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  1. A lot more ppl in the know here better than me.
  2. Actually heard about it from these forums
  3. Im sending my gun back to paasche to see whats wrong with it. I already bought me an Iwata Neo...doesnt do all the things my Talon did by a long shot...but its good enough until I figure out how to change needles and nozzles on it. Yeah Im more than irritated at this point with Paasche, this shouldnt even be an issue. One of the simplest and oldest tools...
  4. Started detailing the cockpit, starting with the Red Fox cockpit decals. Gonna set this aside for a while and figure out where exactly Im going to take it. Gotta finish upholstering the seats, then its off to fine details and adding stuff missing.
  5. Yeah, air sprays from the tip. Seems like only positive pressure in the cup will force paint out. I get -slightly- better results with the lid on the cup but thats for a moment or so. See, some of these nozzles I know to be good as I shot paint from them with my last gun, so Id at least know if it was the kit nozzle and needle that failed, nothing works. I cant see any debris or damage in the opening...but yeah I cant see that far down the line either. Really thinking my gun might be defective and Im not sure what Paasche's warranty is like...and having gone through 2 of them now. Think theres
  6. I havent used the compressor in a few months and the filter is dry. Ive tried shooting water, thinner, paint, soapy water...hell I even dipped the thing in soap to see if it has an air leak around any threaded areas. Its blowing straight into the bowl. I can 100% guarantee you the gun is clean.
  7. Its a new brush, nozzle, everything. The nozzles are clean, and were cleaned again afterwards. Its about as clean as new gets....3 different needles, 3 different nozzles, 3 different tips. They arent dirty.
  8. I have a Paasche Talon TG dual action brush that Ive had for the better part of a year (and so far only used once...if you call it that). Took it out of the box for the first time yesterday, and all it would do is blow bubbles out of the gravity feed bowl. Doesnt shoot paint except a few spurts here and there. Ive disassembled it, checked all of the o-rings (on the tip, in the valve stem, ON the valve stem, seal around the hose connector) and all of them I replaced just to make sure. Still bubbles out of the cup. I tried with thinned paint, then paint thinner, then soapy water.
  9. Agreed, would like to know more! On a side note, where can I find some 1:35 seeker covers for the AIM-9? One of the last things I need, really...or can I get away with a set of 1:32 Sidewinders? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/eduard-632141-aim-9m-l-sidewinder--1258307
  10. Progress report: Dog ate my rotor blade homework. Ordered a replacement sprue off ebay...want to know what love is? Its the ability to keep yourself from choking the hell out of someone/thing who dun fkt up. Think he looks guilty? Im thinking no. Also Legend came back to me and they're sending me a new blade fold kit within the week. Cockpit coming along nicely. Got the seats textured, photo etched started with the rudder pedals installed. They arent perfect, but I dont think they look that bad either. Tail rotor looking OKish...going to straighten it out a tad bit. Otherwi
  11. I might just scratchbuild a door if I can find some decent pics. Thanks for the info.
  12. Would you happen to have a color guide and layout sheet for HMLA269th's color scheme?Not looking to paint anytime soon, but would like to order the paints and need FS colors if possible...
  13. Lucky...wish I had someone caring enough to get me one. Alas, I must work myself to earn it. And earn it I shall....not much of a WW2 era guy, but I can get behind that kit...and a B-17 or -29 in that scale...
  14. Is it that common those vipers fly with those guns right out in the open exposed to the elements? I went through all the sprues to see if this door does actually exist and checked the instructions...no door. No hopper, no feed ramp, no gerbil to wind the gun up...its like this gun is a reflection of my soul - missing a lot of stuff and generally unhappy.
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