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  1. Thanks for the reply. I can wait 🙂 Jon
  2. I pre-ordered the sheet with Hannants. Did they get a shipment or will have to wait for the reprint? Thanks Jon
  3. Thanks Gwen. I'm not focus stacking the images. I just shoot at a very high f number (usually f29 or f32). Jon
  4. Hello all, Here is my latest project: HobbyBoss' 1/48 Grumman F8F-1 Bearcat. This is from the F8F-1B boxing and with decals by Superscale. In the end, most of the markings are masked and painted and only the stencils on the rudder are from that sheet. The wheels are by BarracudaCast. My additions were seatbelts (Eduard generic set), the whip antenna, underwing pitot, small pylons (from Hasegawa late F4U kits) and the light on the top fuselage. Paint is Mr Color 365 Gross (sic) Sea Blue. A write up of making this kit is available here: https://jonbryon.com/hobbyboss-1-48
  5. Hello all, I finished this about a month ago. It's AFV Club's 1/48 AIDC F-CK-1C Ching Kuo built straight from the box. The paint is mostly Mr Color and the eagle emblem on the tail, along with the stylised ROC star, is masked using home made masks cut on a Silhouette cutter. The rest of the markings are from the kit. A full build article is available here: https://jonbryon.com/afv-club-1-48-aidc-f-ck-1c-ching-kuo/ Thanks for looking, and comments welcome. Jon
  6. Early 'N's did not have the intake fairings, so you make those. Like this one: Jon
  7. Agreed. It's rather limiting as the markings I want to do have the early cap. If anyone has an Academy kit lying around, could they try test fitting the early cap from that? I have a couple of those spare. Cheers Jon
  8. This is a wonderful model. The body work on that nose is excellent (as is everything else). Jon
  9. I don't think that's quite correct. There were a fair few kits between the F-94 and the TF-9. In 1/48 the F-35s, Mirage F.1s and Jaguars were all prior to the two-seat Cougar. Jon
  10. You have done a lovely job on this. I am making the same F-CK-1C you made at the moment. Jon
  11. Thanks. In what way? Is it just slow? Cheers Jon
  12. No, they are not any good. The A is more accurate than the F. https://jonbryon.com/su15tm-html/ Jon
  13. All while modelling or running: On the bench Scale Model Podcast Plastic Model Mojo Plastic Posse Podcast Model Geeks Just Making Conversation In Our Time More or Less Mere Fidelity Mortification of Spin Page 94 Alaisdair Roberts Adversaria Fighter Pilot Podcast I miss the Scale Model Shed. Occasionally listen to Jordan Peterson's podcast, Speak Life, Unbelievable and BBC Radio 4 Friday Night Comedy. Used to listen to the Dicetower regularly, but I've lost interest in board game
  14. Yes, Maskol will be unaffected by Mr Color, but it will stretch when you pull it off and most likely give you a ragged edge. Yes, 2 parts thinner and 1 part paint. Jon
  15. Seconded. I would especially like a GSB version for the HUP-2, since AMP don't supply one. Jon
  16. Yes, attach the outer intake trunking to the lower fuselage before installing the inner trunking. This allows a pretty decent fit for the intakes. Jon
  17. Just out of interest, what are you struggling to source? Jon
  18. The lower one is an early F-4N from 1975. Thin everything. Jon
  19. My KH kit arrived today. The schemes are spectacular. However, given some of KH's history with the accuracy of markings, I would love each and every one of them to be redone by Caracal. I've no idea which I intend to do, although if I had to plump for a favourite it would be the VF-21 GSB FJ-3 with the yellow tail and huge 'I' marking. Jon
  20. No idea if it's any good or not... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/minicraft-model-kits-11666-usaf-t-51a-cessna-150--186923 Jon
  21. Thanks Dave. I'll keep an eye out to see if it gets discounted before considering a purchase. Jon
  22. I watched this earlier. I hope someone who knows what they're talking about is able to offer a critical review to assess the accuracy. I think for a £100 it looks disappointing, especially when I'm waiting for the Su-33 to come out at a similar price point and rather more impressive moulding and details. Jon
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