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  1. You going to keep gear up or down? Looks good so far!
  2. my TEDAC came in today.
  3. Id like to see some decals that mimick prop spins adhered to a clear disk like you have. I know they're very subtle, but you can tell which blades are spinning clockwise vs counter clockwise, and that would be a very cool effect. Theres an idea for someone in the decal business you can credit me for!
  4. Had it professionally built. Going to go directly into the cockpit for the DCS AH-64D Blk 2. Very fun module to fly!
  5. Parts update: the extra detailed parts came in this weekend. Some AIM-9Ms for the AH-1Z Im working on in the background... Also got something very special coming this week for my flight simulator cockpit, which is something Ive been working on behind the scenes while Ive been away from my models: Not too sure when Ill start working the models again, I dont have very far to go with the first model started as its just small stuff now + weapons/racks. Wont be too long though..
  6. Man, that is sexy. Are the doors pose-able?
  7. you mean theres something not acetone that dissolves CA glue and nothing else??? I cant tell you how often that has driven me nuts because Ive destroyed nary a part -resin or otherwise.
  8. Im going to keep the Saraf all buttoned up - no panels opened, doors closed and blades extended out. Maybe Ill close the pit too, but this ones one of the few that the doors fit properly so Ill pass that bridge when I get there.
  9. Yeah I just heard from Isracast a moment ago via email. It shipped on the 18th and USPS hasnt picked up on it yet for some reason. Hopefully itll be here in the next week or so, but its almost been a month already.
  10. I cant seem to get a reply from Isracast regarding some decals I ordered mid December. Anyone have news about them by chance?
  11. Something tells me these are going to be FUN...
  12. ok, gotcha. Took me a few hours to catch on.........damn. Holy crap Im slow.
  13. Small update: been busy with life, but got some new goodies coming in as well. Starting with some FOD plugs and aftermarket exhaust from Kopecky Scale models. I also have some DII specific parts being custom 3D printed for the newest Apache model I havent started yet. New decals from Caracal Models, waiting on some decals from Isracast well. Also have some Spike NLOS missile tubes and other AH64I Saraf components being made as well, so some more aftermarket goodies are coming this way before I start working this again. Ordered me a few sets of Quintas new avionics bay 3D printed d
  14. test anyone else having issues posting right now?
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