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  1. Thank you for making them. Count me on these pods.
  2. Good news! Any chance for including ALQ-101 within these set?
  3. polar bear

    VF-103 Sluggers Tomcat

    Nose job makes Academy Tomcat perfect! Great work as usual, Darren.
  4. polar bear

    F-16A IAF Op. Opera (Revell 1:144)

    Incredible build compares to its scale. excellent work!
  5. polar bear

    The next project

    Nice start!
  6. Both NSI and MCID, please!
  7. 1+ for ADF conversion, both in 48 and 32. totally agreed for Hasegawa intakes. I have stash of them waiting for your products.
  8. polar bear

    1/48 F-14D VF-31 (Hasegawa kit+Edueard PE)

    Excellent paint job. You're really nail it.
  9. polar bear

    1/72 Su-24MR (Trumpeter kit)

    Nice Su-24. Waiting for your KH Su-17.
  10. polar bear

    1/72 PLATZ X-47B and ITALERI Carrier deck

    Really love the crew with remote controller on his arm!
  11. polar bear

    Best F-4j Ejection Seat

    I prefer Blackbox'. Because each seat has difference in belt arrangement as well as fit to most of the kits.
  12. polar bear

    Shank 01,VMA-231 AV-8B,Desert Storm

    Excellent work as usual my friend. You did lots of work on this tiny jump jet!
  13. polar bear

    Tamiya 1/48 F-16C Blk52 South Carolina ANG

    Nice Have Glass V Viper!
  14. Excellent camo paint job. You really nailed it! สวยงามมากครับ
  15. polar bear

    Must Have Rafale C

    IMHO, The advantages of Hobby boss Rafale over Revell are seperated flap/aileron/rudder and 1250 gal tanks. But rivets on Hobby boss is too prominent. http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10056018/10/0