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Alclad over Tamiya acrilic?

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Directly applied to - no. You can, but you wont like the results because the tamiya paints are coarse and seem to me as very porous. The lacquer will stick, but it will peel off the acrylics. With a coat of Future, maybe....

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Has anyone tried Alclad on top of Tamiya acrilic? Will it work?




I had the same question when deciding what to use on a B-29 build.

So I did a test! :)


As part of an Airfix Group Build on Hyperscale.com ( http://www.network54.com/Forum/578046/message/1337702073/ )

I repanelled an Airfix B-29 (to become a KB-29M of Korean ops)... Since the finish was bare metal (NOT painted silver!) there were only two realistic choices: S'n'J or Alclad I did the cowlings in S'n'J (polishable to a fantastic degree - looks like real aluminium!); however it is no longer possible to buy S'n'J in Europe... och USPS will not carry them (suppossedly for "security" reasons :P). So I used Tamiya acrylic colour (yes, the water/ethanol based in the glass jars) XF55 Deck Tan - a nice neutral colour :). Three thin layers plus a bit of polishing with wet 'n dry 1500/2000... next day it was time to test the Alclad!




Since then the finish has endured perfectly well - no cracks, no crazing/"spiderwebbing" and any amount of handling during the latast five weeks...

Oh! I almost forgot: I tested masking w/o problems - so the KB-29M is qoing to be painted in various shades of Alclad.

CONCLUSION: it works perfectly well!

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Indeed it works very well; had no probs at all.

Then what am I doing wrong? Every time Ive tried to do this, the paint just rubs right off while I try to polish the alclad...

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