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  1. Tank, I am not far away, I can be reached via-direct at: hotmail / ma5campbell Are you associated with the local hobby club? Michael
  2. Tank, After an additional 1/2 hour of diddle work I have been able to open the attachment. Quite helpful, thanks again, Michael
  3. Tank, Thanks again however, I am unable to open the attachment. I will keep playing with it and see if I have any luck. How far are you from the RDU area? Michael
  4. Loach Driver Sounds good! I Can be reached via-direct on hotmail / ma5campbell Travel safely. Tank Thanks for the response. I actually have the Pavll kit but have lost my instructions. No problem with the big parts but some questions about the 'fiddly bits'. Michael A.
  5. A Scan of the instructions for the 1/72 Pavla Resin Cockpit, OH-58D, Kit No. 72052. I need 1 Pr. (two ea.) rocket pods with decals to complete a project. CMK 1/72 US M260 Hydra Rocket Pods, Kit No. 7222. Would like to pay with a USPO money order here in the US or at an APO address. Any assistance would be appreciated. Michael A.
  6. Bounce, Nice selection of reading materials! Not all of these titles are available at the corner drug store. Happy reading and modeling. Michael A. ``````````````
  7. What Dave Williams said! Bounce: Do you have a source for this information that you can share with us?
  8. If you want to get the gist of what fighting a fire on a ship at sea is like, read Danger's Hour; The Story of the USS Bunker Hill and the Kamikaze Pilot Who Crippled Her, by Maxwell Taylor Kennedy. Spoiler Alert: Not For The Faint of Heart!
  9. Excerpts from another thread shed some light on this question. The ship was close to completing a major over-hall and was still contained a lot of construction related equipment. The fact that cables, hoses, pipes and the like associated with the over-hall were run throughout the ships passageways made it impossible to close off watertight doors and contain the fire. Also, the number of ships personnel assigned /onboard at the time of the fire was apparently less than 200, thus limiting the immediate onboard response. Apparently the ship is made out of aluminum, which is quite susceptible
  10. Jim, It is always good to see your expert discussions on these threads. Stay healthy! Michael
  11. Where is the 'Expanding Rod' self destruct device located on QF-4? It was put in the LOX bottle compartment. For NOLO flights they took the LOX bottle out and put the warhead in. Thanks Avnav!
  12. Where is the 'Expanding Rod' self destruct device located on QF-4? As I recall that is just about the point that the air craft is broken-up when unmanned positive control is lost or the unmanned airframe is damaged during a test.
  13. As a modeler of Army Aviation subjects I found your RU-8D build of interest. I had previously had high hopes for the Croco line of kits. You did an excellent job of capturing the correct Olive Drab color used during the late 60s and early 70s. Would you mind sharing the details of your paint job, whos paint you used and your successful technique of capturing the right look? Nice looking build. Michael A.
  14. No! Adrenalin compensates for any inconvenience when firing an M60 on a two-way range.
  15. The 101st ABN. DIV. (AMBL) used 3-4 of them for a Tactical Operations Center (TOC) at Kae Sahn during Lam Son 719 in early 1971. Bulldozers had cut a big X in the ground so that they were below ground level. Looked like a pretty good set up from my vantage point.
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