be an exciting build as far as I see! Good luck and welcome aboard!
  15. Great looking model! I just call this variant with the spine and CFT a Star Destroyer...
  16. That's what I call a colorful jet :D Nice build and seems like a good kit as well.
  17. neu


    Nice one...I always loved the Hog, well done! :)
  18. neu

    Martin XB-51.

    Very nice Gray! Indeed, it's hard to work with bare metal, but you managed it right! Congrats, that's one of my favorites from you so far! Keep up the great work buddy! Greetings, neu
  19. Personally I don't like it yet. I don't know if it will change, but I really liked the previous one. I think the biggest mistake is the tail. I got the point of the flag, but somehow the AA and the eagle worked better for me... So I still vote for this: and even this: I think the previous was still looking conservative and classic. This is maybe a little too "trendy", but I got the point that they want to communicate the changes with this. We'll see. So far I've met with very mixed emotions. Greetings, neu
  20. It's just matter of time ;) Keep up the good work! Greetings, neu
  21. Nice job Attila! The Malev IL-62 tail caught my attention right away. Is rare enough to be not a random piece of art :)
  22. Hey Brian, I checked it, I have the Hawkeye only left. If you still need it I send it to you free of charge, just drop me an e-mail with your mailing address. Greetings, neu
  23. Hey Brian, I think I have one of each somewhere. Let me check on the weekend. Greetings, neu
  24. Edit: I didn't see it's about the conversion set, so my comment got irrelevant except that I don't see a wing mod in the set. As far as I know the P-8 has the 800 fuselage, but the 900's wing.
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