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  1. What has happened to the Randy Ayers NASCAR form? Mike
  2. No interest in a Brit F-4, now a late F-4E that would be something I would be interested in. Mike
  3. Recon

    ADC Eagles

    Yes, I remember my camera freezing up. Mike
  4. I think I have one here to sell. If your interested send me a pm. Mike
  5. I will be there on Wednesday afternoon. Also looking for that free gift from Gordon. Mike
  6. Last chance before they go to the GOODWILL. Mike
  7. Sold only as a package. Price lowered. Mike
  8. It happened to me. Went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and the next thing I knew I was on the bathroom floor. Went to the hospital and spent a day and half there. They ran every test they could think of. Didn't find anything wrong. All they could figure out it had something to do with a venal vein in the back of my head. I would go and get it checked out. Hope everything turns out ok. Mike
  9. They are kits from the first production run. To some they are more valuable to others they are not. Mike
  10. I have the following kits for sale as a package, all are still shrink wrapped, shipping included, USA lower 48 only: AMT/ERTL 8634 S-3A Viking Revell 85-5521 A-10 Revell 85-7546 P-61 Black Widow I am asking $40.00 Thanks Mike
  11. I have the following kits for sale. They are still shrink wrapped and are "First Production" one kits. USA only lower 48, shipping included: #3400 P-51 Mustang #3401 A-36 Apache I am asking $40.00 Thanks Mike
  12. I have the following for sale, lower 48 only shipping included: Skunkworks USN Nimitz Flight deck 48020 sealed Kinetic A6E 48023 (bags opened, all parts accounted for) I am asking $70.00 Thanks Mike
  13. Can you use your OV-10A data sheet on the OV-10D? Mike
  14. I have a 1/32 Hog waiting for some really cool decals like these!! Jake will you be vending at the IPMS Nationals in Columbus? Mike
  15. What is the start date for this one? I have several kits I am looking at doing. Mike
  16. I have the Tamiya 1/32 F-4C/D with Techmod decal sheet #32033 for sale for $110.00. Kit is still shrink wrapped. Shipping included, lower 48 only. Thanks Mike
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