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  1. You probably could have used this sooner, but, just in case.
  2. Holy cow! Some incredible attention to detail and this WIP is exactly what I was looking for. My son will be working on these soon when they switch over and moving to Hurlburt Field. I was going to build one for him using this kit and wow, I don't even need to go looking for reference material. It's all right here. Great job.
  3. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  4. Just a couple small details left to do!
  5. Thanks for the response Gene. As for the ailerons are just in place to check camo pattern, they will be installed in flight position.
  6. A bit more progress. I need some help figuring out the location of the centerline tank. It's my understanding in '67 they were using the Royal Jet 600 gallon centerline tank? As we all know, Tamiya did not include a centerline tank in the kit. Finding one isn't a problem, I could either use the one in my Academy E kit or use GT Resin's version. If someone could help me out with correct location of the mounting of the tank I would appreciate it greatly. Also, being a BOLO aircraft, it will be carrying the ALQ pod, can I just remove one of the pylons from the outboard drop tank, or is it a
  7. Thanks. Yeah, I can't raise him at all because the canopy won't clear his head, so this must have been an oops on the engineering.
  8. More progress. My first ever attempt at SEA camo.
  9. Finally some progress on this project. I originally planned on using GT Resin's slick radome but the fit wasn't great so I modified the kit radome. Also experimented with the crackling effect on the radomes. This is an inflight display so gear doors are closed. I was quite pleased on how little work it took to close up the gear doors. A little work was involved to install the GT Resin intakes but overall they look good....enough.
  10. Test fitting the gear doors for inflight display, so far promising.
  11. Using Tamiya's 1/32 F-4C/D, I chose to build Robin Olds' BOLO Phantom. I'm building it inflight, so I couldn't hide the problematic intakes with FOD covers. I went with GT resin intakes and Wolfpack exhaust. Much more work than anticipated. Not quite sure how to mount the burner tubes inside the fuselage, instructions are far from clear on any of it. Now I wish I had gone a different route, a Phantom on the flight line. Oh well, here is some progress. If anyone has used the GT Resin intakes, or the Wolfpack burners please chime in......
  12. Hello all. Hopefully someone still browses this category. I'm working on Monogram's 1/8 1985 Corvette and need some advice on gluing in the windshield and hatch glass. This is thick plastic and they don't fit perfectly. What adhesives work best in this situation, not wanting to fog the clear plastic using CA. Any input is appreciated.
  13. Looking at Old's Museum Phantom, the camo looks to be the 36" rule.
  14. Stopped by the USAF Museum for some last minute motivation. I realize it's 829 but still a beautiful bit of reference.
  15. Indeed. Looking forward to getting started soon. With the canopies being closed, in flight, not sure how much we'll see of those beautiful 3D printed decals. But it's mighty tempting....
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