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  1. Guys, couple of quick questions:- What block does the Italeri/Platz kit represent (not sure if it's a block 10 or 20? Is the white Insignia White or something else? Are the undersides of the wings also white? Many thanks in advance! Chris
  2. Cutting Edge used to do a sheet for this (CED72118), complete with masks... Not sure where you'd find one now though - possibly on ebay?
  3. Well, this is what I have planned.... RF-35
  4. Bugger! That means I'm going to have to figure out which scheme it should be now! Actually, it's not too bad as I know it's ex RDAF! Many many thanks! Chris
  5. Guys, I'm trying to find out what color the Austrian and Danish Drakens were painted - the scheme is quoted as "Gloss Olive Drab" but I can't find an FS reference... Can anyone help? Thanks! Chris
  6. I'm in - will be either an F-100C or D based in the UK for Victor Alert duties...
  7. Once again, many thanks! I'm leaning towards a Lakenheath bird at present - I will have to pick one with some decent pics and stick to it! As for pics, I will do what I can - I will be building the kit as an article for the USAF SIG website anyway...
  8. Guys, many thanks for your help - very much appreciated! Quick question - what about the external stores pylon - this was on the HH-60D but not on the 'Gs?
  9. I've just been given a conversion to update the 1/72 Hasegawa HH-60D to the current HH-60G configuration, but searching on the 'net hasn't revealed a lot of information. Can anyone clarify the physical difference between the MH-60G and the HH-60G, and also explain which bits and pieces have been added over the years? I plan to build 2 - one in "current" configuration and another in the brown scheme from Desert Storm, so all help will be gratefully received - I would also like to post whatever information I receie as an article on the USAF SIG website if that's OK?! Chris
  10. The Mini Hobby kit appears to be a copy of the Italeri kit - however it's not as "delicate" and the fin doesn't fit very well at all... For an F-5E the Italeri is the best out there, although it has raised panel lines. The Airfix/Heller kit can be built, but it is nowhere near as nice as the Italeri kit.
  11. I've had these problems here in the UK with both the Polly Scale Flat (green bottle?) and the Model Master (red?), both from brand new fresh bottles too! I have a possible solution to try out - mix and thin ready to spray then head up your container in some hot water. I've had problems with Humbrol GlossCote remaining tacky and I found that warming it up caused it to dry perfectly - I wonder if the same thing might work for Polly Scale / MM ??
  12. No - when parked the nozzles are fully open. In flight they close as thrust increases...
  13. The TW KC-10 has been out for about 10 years - it was a DC-10 with a cast metal KC-10 conversion. Not been produced for ages but hopefully will be re-released one day... Personally I'm not sure resin is the best approach for kits of that size - puts HUGE strain on the undercarriage...
  14. Erik, I built this a few years ago - see here I would suggest that you use metal pins to strengthen the wing-fuselage joint - they WILL break otherwise as there is so little gluing surface. I also had major problems with the resin being full of surface bubbles - that's the problem with the Unicraft kits unfortunately!
  15. Mark Re the A-10 - the Italeri/Revell is probably the best one out there - can you make sure your sets will fit that kit too? Chris
  16. Does anyone have any pics of the ATAC and ATSI Skyhawks?
  17. Guys - thanks all for the responses! I think some form of cutter is the way to go, as the pieces I'm working with are so small... I did try a small plastic cutter but it wasn't up to the job - I think a "proper" one is what I need!
  18. It sounds simple but it's giving me fits! I need to cut plastic card and ensure that I get a perfect 90 degree angle each time. If I use a knife, not only can I not guarantee it'll be perfectly perpendicular, but but the time it's sanded smooth, it's even worse! Can anyone suggest any better ways of doing it - to give a little background, I'm scratchbuilding some vehicles in 1/72nd scale and working mainly with 20 thou and 40 thou card...
  19. There's also a new company - Rocketeer Decals - that have just released NASA SR-71 decals
  20. I'll put in a vote for this method - it works really well and dries extremely fast
  21. Would there be a USAF equivalent to these standards by any chance?
  22. Hey - I've got 2 and my friend mig23 has already built one each of the brown and blue a/c (can't remember which tailcodes though...)
  23. Guys, things seem to have moved on apace since the days when everything was either black or white... I know that the F-15E tailcodes are simple black and I believe the A-10 ones to be the same? I also recall that the F-16 tailcodes are gunship grey on the neutral grey, and vice versa. But what about all the newer schemes, such as Mod Eagle, the AFSOC schemes etc... Are there any "new" versions of TO 1-1-4 which cover this? Thanks in advance! Chris
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