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  1. Do you know if these are still available - the F-15E sheet looks nice, but it looks like the site hasn't been updated since 2004? Chris
  2. For the formation lights - you can get hold of luminous tape which is like masking tape but smooth. Not only is it a decent color but it retains light too!
  3. Actually there is - Scalemaster did a sheet covering Air-To-Air missiles but it was some time ago... Other than that, there's what's in the Hasegawa weapons sets... As for RBF tags, there are at least 5-6 sets of these currently available, although they are (admittedly) all "new"...
  4. I tend to use pins for pitots, probes etc as they're (a) extremely strong and ( look pretty good when painted. Also useful if you ever get attacked whilst holding a model!
  5. When I saw this topic, all i got was "Masking Canopies with chocolate..." which I have to say sounded quite interesting... Hmmm, a form of masking you can LICK off!!!
  6. Just thought I'd add my 2c worth... Firstly, the Italeri kit IS the old Esci kit. As far as I can tell, other than decals and instructions, the only change is the inclusion of the round fronted pylons which don't seem to be in the Esci kit. In terms of detail, I noticed the following:- - The tail is too long and needs cutting down. It is also angled wrongly at the bottom and will need building up with plastic card - The nacelle between the engines is too long and at the wrong angle - The intake shock cone is moulded fully retracted - for a parked aircraft, it should be fully extended -
  7. Wow! Very pleased to see these Mark! Now, to put the icing on the cake, can we have an RC-135U nose to go with the cheeks? And how about an E-3 update set whilst you're at it?!!
  8. There IS a model of the XV-6A currently available in 1/72nd - I think it's an Anigrand Resin?
  9. Aren't a few of the Pakistani F-16A's and B's still at Edwards, or have they all now been delivered?
  10. Dark Green - FS34079 (GS:H309) Medium Green - FS34102 (GS:H303) Tan - FS30219 (GS:H310) Light Grey - FS36622 (GS:H311)
  11. There's a review of their TA-7C here
  12. IPMS UK USAF SIG - L-39C Google search - first 3 images
  13. "Aircraft Ground Equipment", I believe
  14. Many thanks Curt - MUCH appreciated! Now, if we could just get someone to do some modern AGE in 1/72 and 1/48...
  15. Curt - it would be really useful if you could find out! If you could get hold of any painting guides etc - that would be even better! Chris
  16. Just to add - USAF SIG is www.usaf-sig.org then go to Downloads > Technical Orders
  17. Am I right in thinking this is one of the early Block 10?? My knowledge of RQ-4 wing lengths is somewhat suspect!!
  18. Should be a LOT easier to build than the Unimodel kit!!
  19. We're all here because we share a common interest and I for one will always play fair! I'm also involved in the American car scene here in the UK and have ended up taking a back seat as a result of far too much foul play - at the end of the day, life's too short and there's no reason why we can't all get on and apologise for our mistakes Michael - thanks for pointing this out! Chris
  20. Now resolved - it hadn't even occurred to me that it was breaching copyright...
  21. Hope this is of use!! IPMS UK USAF SIG - C-17A Walkaround
  22. Photos of my model to follow...as soon as I can find them...
  23. I'll take some photos of mine, which I built 4 or 5 years ago... I also have some more pics of the real a/c somewhere...
  24. Guys, thanks very much for all of your help! I will try underexposing slightly in future and I may try shooting in raw. I had problems with the lens supplied with the camera - the pictures were not particularly sharp especially at full zoom or full wide angle, and it sounds like the 28-80 is not much better... Will have to see if there are any other shows on this year where I can practice!
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