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  1. ResKit has just released a pair of F-14B/D nozzles. I believe they fit well.
  2. Nice build! I wish to see miniature Mr. Harry Tasker in the cockpit as well as his daughter hanging on windshield.
  3. You makes my dream comes true. Does the size differ from Tamiya’s? I have a plan to batch Hasegawa parts with Tamiya’s Kit.
  4. Excellent build! How do you do with canopy and air brake to close and open them?
  5. 1+ for one and only Marines MiG killer.
  6. There are carbon fiber decals but not sure for 1/48. Another option is painting dark silver, place a screen and spray black over it. But quite difficult for the area like gear bays. Mine was painted semi gloss black.
  7. The gear bays are bare carbon fiber material. So it could be black or brown.
  8. For Tamiya and Kinetic, I prefer Wolfpack design seat. Mine fits quite perfect. The seat also comes with sheep skin cushion. SHM F-16 seat is good too. But I have not heard from them for while.
  9. Last time I received a mail from him, he said he was going to study for master degree or Ph.D. and stop his business for study. The products were great on that day. Nowadays with 3D printing, the details are much better.
  10. The 132 is excellent! My Block60 viper is waiting for this. Carbon fiber pattern for F-14 is gorgeous as well. My money is ready for you.
  11. Great building and articles. Do you have WIP pictures?
  12. สวยมากครับ How do you paint the slots on rocket pods?
  13. Excellent build! How do you do the chin pod? The box does not include this type.
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