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  1. Mike, I'm so sorry for your loss. May the peace of God be with you and your wife thru this difficult time. I'll keep you in my prayers. Dan
  2. White courtesy phone please...
  3. Hey Steve, My thoughts and prayers go out to wife and your family. I hope she makes a full recovery from this terrible disease. Also, thank you for all the hard work you put into making this one of the "BEST" internet websites. Dan
  4. Hey Jack, As a longtime member here on ARC, I`ve met alot of great people over the years and and tried to help them out when I could lend a hand. When you decide to come back into the hobby, gimme a shout, I`ll keep a kit (if you enjoy building modern US Navy) here for ya free of charge! I hope things workout for you. Dan
  5. Hey Graves, Is your PM box full? Tried to message you about the Hornet photo ecth but can`t get thru to you. Let me know if you still need them, Dan
  6. Just completed a "deal" with Ken and He went "above and beyond" of what I expected from this deal. Thanks Ken for EVERYTHING! I APPRECIATE IT! Dan
  7. Late Shout out for two great sellers. Both Gonzalo and Andy Mason were quick and good communicators in recent deals. Deal with Confidence!!
  8. Hey Gang. I just completed a deal with Aaron and want to let you know he`s good to deal with and keeps you updated with timely communication. I highly recommend him for any deals. Thanks again, Dan
  9. an update will be appreciated. i know you have been on line. being ignored is one thing i hate. i hope you are not one of those guys who says something and does not go thru.

  10. Hey Guys, just a short update about Dean. I received a reply from Dean after I sent a very harsh written e-mail to him, (I won`t go into what I said but needless to say, it got his attention). He stated that he was in a court ordered program to repay everyone he still owes money and was following thru with it. I`ll reluctantly give him the benefit of doubt, but will believe him when and if I do receive the payment. I`ll keep you posted, Dan
  11. To Steve, I`m so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. God bless you and your family. Dan
  12. Hey Guys, I just completed deals with Mike Singh and Steve Sliger, both of whom were very helpful and courteous. They both kept in contact with me during our deals together from start to completion. Don`t hesitate to do business with either one. I highly reccommend both modlelers. Dan
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