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  1. Looks like you are off to the races! Great job so far. My only real complaint on this kit is the lack of the centerline pylon. I'm not sure how GWH missed that one. Aaron
  2. Thank's for the answers everyone. It is on the itinerary for the trip. Unfortunately, this is not a pleasure trip. I'm going down to say goodbye to my sister who has terminal cancer and has weeks to live. As long and she holds on and everything goes according to plan, I'll be able to hit the museum on the way down or on the way up to see her. Otherwise, it may have to wait for another time. Aaron
  3. Hi all My family and I are taking a trip down to Utah in a few weeks, and I was thinking about trying to go to the air museum at Hill AFB, but I can't find much online about it. Is it open to the public? Has anyone been there recently, and If so, do you recommend it? How long do I need to plan on being there for? Any and all help is appreciated. Aaron
  4. If you guys can prove me wrong, I'll be glad to admit it. But the museum says that it is the only airworthy example left, and everything I've found online seems to support that.
  5. I like the looks of it. I live about a 40 minute drive North of the Olympic Flight Museum in Tumwater, Washington, which has the only airworthy example of the Huskie left in the world. They take it out and fly it at their yearly airshow over Father's Day weekend, and it is really awesome to be able to see (and hear) it fly. Aaron
  6. Hello all I've got a Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1A Corsair up for sale. It came from Japan to me with no outer wrapping, but all inner bags (except the instructions, which I opened) are sealed and everything is in perfect condition. I also have the Eduard wheel hub and canopy mask for it that I am including. I am asking for $140.00 shipped. Due to the size of the box, I'd like to keep this within CONUS if possible. The only trade I am looking for is a 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1D in like condition. Thank you for looking. If interested in purchase or trade, please PM me and we can go from there. Aaron
  7. I have a 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1A Corsair that is NIOB that I would like to trade straight across for a Tamiya F4U-1D in the same condition. If there is anyone that is interested in such a trade, please respond to this post or PM me and we can discuss details of the trade. Thank you. Aaron
  8. Looking great so far. I am really enjoying following this build. Keep up the good work and the updates please! Aaron
  9. I've got the KA Models open exhaust for the Academy/Revell/Great Wall Hobby kit up for sale. This is the set with the exhaust only, not the AB tube and exhaust. parts are brand new, never been opened. Asking $18.00 plus actual shipping. PM me if interested. Aaron
  10. When are these going to be available to order Dave? Aaron
  11. Hello all I've got the Eduard Brassin F4U wheels and prop for sale. The wheels can be used on any variant of the Corsair. They have a diamond tread and look excellent. The prop comes from the Big Sin set for the F4U-1D, and is thicker than the props used on the earlier models. I'm pretty sure that in 1/32 scale you could probably get away with using it on an earlier model and no one would be the wiser, but it IS designed for the -1D. I'm asking for $20.00 for the set, shipped to anywhere in the US or Canada. Paypal is easiest, but I'm open to other means of payment (US cash or check for instance) as well. Aaron
  12. Loving this build so-far Bee. Looking forward to more progress. As I said, I have a P-51 in the stash as well, so I'm following this build closely for suggestions and inspiration. Aaron
  13. Bee I saw your build, and want to commend you on the excellent job you did. I'm actually going to be using yours as a "template" for mine when I get to it, and I am now following along with your F-51 build. Thank you for your response as well. I think I'm going to go ahead and stick with the -1A. The whole reason why I got started on the Corsair, believe it or not, was the Disney/Pixar movie Planes and the character Skipper, who talks about flying with the VF-17 "Jolly Wrenches". I found some decals for VF-17's -1A's, so I think I'm going to use those. This build is more for my wife than me, as she is the one who really loves the sight and sound of Skipper. I'm going to be taking her up to Everett this summer, where Paul Allen's FHCAM has a real Corsair in his collection and let her watch it fly. Anyway, thank you for the answer. I appreciate it. Good luck on your continued Mustang build. I've got a Stang in the stash too, so I'm watching that one with interest as well. Aaron ps. where did you buy your paints for your Corsair build at, and what kind were they again?
  14. Hello all I ordered the Big Sin set for the F4U-1D and (accidentally) bought the F4U-1A on E-bay. I have the decals, masking set, etc. for the -1D all ready for the build, but if I decided to replace the decals and the masking set for the -1A version, rather then selling/trading for the -1D, and still use the Big Sin cockpit and engine sets, would I be grossly inaccurate? How much of a difference is there between the two cockpits, especially in 1/32 scale? If there are any big, noticeable differences, what are they? Any help is appreciated. Thank you. Aaron
  15. Hello all I just grabbed one of these from Spruebrothers today, and a wondering what denotes an early-production B-17G, and what A/M markings that currently exist could be used on the HK kit. Any suggestions? My knowledge on Flying Fortresses is pretty limited, so whatever you guys can tell me is welcome. I would kind of rather do a camo version vs BMF, but am open to those as well. Aaron
  16. Grabbed one of these off of SB today. What denotes an "early production" B-17G, so I can start looking at decals? Aaron
  17. They are out. Here's the link to them. Aaron https://www.furballaero-design.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=48-071
  18. No pics to show, but I just finished a 1/48 Tamiya Block 50 F-16CJ. My first completed model in over 10 years! Aaron
  19. Well, at least my mind isn't completely slipping! Good to see you again too! Yeah, we made the jump over here to the we(s)t side about four years ago when I got a job with Pierce Transit. Aaron
  20. Hi all I'm hoping someone has the C/N kit and decided to build it as a small mouth Block 30 or something similar. I am in need of the intake lip for the MCID intake, part # H11 I'm also looking for two sets of the Station 3/7 pylon, which are parts C5, C6 and C10. If you can help me with either/or I would be very appreciative. I don't have anything really to trade, but I can offer to help with postage, and of course will pay it forward when I can. Thank you for looking. Aaron
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