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  1. I seem to recall but cannot put my finger on it at this time, that some OA-37s were painted "Gunship Gray" at some point. Perhaps it was an Air Force Reserve unit in the late 70s -early 80s-time frame.
  2. They are well worth the time and effort put into the search. About a year ago I was successful after some number of months having searched a variety of sites several times a week. Good luck, the kit is well worth the effort. Michael A.
  3. Beautiful job! It is good to see the Huey Cobra getting the attention it has rightfully deserved for yea-o many years. Looking forward to your finished work. Michael A.
  4. I was a young Intelligence Officer at the time, actually still in OPD schooling. We were getting dribs and drabs about the 'treasure trove' the Mig-25 was providing the west. Seem to remember a comment / complaint that some Japanese toy company was allowed to photograph the Mig-25 prior to the US exploitation efforts. Hasegawa perhaps?
  5. Ash-Tray: Yes, smoking was as much 'a-thing' in the 60s as it is 'not-a-thing' today. UHF/VHF Antenna: Not at all visible in the early cobras. Unfaired skids: I believe it was a cost / weight saving measure initiated in the early to mid-70s.
  6. These sensors came from a general family called ADSIDs, (Aerial Delivered Seismic Intrusion Detection), and were a component of the Igloo White system. High performance aircraft (F-4) used the SUU-42 dispenser to deliver ADSIDS to various target locations. The SUU-42 was also used to dispense Mk-45 (family) aircraft flares during night interdiction missions. Note: ADSIDs were also used in Kuwait during Desert Shield / Desert Storm.
  7. Here are some notes that I have made over the years in the evolution of the AH-1G. A single vertical fin position light was on all aircraft prior-to and including 67-15701 Two position lights were added to the tail boom, one on each side of tail boom, with 68-15053 and all subsequent aircraft Nose mounted landing lights on all aircraft prior-to and including 67-15489 A single belly mounted landing light was installed on 67-15490 and all subsequent aircraft Note: the above information is based on aircraft serial numbers, I do not know the dates of t
  8. F-4C, 63-7604 Information on the loss of this aircraft and crew is limited at best. Here is what I was able to find. The aircraft was assigned to the 599th TFS, [12th TFW]. At the time of loss the aircraft was returning from an Air Interdiction mission and lost radio contact on radar approach.
  9. Tank, I am not far away, I can be reached via-direct at: hotmail / ma5campbell Are you associated with the local hobby club? Michael
  10. Tank, After an additional 1/2 hour of diddle work I have been able to open the attachment. Quite helpful, thanks again, Michael
  11. Tank, Thanks again however, I am unable to open the attachment. I will keep playing with it and see if I have any luck. How far are you from the RDU area? Michael
  12. Loach Driver Sounds good! I Can be reached via-direct on hotmail / ma5campbell Travel safely. Tank Thanks for the response. I actually have the Pavll kit but have lost my instructions. No problem with the big parts but some questions about the 'fiddly bits'. Michael A.
  13. A Scan of the instructions for the 1/72 Pavla Resin Cockpit, OH-58D, Kit No. 72052. I need 1 Pr. (two ea.) rocket pods with decals to complete a project. CMK 1/72 US M260 Hydra Rocket Pods, Kit No. 7222. Would like to pay with a USPO money order here in the US or at an APO address. Any assistance would be appreciated. Michael A.
  14. Bounce, Nice selection of reading materials! Not all of these titles are available at the corner drug store. Happy reading and modeling. Michael A. ``````````````
  15. What Dave Williams said! Bounce: Do you have a source for this information that you can share with us?
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