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  1. so typical for a woman!!! Now Sean, not all women have that reaction....LOL Mandie
  2. Very nice job...look forward to seeing more. Mandie
  3. It started out as 3 Steve's Bamford, Filak, and Steve Stohr. Mandie
  4. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you had a great one. Oh and Steve, thanks I wouldn't trade you for the world either. Mandie
  5. I have forbidded it... :monkeydance:/> Mandie
  6. crap..posted from Mandie's computer again! See below... SN
  7. Very nice, Steve and I looked at one but I couldn't see out the back window very well. So we ended up getting me a Vibe. Enjoy it. Mandie
  8. I'm sold, I will be seeing this one. Mandie
  9. <edit> CRAP! Posted on Mandie's computer again! Looks very nice! My only quibble is the way they handled the canopy. Having the glass and rail separate is a real pain in 1/72. I also prefer the way Hasegawa did the windscreen. However, as this kit is aimed at the younger, less experienced builder, I can understand they'd want to make it easy to build a good-looking model without a lot of masking. Steve N
  10. Send me your snail address, I probably have an extra laying around somewhere. T6's are my favorite so I have have many. Mandie
  11. Thanks Alvis, that means alot coming from you. Mandie
  12. Bet passing those props will ruin your day.
  13. Thanks for posting that for me honey. I also have 2 more built ones. SR71 and a Hughes 500 helicopter. I need to get upstairs and finish a couple more. Mandie
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