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  1. fintajoe

    F-16 ADF

    The Kinetic F/A-18C kit provides the special Sparrow pylons for F-16ADF, plus the missiles on FF sprue. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10379750/70/15
  2. And I hope we will built those Tumansky engine ones in the near future...both in 1/48 and 1/72!
  3. But (surprisingly or not) the Hungarian Air Force planes was Su-22M3 too with R-29 engines...
  4. I just got mine today morning. Fantastic book, fast shipping! It is the ULTIMATE F-15 Bible. Regards: Zoltán
  5. Yes, They are Hungarian MiGs and the markings on the noses are for "excellently maintained aircraft of the wing".
  6. Hungarian Air Force used Rs2-US on MiG-21MFs at Kecskemet Air Base until they redeployed to Papa Air Base in 1994.
  7. another MF http://www.makettinfo.hu/upload/200802/tn_...45465_keszi.jpg
  8. another MF http://www.makettinfo.hu/upload/200706/tn_...1cut_resize.jpg
  9. Here is a pic of a Hungarian MiG-21MF with Rs2-Us
  10. Flankerman! What is the correct designation the bomb rack of the Mi-8? BD3-57KRV or BDZ-57KRV (БД3-57KPB) ? Thanks
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