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  1. VF-161 Chargers! Great!!! Please take my money...
  2. [url=https://postimages.org/][img]https://i.postimg.cc/FRZck19X/Tamiya-F4-B.jpg[/img][/url] cheers Uwe
  3. Do not compare 1/48 with 1/32...two totally different markets, it starts with the price and goes on with the space... The Academy kit is not bad, I have it as well...half built so far...but it lacks in certain areas. The ZM short nose kits have a VERY glaring fault (it was corrected on the -E) and the parts layout and sprue execution are really bad! Also the ZM kit is not a -B which is very different from a -J/S. Tamiya`s -B, I am sure, will be stepping into the traces that their fabulous Tomcat has left in the market already, it will be a million seller and worth every penny.
  4. There is NO good F-4B around so far...so yes, excellent choice°!
  5. Why not? It will help selling even more. Since there is really no shortage in good F-4B decals I really do not care about the decal sheet. Mine might become a VF-161 bird...also very main stream! 😉 cheers Uwe
  6. This is great news! The old Hasegawa kit is now absolete and even the Academy one will be only 2nd choice. I am all in for it. Will order as soon as I can... cheers Uwe
  7. Hello all Everything has been said...Tamiya, then Monogram. Those two are the closest to the real thing in shape and form. If you go shopping for a Monogram Tomcat it is best to check online for the older kits. The older the better. I have a new(er) Revell boxing here and the molds meanwhile are clearly on the finsh line...worn out. In order to beaf up the Monogram kit a bit you could use left over parts of the Tamiya kit. I added resin wheels and Verlinden seats to my Tamiya Cat and used only half the weapons...the original parts will look very nice on a Monogram bird.
  8. Hi Be careful with the original Hasegawa VF-1 Wolf Pack boxing...I have it as well and the decals are not usable. They have yellowed very much over time. But there are aftermarker ones available. One day I want to build a VF-1 bird of the days when they flew top cover over Saigon in 1975. cheers Uwe
  9. Hello Martin Who would that be, please? I do not know what happend in Germany but MBK, where I bought my Kfir, does not seem to carry AMK any longer... thanks Uwe
  10. Hello I have a Tamiya A6M5 in 1/32 and a newer mold Hasegawa (JT17) in 1/48...both built. I do not see the canopy profile of the Hasegawa one to be different from the Tamiya, apart from the size. I understand that both companies have an old and a new mold version out there, new in Hasegawa's case means late 80ties? I also understand that the new 2006(?) mold from Tamiya is a scaled down 32scale kit? I will know once my ordered one arrives. All in all I can say that the newer mold Hasegawa, the A6M3 (JT17) in my case, is a beautiful little kit that with a bit of care builds into a Z
  11. Hi all Joinig in here now as well... I watched the "Zero" movie on Amazon last night...then started looking for a 1/48 model and found the Tamiya limited Edition with the movie decals...ordered! ;-) Started reading on Hasegawa's earlier models and hence ordered on of those... I have built the 1/32 Tamiya Zero when it first came out...OOB...and it was a pure pleasure and an eye opener back then but I have not build a Zero ever since...so now it will happen! cheers Uwe
  12. Looking at the first picture and following the panel line just below the wing bags backwards it looks ok...Towards the exausts it looks like some rather heavy sanding was done. Is there anybody in Telford who can get to that model and take better pictures without all the shadows? Also it would be nice to hear if the model on show is made from an/the injection mold or maybe just a sanded down 3D print? A couple of pages back there was a picture of the upper fuselage part before the wing bags were put on and without that primer cover...there I think the curve looked ok. @AMK...if you reall
  13. I can only second what the two guys in front of me said...the general shape and measurements are key, details are very nice but can also be added by the modeller to a certain extend. Speaking of the ZM Phantom...now that Hypersonic has a fuselage fixing set it will be a very nice bird once completed...
  14. Here a picture of theTamiya -A... cheers Uwe
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