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  1. I believe the pod is an AN/ALQ-72. See this image from the National Electronics Museum: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:AN-ALQ-71,_AN-ALQ-72,_and_AN-ALQ-176_countermeasure_pods_-_National_Electronics_Museum_-_DSC00449.JPG And this from the AEEH: http://enm.aeeh.com.tw/en/index.asp?au_id=3&sub_id=13&id=70 SC
  2. Wolfpack-Design announced they were working on a T-38N in late 2017. SC
  3. The green is actually an outline I pulled from a photo of L-39 taken from the side. The first image I posted is that outline compared with the MPM fuselage, and the second one is over the Trumpeter. Unfortunately the scan of the Trumpeter fuselage is fuzzy around the vertical tail, but the taller vertical fin and higher rear of the fin root is what I noticed, by probably 2-3mm. See the extent of the rudder cutout on the Trumpeter tail as compared to the L-39.cz drawing.
  4. The second image shows the comparison with the Trumpeter 1/48 kit scan to the photo-extracted outline in green. The vertical tail is a little fuzzy in the scan, but is a little taller and swept back, the area behind the tail is a little high, the bottom of the front fuselage is a little high, and the nose does also seem a little longer and pointier.
  5. Disclaimer, I am no L-39 expert, and was doing this olnly as part of making my own custom decals. This is based on my comparison with the profile only. I tried to match scans of both MPM and Trumpeter fuselage to an outline I extracted from a L-39 photo I found online (green) scaled to similar size visually in photoshop, trying to match most of the spine, and overall shape. The first image shows the comparison with the MPM 1/48 kit to the photo-extracted outline in green. The vertical tail is a very good match. The bottom of the rear fuselage is a little low in outline, and the
  6. I have both the MPM and Trumpeter 1/48 L-39 kits (and Eduard 1/72 kits too). The Trumpeter kit has nice surface details and are more clearly defined than the MPM kit. Haven't taken the parts out of the bags for test fitting so can't comment on fitting issues. Accuracy wise, I've only compared the profile shape with photos of the real plane and the MPM kit. The Trumpeter vertical tail seems a bit too tall and swept back (not much, maybe 2-3mm), and the area behind the vertical tail seems a little too high. In comparison, the MPM L-39 vertical tail looks like a good match to the photos, but
  7. PM Sent for Academy USN F-4J with Aires Cockpit $45.00 Academy T-33A "Shooting Star" $15.00
  8. Awesome build! Can you share more information about the 3d printed and Hasegawa parts for the A backdate? I have been planning a similar project. Thanks!
  9. I tried to PM you but it said you cannot receive any messages. Please PM me. Thanks!
  10. scjh

    P-3 Orion AEW

    I just saw on eBay somebody selling P-3 Rotodomes in 1/72 and 1/144. I am not associated with the seller and I don't know anything about the parts, but thought I would point it out. Search for "P-3 Rotodome"
  11. Hello, did you just post a Cutting Edge U-2R/S Dragon Lady decal set CED48026 on eBay? Can I PM you with a question? Thanks!
  12. You can try www.hobbyeasy.com out of Hong Kong. I believe they carry Phoenix decals.
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