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  1. I've been working on this for a loooong time (far too long!) but it's finally finished!
  2. You could look at getting Fantasy Printshop to print them like WolfPack do - they tend to work in smaller quantities??
  3. Thanks guys - very much appreciated! Chris
  4. Aha... so if I want full depth on a front 3/4 view of say an F-16, I would need to focus just behind the canopy to get a nice sharp image??
  5. Hopefully someone on here can clear this up for me.... When photographing a model, does the depth of field extend both in front and behind the focus point, or just behind??? So... If I know I have 10th depth of field, is that 5cm in front and 5cm behind the model, or just 10cm behind?? Thanks!! Chris
  6. Can I beg to differ? I've actually BUILT the L&M kit and it's awful! Such a pity that Aeroclub have shut up shop - their Texan II would have been nice...
  7. Can't go wrong with AVC... I did consider Microsoft SE but the reviews I've seen have not been particularly complimentary...
  8. No probs! Sorry - I should have put a note on this post too but completely forgot! Chris
  9. There were a number of people asking for a copy of the 1964 version of T.O. 1-1-4. Well, I've finally gotten around to uploading it! Many thanks to Haydn Hughes (mig23) for lending me his paper copy to scan! http://www.usaf-sig.org/index.php/reference/29-color-information/401-to-1-1-4-1964
  10. VERY nice Jake - when will your F-15C and F-4E be done? :)
  11. Normally very good. They have had some really bad weather recently, so give them a week or so to get sorted...
  12. Wow - yet more must have's!! Good stuff Mark :)
  13. Guys - I'm in the process of scanning the 1964 version of TO 1.1.4 - keep an eye on our website (www.usaf-sig.org) for updates.
  14. Guys - pull back on this one - it's been bandied around on some of the Alps forums for some time and it appears that the Chinese managed to get hold of a batch of the old Alps printers and rebadged them. Their website is way out of date and nobody so far has been willing to risk the money to find out... Also bear in mind that the MD5000 was discontinued about 10 years ago - the last model was the MD5500. "I think the simplest explanation may be that this is an older product offer that has just not been removed from the web site. Speculation... but it would not be unreasonable that ALPS
  15. I'm impressed that you managed to capture pretty much the entire flying display ;)
  16. Nope - there's bugger all there and it's a complete waste of money. I went to Waddington yesterday and that was awful!
  17. Wow!! It's about £45 here in the UK which is just under $70!!
  18. Not temporarily closed - PERMANENTLY closed. He's shut up shop to concentrate on other things. I did speak to Mark Bilas at Spectre Resin about him picking up Greg's (MH) range, but nothing ever came of it unfortunately ...
  19. That's the one...now assuming you have $75 to spare for a box with 2 $10 kits, a $10 decal sheet and one extra sprue... I'm amazed Quickboost never did a replacement tail...
  20. Wouldn't it be better to wait until the design is firmed up? At present it's completely theoretical and the end result may look nothing like the current artwork??
  21. A lot are still in green (FS24052) but they are in the process of being painted grey - can't remember the FS no for this offhand though...
  22. Count me in for a sheet - assuming it's 1/72 of course!
  23. I believe (from memory!) - Insignia Blue fuselage codes and wing "USAF", and black tail and radio nos.
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