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  1. Hello guys, Thanks a lot for your kind words, glad you like her. tommy, I answered your private message, I just carved and sanded the bottom of the tail and parachute pod to match the fuselage shape, trying to remain level and horizontal .... well, quite ! 🙂 Here's the link to the complete photo album of the build : Smer Lim-6 build HTH, Best, Stef (#6)
  2. Hello, Thanks for your inputs :). My research for the colors wasn't extended that much as refering to the reference book you're talking. In fact I've just been browsing Massimo Tessitori's website, and made a compilation of the various shades paint manufacturers were proposing. I first resorted to colors proposed by Eduard and it seemed to me there was far too much contrast between the 2 shades. I then made some trial mixes, trying to reflect the contrast level I saw on various B&W pics rather than matching "most commonly accepted hues". Besi
  3. Hello guys, Here's my last completed build, the Smer Lim-6 (licence build MiG 17), in Poland AF colours. The kit is showing its age (released in 1977), very sparse details and trenchy panel lines, very similar to what Matchbox provided around the same period. Plastic is very thick and grainy. I just added a quickboost resin seat and the Master brass pitot and gun barrel. Paints are various mixes of gunze acryl. As usual, comments and critics most welcome. Best, Stef (#6) The complete build article can be found on my blog :
  4. Hello guys, Here is my last completed build and the first of 2022. This is the Italeri reboxing of the Kinetic kit. It's a plane from the french AF Escadron 3/3 Ardennes during Operation Musketeer (Suez canal crisis, 1956), based in Akrotiri, Cyprus. The ID stripes are not the usual Yellow/black but rather midstone and white/black. The number of allied aircraft on base (over 200) led to a lack of yellow paint and use of replacement hues. As usual your comments and inputs are most welcome. Stef (#6)
  5. Excellent ! Thanks Jemel , I'll do just that 😃😃
  6. Hello guys, I have set hands on a Two Bobs decal sheet for the CAS Viper and I'm wondering which kit can be used to render it ? I've understood that I need an F-16C block 25, can obtained it from the Tamiya Block 25/35 kit? Or do I need to search in the Hasegawa direction ? Thanks a lot for your inputs. Best, Stef (#6)
  7. Hello, I'm sorry I can't answer directly to your questions. However, I've been building this kit in the C version offered in the box and can point you to some issues. The turbine exhaust is protruding too much from the body opening. Add some weight in the nose, otherwise you'll get a tail seater (don't ask me how I know that 😅) The aerial atop body is too thick and should be redone out of plasticard. Otherwise a fine kit nicely detailed. To do the C version one should get armament from the old Revell/Monogram kit and make the cargo doors open.
  8. That's corrected. Thank you for the head-up, @Dafixer
  9. Hello guys, Here's my last completed model, the Zvezda, 1/48 Lavochkin La-5FN, white 22, from 2 GIAP (Aviation regiment of the Guard). The yellow scribing reads "Mongolsky Arat", workers of Mongolia, whose donation funded 12 aircrafts in the squadron. This the first of the Zvezda's "new tooling", and was build out of the box, decals from the Avalon range. Quite easy build but for the soft plastic and the engine cowling is a bit tricky, as there are lots of parts to align. Paints from the Gunze acryl range, various mixes of RLM76 as basis, with black and blue.
  10. Really nice job. and the tea bag trick is really smart ! 🙂
  11. Hello, Here's my last completion, the Hasegawa 1/48 P-40E. Anice and easy kit, except that I booed the rear glazing , wrong cement. Hope you'll like her. Best, Stef (#6)
  12. Nice job, you nailed the color and weathering ! Spot on
  13. Hello, Top notch painting and weathering, these planes were taking a lot of abuse !
  14. Hello guys, Here's my last complete model, a P-38J 15 LO, from 1st Lt Clark Livingston, 392nd FS, 367th FG, seen at Juvincourt, France Dec. 1944. The Hasegawa kit is a bit of a challenge and has been fighting all the way. Paints used are AK extrem metal over a Gunze lacquer gloss black base, other shades from the Gunze acryl range. Hope you'll like her. As usual comments an critics most welcome. Stef(#6) [url=https://postimages.org/][img]https://i.postimg.cc/RZrLpDzR/p38-fini-01.jpg[/img][/url] [url=https://postimages.org/][img]htt
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