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  1. For Tamiya????
  2. No R-29 engine variant? Shame...
  3. I just got mine today morning. Fantastic book, fast shipping! It is the ULTIMATE F-15 Bible. Regards: Zoltán
  4. Yes, They are Hungarian MiGs and the markings on the noses are for "excellently maintained aircraft of the wing".
  5. MFs in QRA
  6. Hungarian Air Force used Rs2-US on MiG-21MFs at Kecskemet Air Base until they redeployed to Papa Air Base in 1994.
  7. another MF
  8. another MF
  9. ...and a PF...
  10. Here is a pic of a Hungarian MiG-21MF with Rs2-Us
  11. Flankerman! What is the correct designation the bomb rack of the Mi-8? BD3-57KRV or BDZ-57KRV (БД3-57KPB) ? Thanks
  12. Thanks Ace!
  13. Hi Raymond! The 48012 F-16C Block 40 Barak kit includes the redesigned front fuselage-nosecon parts? Joe ;)
  14. Guys, Thanks for all the helpfull answers to everyone on this topic. :) My future 'victim' is the powder puff F-16N on the FTD48-021 decal sheet. I want to build it from the Hase 48 kit. I already bought the Wolpack's ALQ-188 set. Because of this I was curious about the experts' opinion. Unfortunately I saw only chin pods on the F-16N pics. Joe
  15. Thanks!