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Found 15 results

  1. To say I build slow would be a major understatement! This project started life in a different state, and in a different decade! It went through two other abandoned conversions (EC-135E ARIA and WC-135B) before finally becoming what you see here… the sole NC-135B. It was a test bed for the emerging satellite technology of the late ‘60s through the early ‘80s. (In 1982 the airframe became an RC-135S Cobra Ball.) The 1/144 Minicraft KC-135E kit (now Academy) had some improvements added including: *Fisher resin nose *Details added to the main wheel wells *Reinforcing
  2. Represents C-130E 64-0495 of the 41st Airlift Squadron, 23d Wing, during the brief time when Air Combat Command operated much of the USAF's CONUS-based slick C-130 fleet. First build of the Minicraft Herk for me, I used C-130H boxing no. 14649. Only additions were the SATCOM antenna and what I presume to be a blade antenna just above the cockpit. Paint is Model Master enamel FS 36173. Decals are a mix of kit, spares box, and custom ALPS-printed markings. The walkways and some common markings came from one of Minicraft's more recent C-130J boxings. The tiger mouth & eyes ar
  3. Decals are a mix of custom, kit, spares box, and Caracal 144004 & 144016 (Thanks to Dutch for providing the 2 BMW emblem from his Caracal KC-10 sheet!) Main improvements were to notch the aft end of the ruddervators where they meet the boom, trimming off the protruding boom nozzle and drilling out the end of the boom, and filling the recessed detail on the pilot director lights and replacing with Caracal decals. I was almost done when I found an additional reference photo showing a Shamu-painted nose cowl on the #1 engine...since I couldn't pass up this distinguis
  4. This week we are looking at a older 32nd scale kit with Hasegawa's P-26A kit, a subject matter and time period that does not get the same amount of kits as other periods.
  5. I started work on this build in 2020 and finished the final clear coat about 10 months ago. This is the Minicraft/Entex/G Mark B-1A kit in 1/144 scale. This kit and the smaller 1/280ish "Sky Giants" B-1 from Academy are the only proper B-1A kits done in any scale as far as I know with the supersonic cruise intakes, wing gloves and the escape capsule. This model represents B-1A #74-0159, which was the second B-1 built and flown after it was used as a static test airframe. When the B-1 program was restarted by the Reagan administration in 1981, this aircraft and #76-0174 (the fourth
  6. Hello Everyone, Been long since I posted anything here . . . All thanks to COVID-19 . . . My latest work . a Minicraft 1/144 Super Constellation in Air India colors. The kit is a simple build and the parts are few. Very little filler was needed but the parts had to be accurately shaped and the flash was removed for a crisp model. Painting was first done with chrome spray paint which was masked and thereafter the top white coat was applied. The wing walk areas and the Grey Nose were brush painted. Do Enjoy the Build. . . The wing walk areas and the
  7. I have decided to build one of my Minicraft 1/144 #14700 C-130J-30 Stretched Hercules kits as a civilian L-100-30 in Ethiopian Cargo markings. The build conversion is being documented on Scalemates at the following project link. Minicraft 1:144 Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules: Ethiopian Cargo ET-AJK. Scroll down for the build album. You may leave comments on SCM or here. Enjoy! Kind regards, Dutch
  8. I thought I had a thread going for this one, but after almost a year of no updates, I cant find it. Anyway, Minicraft's KC-135E being converted to an NC-135B SATCOM testbed aircraft. Painted the two main colors just in the last two weeks... Model Master Gloss White and lightened Xtracolor ADC Grey. It needs some touchng up, but at least I can show some progress finally. I leaving the large SATCOM fairing covered until all airbrushing is done, and that bent metal nose strut will get straightened out...! This is what I'm working towards....
  9. Kit decals, authentic Utah sun. Fixes: Reshaped top of T-Tail, made engine 2 intake a larger diameter, shortened landing gear, re-positioned wing fences to correct location and fabricated from sheet styrene.
  10. Good Afternoon, I'm looking for parts 69 and 70 from the Minicraft C-130J-30 Super Hercules kit, the are the landing gear sponson extensions. Those parts are not required for that kit, as the extended sponsons are molded into the fuselage, and should be in somebody's spares box. Instructions are available here, and you can see what I'm talking about: Kit instructions on Scalemates I'm looking to use them to convert a baseline Herc into the YMC-130H in 1/144, should be an adventure! Thanks for looking and cheers! Hoops
  11. Building a C-135A from the 1/144 Minicraft KC-135A. Between the nose wheel bay and the wings, on the model are molded two “strakes” on the bottom of the fuselage. What are they? Are they only on tankers? I cannot find photos of Stratolifters, early ones at least, with these strakes. I am building a C-135A with the early Arctic orange/red nose, wing and tail band. Thanks so much.
  12. So I somehow forgot to post this when I initial uploaded it, mostly due to my work schedule that week being very hectic. Anyway looking at another Minicraft kit this week with their 1/72nd scale PV-1 Ventura kit.
  13. Looking at another P-38J kit this week with Minicraft's version in 1/48th scale.
  14. Last review video that I am going to be putting out for 2016. Going to be looking at Minicraft's 1/48th scale Cessna 172 kit.
  15. Just seeing if anyone has the spare decals and parts from the Minicraft E-3A kit #14703 for the J-Star option. I have the old Revell E-3A kit but no radar dish/supports or decals. After thinking it over I realized that I could build a J-Star version if I someone has the spare parts/decals. Thanks for any help you can offer. I appreciate it! Later, Lee
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