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  1. Decal on top of decal. Should be no problem.
  2. How does the nose compare to the MC772? From your pictures, the EE nose looks 150% better.
  3. Thanks for the information. Any chance you have a link to a photo of either plane? The painted swirls were applied before swirl lozenge was created I believe.
  4. 1) Nope - at least not that you'd see from the exterior. 2) Paint 3) Glue in the center gear doors and remove the seam. 4) I believe they are in the stabilizers, but unless you're going to light it up, I wouldn't bother. 5) It's the older style, but it is fine for what you desire. 6) Just go for it regardless what others post.
  5. There were several Albatros D.IIs produced in Austria-Hungary and at the same time they started camouflaging with a swirl pattern. Is there any evidence that the D.II ever had the swirls lozenge, or was it just on the D.IIIs?
  6. Different lengths, different wing and wing box, taller tail, different engines. I'm assuming you are using the JET decal sheet? Keep an eye out for the Minicraft 737-300.
  7. The difference between a DC-9, let alone -10/20, to a MD-80 is significant. Different wing, different fairing, different engines, different pylons. All huge modifications from a DC9 and very noticeable in 1/72.
  8. FLYHY

    B-26 Decal

    Does anyone have the tools to make a 1/72 "Stud Duck" decal for a B-26 Marauder? It basically is Donald Duck in a bomber jacket, and no white decal needed. I would be willing to trade for a B-26 resin engine set for it.
  9. I am looking for the AIMS decal sheet that has white scrolls for the red fuselage. Any help is appreciated!
  10. FLYHY


    Our local hobby shop has this, but at 80 some dollars, I wouldn't call it cheap. http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/WTI0095P?FVSEARCH=a400&search=Go
  11. Scaliners made a 144 decal, but I don't think they are available anymore from the normal sources. Plus, WN never flew the 734.
  12. Draw Decals suggest using MM Ford/GM Engine Blue.
  13. Delta never flew the -400, but they did fly the 737-300, so you can use the decals, and the plane will be accurate. As for as an Aussie subject, you'll have to do some homework.
  14. http://wwi.priswell.com/british/martinsyde/index.htm
  15. There are no BOAC decals for the Comet that I know of. However, you may be able to special order a set from Ray at Two-Six.
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