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  1. Jim, It is always good to see your expert discussions on these threads. Stay healthy! Michael
  2. Where is the 'Expanding Rod' self destruct device located on QF-4? It was put in the LOX bottle compartment. For NOLO flights they took the LOX bottle out and put the warhead in. Thanks Avnav!
  3. Where is the 'Expanding Rod' self destruct device located on QF-4? As I recall that is just about the point that the air craft is broken-up when unmanned positive control is lost or the unmanned airframe is damaged during a test.
  4. As a modeler of Army Aviation subjects I found your RU-8D build of interest. I had previously had high hopes for the Croco line of kits. You did an excellent job of capturing the correct Olive Drab color used during the late 60s and early 70s. Would you mind sharing the details of your paint job, whos paint you used and your successful technique of capturing the right look? Nice looking build. Michael A.
  5. No! Adrenalin compensates for any inconvenience when firing an M60 on a two-way range.
  6. The 101st ABN. DIV. (AMBL) used 3-4 of them for a Tactical Operations Center (TOC) at Kae Sahn during Lam Son 719 in early 1971. Bulldozers had cut a big X in the ground so that they were below ground level. Looked like a pretty good set up from my vantage point.
  7. stalal This is all I am able to pull up! Sorry, the requested page does not exist.
  8. NAJK: "Seems like two fuel tanks on inboard pylons is the way to go, and perhaps a couple of AIM-9B." With regards to the AIM-9Bs; I was told by a former member of the A-7D community in SEA that the A-7s only carried the AIM-9 for their first several missions. According to what I was told an AIM-9 was inadvertent launched in route to the target. The missile was not locked onto anything and did not guide on any heat sources, it did however, upset, actually severely upset the strike package in front of the A-7s. Following this incident the AIM-9 did not appear in the Air Tasking Orders (ATOs) for the A-7D community.
  9. Barrels intended for use with the M16 Subsystem were manufactured and issued without the front sight. M60 barrels are all interchangeable and it is my best guess is this barrel has been repurposed from the M16 Subsystem for use on this M60, which is being used as door gun. Michael A.
  10. Went through this many years ago, insurer wanted to pay about .25 on the dollar, the standard rate at the time for children's toys. We went round and round for days and I finally got them up to .80 on the dollar. After accepting the .80 I asked what it take to get to the actual 1.00 amount. He said you would have to show membership in some sort of organization that isn't toy related. You mean like being an IPMS/USA member since 1965 and having placed in numerous competitions across the country? Bingo! Good luck, Michael A. Campbell IPMS/USA No. 1432
  11. You have set the bar pretty high for the rest of us attempting to replicate a modern army aircraft of this nature. Congratulations on a beautiful build!
  12. Check with the Army Safety Center at Ft. Rucker, AL. They will have details as to the Army's prospective on this accident.
  13. I was within a couple of weeks from graduating EOD School at Indian Head, Md. It was a pretty intense study time and I was not keeping up with current events at the time. Great news when I finally realized the magnitude of the accomplishment.
  14. 21 and Bullet Proof About 10 years ago a You--Tube Video '21 and Bullet Proof' was available. 45 - 60 minutes as I recall, with most excellent footage. It had no narration but was choreographed to some 'inspirational' music of the day. I tried to look it up again a few years back and it had apparently been pulled / canceled for having used music without the proper prior approvals.
  15. Would like to trade a 1/72 Fujimi RAF Phantom II ‘Tiger’ F-3 kit No. G-17 for a 1/72 Fujimi A-4E/F (no preference in kit No. or markings). F-3 kit box has been opened but all bags are still sealed. Would like to trade within USA or APO’s. Thanks in advance, Michael ma5campbell@hotmail.com
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