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  1. Michael A.

    Mk19's and helicopters

    AH-56A Cheyenne ‘v’ S-67 Blackhawk I was an academic instructor at Ft. Rucker between 1984 and 1987. During that time, I would talk helicopters in general and AH-1G’s in particular with anyone willing to talk. I was fortunate enough to meet a former AH-56 test pilot who had also flown the S-67 while it was being touted by Sikorsky to the Army. As I recall he stated the S-67 was everything that the Army was looking for in the AH-56 and it worked. Sikorsky had taken the engines, transmission, rotor system and drive train designs from their S-3 helicopter and built a sleek Attack Helicopter around these already proven components, the same way Bell built the Cobra around the components used in the ‘Charlie’ Model gunship. Once the bills were totaled up following the cancelation of the AH-56 the Army had no intention of backstepping into the Sikorsky offering. About 20 years ago I contacted Sikorski while researching the S-67. I was fortunate enough to speak with an engineer that had worked on the S-67 project. It is my opinion that he was still ‘displeased’ that the Army did not take a closer look at the S-67 back it the day. As for the AH-64 Mafia and the Cobra community, that too is an interesting story. The old budgeting rule of, ‘Why purchase something new when you still have something old that works’ came into play here as well. During early 90’s. the army was giving high time TOW cobras to the Marine Corps. They would be flown to NAS Pensacola where the TSU’s and TOW systems were removed, refurbished and installation on AH-W’s. The Army Cobras were the crushed and stacks of them could be seen in a parking lot not far from the front gate to NAS Pensacola. Get rid of the old helicopters and Congress will ‘have-to’ provide money for new helicopters. Anyone notice how fast the OH-58D’s disappeared a few years ago? Anyone notice what took the place of the OH-58D? Michael A.
  2. Michael A.

    Trakz M6 3" AT Gun

    I need a scan of the instructions for the Trakz 1/35 US M6 3" Gun Conversion, Kit No. TX 0051 Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance. Michael A. Campbell
  3. Michael A.

    Mk19's and helicopters

    Operation MARHUK (Marine Hunter Killer), HMLA-369 operated from three different ships off the coast of North Vietnam from around June 72 to Jan 73. This included actual combat time, transit time, ship change over operations and down-time for maintenance activities.
  4. Michael A.

    What are your top 5 dream model kits?

    1/72 A-26K (New Tool) 1/48 AH-1G 1/48 OH-6A 1/32 AH-1G 1/48 UH-1C/M Gunship (New Tool)
  5. Looking For: Scale Aircraft Modeling Magazine Vol. 40; 1 Mar 18 with IAF Kfir C2 & C7 article Prefer USA & APO return address thanks in advance Michael A.
  6. Michael A.

    L/F 1/72 BLU-27 Napalm Bombs

    Michael A. Campbell 7505 Venture Court Raleigh, NC 27615-5572 ma5campbell@hotmail.com Thanks much, is there anything I can look for on your behalf? Michael A.
  7. Michael A.

    L/F 1/72 BLU-27 Napalm Bombs

    Yes, still looking for as many as 8 pr. any help would be appreciated. Thanks for the response. Michael A.
  8. Michael A.

    Was the A-10 ever considered for export?

    In the early 1980's the Air Force was attempting to give all A-10s to the Army, but only the airframes. No pilots, no maintainers or anything else, just take them and go away. Fortunately we still have this weapons system in the US inventory. Michael A.
  9. Michael A.

    L/F 1/72 BLU-27 Napalm Bombs

    Armando, Yes, looking for 8 items. Not sure about an international exchange, Your thoughts are welcome. Michael
  10. Michael A.

    F-15C Stabilator Question

    In the late 1980s the PACAF Public Affairs Office released a photo of an Okinawa based F-15 that showed the bottom of the aircraft. One of the stabilizers actually had the wing-walk markings on the bottom which was interesting to see once you figured out what was actually going on. They are interchangeable as previously stated and not necessarily repainted immediately. Michael A.
  11. I need 6 - 10 1/72 scale BLU-27 Napalm Bombs parts No. 4 and 5 from the Hasegawa Weapons Set No. 1 for an upcoming project. Can trade for other Hasagawa weapons or pay in USPO Money Order. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Michael A.
  12. Michael A.

    Print Scale Decals

    Disappointing! I purchased but have not used sheet No: 72-019, UH-1 Hueys. Only one Razorback decal is provided for the 120th AHC Gunship, this is for the left pilot’s door. No Razorback is provided for the pilot’s right door and since the Razorback is facing forward purchasing a second sheet is not a solution.
  13. Michael A.

    UH-1H Build/Coming back to the hobby!

    A/C in the Left Seat Some units and A/Cs practiced this in that the left seat had better visibility for an autorotation and the A/C was much more experienced with autorotation’s. An aircraft inadvertently going IFR (Instrument Flying Rules) with the A/C in the left seat presents another set of challenges. Keep in mind that most of the primary navigation instruments are on the right side of the instrument which is now in front of the co-pilot. Have gone through this once from the back seat I can tell you that the situation gets a little ‘sporty’ in a hurry. We inadvertently flew into a rain storm at about 0300 in the morning at an altitude much lower than a big mountain that we were very close to. Our very experienced A/C entered a climbing standard rate turn until we bored our way out the top of the storm. We were well in excess of 10,000 feet AGL when we broke out on top. Meanwhile the co-pilot had developed a pretty good case of special disorientation and can no longer communicate coherently with the rest of the crew or would even let go of the map he was holding. The three of us in the back finally realize the gravity of the situation when the A/C tells us to gather three sets of seat belts and have them ready. “If the co-pilot touches the controls, pop the dead man handles on his seat and strap him to the floor.” An Alpha Sierra moment to say the least! About 45 minutes later we are home safe and sound and called it ‘a night!’ Fortunately the co-pilot did not interfere with the flight controls and we did not have to restrain him.
  14. Michael A.

    New 1/35 Vietnam Helo Crew Figures

    Vietnam Era Helicopter Names & Nose Art John Brennan has published 4 paperback books on the subject: ‘US Army Helicopter Names in Vietnam’ was the first. The two listed below contain the most photographs and I would highly recommend the entire series to the serious Vietnam historian and modeler. Vietnam War Helicopter Art: U.S. Army Rotor Aircraft (Stackpole Military Photo Series) Paperback – February 1, 2014 Vietnam War Helicopter Art: U.S. Army Rotor Aircraft (Stackpole Military Photo Series) Paperback – September 1, 2012