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  1. Hello all A little more progress. The yellow 4 decals are on, HGW wet transfers, great stuff! So now the question is, mottling or not? The Eduard E-4 has it's main paint coat applied, next are the decals. The different shades of RLM 65 show here, the lighter one was mixed based on a Revell RLM65 enamel paint, the darker one is Gunze Mr. Color Laquer paint. RLM02 and RLM71 in both cases are MRP. [url=https://postimg.cc/BjCHzrdf][img]https://i.postimg.cc/Nj3DKYDF/20231208-225615.jpg[/img][/url] [url=https://postimg.cc/xXQLtfpP][img]https://i.postimg.cc/Gm8z39k6/2023
  2. While I wait for the yellow 14 decal to arrive, to get the required yellow 4 with black outlines, some other decals came in. So the 2nd 109E I have on the bench, an Eduard E-4, bought as a E-7 WE edition years ago, receives some attention... cheers Uwe
  3. My yellow 14 has the black outlines... Those JG 5 birds I have to look up! That sounds like a cool variation. Just as odd as -E birds with Erla canopies... thanks Uwe
  4. I am limited to an E-3 right now. I do have another 109 in the making which will be an E-4. This E-3 has the glas parts that came with the Zvezda F-2! I have no clue why Zvezda would supply E-3 glas parts in their -F kits but they do. Those E-3 parts are very nice where as the Airfix parts are unusable. So yes, I would like to stick to the E-3 here. I have the yellow 4 from Marseille's yellow 14. The rest so far are generic early 109 markings. thanks Uwe
  5. Hello all Calling the Bf109-E experts for the BoB time frame. I have that 1/48 Airfix 109 E3 that I was planning on building as Ernst Arnold's yellow 12 that crash landed in the UK. I first had a profile that showed is as a E-3! After having the main paint job done I found out that his plane was actually an E-1. Since I did not want to rip the wings apart to change it back and then re-paint everything I was looking around for another subject that would fit my paint job. I did find yellow 4 of 1.JG-27 but I only have one picture of it. Is this plane known and does someone have more
  6. VF-161 Chargers! Great!!! Please take my money...
  7. [url=https://postimages.org/][img]https://i.postimg.cc/FRZck19X/Tamiya-F4-B.jpg[/img][/url] cheers Uwe
  8. Do not compare 1/48 with 1/32...two totally different markets, it starts with the price and goes on with the space... The Academy kit is not bad, I have it as well...half built so far...but it lacks in certain areas. The ZM short nose kits have a VERY glaring fault (it was corrected on the -E) and the parts layout and sprue execution are really bad! Also the ZM kit is not a -B which is very different from a -J/S. Tamiya`s -B, I am sure, will be stepping into the traces that their fabulous Tomcat has left in the market already, it will be a million seller and worth every penny.
  9. There is NO good F-4B around so far...so yes, excellent choice°!
  10. Why not? It will help selling even more. Since there is really no shortage in good F-4B decals I really do not care about the decal sheet. Mine might become a VF-161 bird...also very main stream! 😉 cheers Uwe
  11. This is great news! The old Hasegawa kit is now absolete and even the Academy one will be only 2nd choice. I am all in for it. Will order as soon as I can... cheers Uwe
  12. Hello all Everything has been said...Tamiya, then Monogram. Those two are the closest to the real thing in shape and form. If you go shopping for a Monogram Tomcat it is best to check online for the older kits. The older the better. I have a new(er) Revell boxing here and the molds meanwhile are clearly on the finsh line...worn out. In order to beaf up the Monogram kit a bit you could use left over parts of the Tamiya kit. I added resin wheels and Verlinden seats to my Tamiya Cat and used only half the weapons...the original parts will look very nice on a Monogram bird.
  13. Hi Be careful with the original Hasegawa VF-1 Wolf Pack boxing...I have it as well and the decals are not usable. They have yellowed very much over time. But there are aftermarker ones available. One day I want to build a VF-1 bird of the days when they flew top cover over Saigon in 1975. cheers Uwe
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