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  1. Hello every boy, It's been a looong time I didn't post anything, but that because I'm a very slow builder ... here is my attempt at making a French Navy Crusader, the complete name is F-8E FN (P). P stand for "Prolongé", prolongated ... New ejection seat, various aerials (one behind the cokcpit just went awol during photo session), the new Sherlock threat detector atop tail, Etc. Paints are Gunze acryls, and the lovely Aires Matra 55 Magic missiles. This peticular aircraft saw action during the Yougoslavia CAP operations. Hope yu'll like her, all comments and critics most welcome. Best, Stef (#6) Click images to enlarge,
  2. Stef (#6)

    SU-17 M4

    Georgeous! Even if this Su-17 is reputed having its issues and a dog to build, indeed that's a nice result.
  3. Hello Eric, Your busual standard on that Viking, I really like the way your dealing with 1/72; I wish I could achieve such level on my 48 and 32. Best, Stef (#6)
  4. Hello there, Excellent job all over, the painting and weathering are really top notch. S6
  5. Hi Eric, Thanks a lot, It's been a long time i didn't finish a kit, so that's a kind of therapy ;) ;) Best, Stef (#6)
  6. Hello gents, Well, it's been ages since I finished anything and even longer I did post here. So here is an out of the box Corsair of VMF-217, Guam, 1945. Hope you'll like it. Best, Stef (#6) Click images to enlarge :
  7. Hi again, The 262 is one of the only WWII german bird I find interest in ... the precision of your paintig always stun me, espec when it's 1:72 . This motling is a stunner. Best Stef (#6)
  8. Bonsoir Eric, Your usual high standard build and painting. You're making rhinoes, and you're making them good ! ;) Best Stef (#6)
  9. Hi, This one seriously rocks ! :) Stef (#6)
  10. Hi all, It's been a long time i didn't post a completed model here (but it has been a long time i din't finish something as well : ) ). Here is the Hobby Boss quick build kit of the UH-1C Huey. Really easy an straightforward to build, it is the perfect kit for the AMS suffering modeller, while the master detailer/scratch build will find in this kit a solid work base.This is very similar to the old Monogram offering, except panel line are engraved and doors are closed. Rivets are almost inexistant, though. However simple it was, I managed to spill some glue on left door glazing :(/>. Hope you'll like the Huey, and crits and comments, most welcome. A complete gallery can be seen here following the link: Completed Huey gallery Stef (#6)
  11. Hmm, nice pics, Well, as I said, the fuselage is now closed, so it will be my mistake :(. I've been posting the build in the "in-progress" section. Thanks all for the inputs and nice piccies. Stef (#6)
  12. And a few more ... Fuselage closed, on for the putty. Nothing very important, just smoothing things. And the canopy is set : almost no seams at all. Close-up view -the horns are to be removed, not installed on Easy Rider. Some black to really avoid any transparency and for the anti-glare panel in front of the windshield. And some Olive Drab. Fisrt layer is with Gunze Acrylics #78, a colour intended for US Tanks. It is darker than aircraft OD, which will come at the next step. Well, that's all for now, if you have any comment feel free ! :)/> Stef (#6)
  13. Hello again, Some good progress along the week on the Huey. First, the final decoration will be "EasyRider", a UH-1C of the 174th HAC Sharks, in Vietnam. I first intended to go for the Marines scheme offered in the box, but this scheme is for an "E" model, which has a fair deal of differences with a "C" (like a whinch on roof, "zigzag" UHF aerial on both sides of fuselage, and so on). Hence, the choice of the army decoration - more, a Huey is Vietnam and that's all . :)/> Easy rider is supposed to be a gunship, but the kit doesn't offer any kind of weaponry - that would have been interesting, as some side weapons set-up, for instance, you need to have open doors - an option the kit is not offering. On with the pics (lotsa !) Turbine exhaust in place. It certainly does stand a tad too much. First painted black, then Alclad Pale Gold. Panel lines are very sharp and fine. Working the windshield ... Rotor head is quite simplified but from 3 feet away will certainly look cool. Testing the clear part assembly. One of the best to date.
  14. Hello all, Being on hollidays, and given by a friend, a 1/48 Hobby Boss UH-1C, I wanted to check wether, as it's written on the box, if it was an esay assembly - and yes, it is. You will see where I am, after just 4 hours work. Just a few words aboutt the kit : sure enough, a nice basis for the experienced modeller, and a kit bashing with old Monogram would certainly produce a neat result. Now, if you want to begin with Helos or do a nice quick built for your young nephew to hang in his bedroom, that's your kit. I will go for a straight out of the box bild. The selected scheme is the Marines one, eventhough is an E model. On with the picies :
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