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  1. Has anyone had much experience with the Academy F-15D kit? Particularly against the Hasegawa kit? The online reviews seem favorable
  2. Brilliant thank you all for the responses - saved me a dodgy purchase there!
  3. Anyone know what Hasegawa 1/72 F-15D boxing is recessed or raised? I see that https://hlj.com/product/HSGD5 is raised, any aidea about box 00435? Thanks in adnace!
  4. Hi All, Looking for the Airdoc 1/72 Luftwaffe Rhino decals! Thanks in advance Shaun
  5. I live in South Africa, and have ordered a lot of stuff from him - excellent service but you will wait a while for surface shipping - bear in mind that HK post over the festive season is very slow as well. Agree with breadneck - packing is superb - your kit will be in pristine shape.
  6. Hi, I have spend a LOT of my hard earned cash at Lucky Model, never had a bad experience with them. Any delays experienced have been through postal services and not Lucky Model specifically. In terms of cc charges, I only see one charge on my statement, but as others have said that is dependant on your cc company. cheers
  7. That is looking really good! Can't wait to see more.
  8. Those decals interest me! Do you know if they do 1/48 as well? Regards
  9. Hi Adam, just wanted to say well done, think you are doing the right thing here! Similar thing happended to me a while ago. When I saw Revell were to re-issue Hasegawa's 1:32 Stuka I naively assumed it would be "a lot cheaper" than the original Hasegawa offering (as this is mostly true for Revell re-pop's). I orderd the kit from a local hobby store and when it arrived - 35% higher than the Hasegawa boxing , although the store owner fealt really bad (and actually showed me his cost price/mark-up), and offered to try and sell the kit in the store, I knew he would battle at that price - so I
  10. Now let's get onto the real topic - how much these beautiful kids cost! That's one thing you just cannot be prepared for!
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