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  1. Hello I have a Tamiya A6M5 in 1/32 and a newer mold Hasegawa (JT17) in 1/48...both built. I do not see the canopy profile of the Hasegawa one to be different from the Tamiya, apart from the size. I understand that both companies have an old and a new mold version out there, new in Hasegawa's case means late 80ties? I also understand that the new 2006(?) mold from Tamiya is a scaled down 32scale kit? I will know once my ordered one arrives. All in all I can say that the newer mold Hasegawa, the A6M3 (JT17) in my case, is a beautiful little kit that with a bit of care builds into a Zero that looks everything as good as the larger Tamiya one with the bare eye…and it builds fast. The prices for Hasegawa here in Germany are unfortunately rather high, hence I try to stick to E-bay and the 2nd hand market when going shopping that brand. cheers Uwe
  2. Hi all Joinig in here now as well... I watched the "Zero" movie on Amazon last night...then started looking for a 1/48 model and found the Tamiya limited Edition with the movie decals...ordered! ;-) Started reading on Hasegawa's earlier models and hence ordered on of those... I have built the 1/32 Tamiya Zero when it first came out...OOB...and it was a pure pleasure and an eye opener back then but I have not build a Zero ever since...so now it will happen! cheers Uwe
  3. Looking at the first picture and following the panel line just below the wing bags backwards it looks ok...Towards the exausts it looks like some rather heavy sanding was done. Is there anybody in Telford who can get to that model and take better pictures without all the shadows? Also it would be nice to hear if the model on show is made from an/the injection mold or maybe just a sanded down 3D print? A couple of pages back there was a picture of the upper fuselage part before the wing bags were put on and without that primer cover...there I think the curve looked ok. @AMK...if you really have a model already, why not sending test samples to people like Brian from "Fightettown" , Darren Roberts or Brett Green from Hyperscale to review it? thanks Uwe
  4. I can only second what the two guys in front of me said...the general shape and measurements are key, details are very nice but can also be added by the modeller to a certain extend. Speaking of the ZM Phantom...now that Hypersonic has a fuselage fixing set it will be a very nice bird once completed...
  5. Here a picture of theTamiya -A... cheers Uwe
  6. Strange...since in previous construction photos the curve looked ok! I agree though that the later pics show quite heavy hips… 😉 Here the earlier construction Picture... cheers Uwe
  7. Hello all I currently have a couple of BF109s in the making. F4 yellow 14 is getting decaled already but my very old Hasegawa G-10 is stalled since I do not have fitting decals. The kit decals from 1999 are not usable any more, they turned very yellow...apart from being super thick and the white 44 not being a G-10 . I also have the latest release of the Revell G-10, bought it for the decals alone, but those it turnes out are for a Erla G-10 which, as we all know, has a completely different engine cowling and oil cooler. Erla's also seem to have had (mostly/all?) the smaller wheels and wing buldges. So I am now looking for decals for this kit. I so far only found "Rosemarie" decals, a bird that was documenetd when it landed at Neubiberg in May45. Does anybody have more suggestions on where to get decals for a Regensburg G-10 with the larger wheels? My G-10 kit also does NOT have the battery box behind the pilot's head! thanks Uwe PS: The Eduard kit has very nice decals...all for planes with the earlier wheels/wings 😞
  8. Hello all I just started decaling my BF109F-4 with Lifelike decals and I ran into issues right away. The decals seem to have the strongest glue I have ever whitnessed. I do wet the surface before I apply the decals and yet I have almost no chance to move them into position, they stick right away and I already ruined one of the big wing crosses! Has anybody experienced this as well? Any tips on how to avoid this. The model surface was glossed wit Tamiya X-22 to a mirror like finish. thanks Uwe
  9. An early boat tail -A...very nice! High on my wish list...VF-1 over Vietnam! 🙂
  10. So AMK does not have a certain bump (yet) that should be there? It could be worse...since grinding a bump into a mold is a lot easier then removeing one that should not be there. AMK, Martin...over to you guys... cheers Uwe
  11. Looking at the construction pictures on page 114 and comparing them with the same parts on my unbuild Tamiya -D I see no difference but I agree that some of the pics could lead to such (wrong) conclusions since the rounded edge of the bags behind the wings make the curves look much more curved… I think we are ok, let's wait until we see a full build up one in primer and under good lighting. cheers Uwe PS: How about some cockpit pictures? 😉
  12. Thanks a lot for the detailed answer. With 8673 being a refurbished plane now the G-Style prop starts to also make sense. I wonder where it was refurbished, back home or somwhere in Afrika. 8673 also shows the white wall tail wheel tyre but I have not yet found a picture to prove the same for the main wheels. Too bad the Picture you shared has all those red markings in it, will serach around for it in an "uncensored" version… thanks Uwe
  13. Hello all I was in a Shopping mood yesterday and purchased kits and stuff for a little diorama in 1/48: -Zvezda BF109F-4 -Life Like decals yellow 14 and OTTO Kübel -Quickboost sets for above kit...ailerons, engine parts and exausts -Tamiya Kübel Afrika version with figures Now I have some Questions for the experts... 1. Did the F4 already have the later bucket seat ala -G model or do I need the earlier seat? 2. Which of the Yellow 14 versions fit to the OTTO Kübel time wise? Any other useful hints and tips and links to Infos are also highly appriciated. I always wanted a Yellow 14...especially after seeing Marseille's 158 kill marks rudder in person at the Berlin Gatho LW Museum. thanks a lot Uwe
  14. Hi... I do not mind another Tomcat. Tomcats sell and that why they are being prduced. If GWH gets the shape Right...IF...then this kit will sell, I am sure. One will go my way fotr sure. I hope the -A will include the parts for the very early -As, so 1974 first cruise for example. I have GWH's Mig29, it's a great kit apart from the challanging fit. I do not have their F-15s but I hear the later releases are top notch. The most interesting Question for me will be, who Releases first? AMK or GWH...anyhow, I will buy both! cheers Uwe
  15. Hi The sprue lay out is great. I am not worried about the wings, I will disply the model in a certain way and have no need for movable wings... What I find sad is that the cockpit tub is again done in the conservative way as one piece. I was chatting with Sio about this a year ago and suggested to have the consoles, side walls and floor all as seperate parts which would make it very easy to have those side wall details in plastic, something so far only resin cockpits offer. So now, unless AMK came up with some serious slide molds, I can not see this being possible. Anyway...I am sittig here waiting for the kit and will buy it once it hits the Euopean market. cheers Uwe PS: Is that sprue shot available in high res and sharp?
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