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F-14D VF-213 Blacklions

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My first go at a F-14 kit. I understand that it can have it's challenges, but what's life without some challenge? I value any criticism whether good or bad, so help a brother out please. Here goes:




It's just a little of the work so far. More coming soon.


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i like your idea im doing the same thing but if your doing the light blue jet paint the lighe blue using ford engine light blue testors 2726 overall color is gloss gull gray ps it looks like your dashbords and interior is green is this right??

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Good progress today on the cockpit. This is OOB, but I spent a lot of time on it getting it to look as good as possible. I dry brushed some grey on the seats to give the worn look to them:


The majority of the day was spent on the instrument and control panels. I painted the overall surface with GSI H317 (Gray) then brought up the individual control surfaces with flat black. To bring out the true details of the individual buttons and control knobs, I used a combination of dry brushing a light gray GSI H308 and a high detailing tool called a tooth-pick:







The next post will have the rest of the pictures of the cockpit coming together.

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Has anyone else had a tough time getting the two halves that surround the cockpit to go together smoothly? I struggled with them today for a while before I got a dry fit that I was happy with. Even after that, it wasn't a really good fit. It was like the cockpit tub was wider than it should have been. Oh well, I got it to go together and I'm happy with the result.





I am going to wait to put on the landing gear. The instructions say to put them on early in the build. I can see myself breaking them off before I'm done, so I'm going to wait. That doesn't mean I can't start working on them.



The landing gear will be airbrushed again, I saw areas that didn't get a good covering in the initial spray. This goes for the main landing gear too. Lastly a shot of the front wheel well.


Thank you for looking.


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