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  1. Weapons - only have 6 at the moment. Need 2 more for the mid bay, then Im probably going to fill the aft bay with JDAMs. Still looking for info on the CRL 4xGBU32 / 8xGBU38 loadout. Also, I am "attempting" to rescribe right now the upper surface of the mid fuselage....and HOLY CRAP is everything on the original model just OFF. 95% of the details are missing , and the 5% of the details that are on it are in the wrong position, so I have to have a come to Jesus moment if I want to continue down that rabbit hole or not. One side of me says do it, the other side says itll be another year before I
  2. his hands must have really been torn up, that sucks...anyone know if he is still even alive?
  3. is zactoman's F23 going to see the light of day?
  4. Honestly I think it can be toned down a little bit, unless you're modeling one thats been sitting in the sun for a few years...looking really good to me so far! https://simpleflying.com/why-was-the-lockheed-sr-71-blackbird-so-hard-to-fly/
  5. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?item=405057734126&rt=nc&_ssn=2wdcoz&LH_PrefLoc=2 try that and see if it works its an option on the left side of the screen for filtering results.
  6. you have to click on worldwide in item location to see his inventory, he isnt base in USA but UK. I had the same issue.
  7. I found them quite by mistake the other day, and feel lucky to have found them because I wasnt looking for them, nor do they pop up on a search for B-1Bs. Found out he watches this thread too, so he at least lurks around...
  8. The wing glove and chaff/flare pods? https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?item=405057734126&rt=nc&_ssn=2wdcoz The wings are built using the B-1B mechanical flaps set by armycast.
  9. More 3D printed goodies arrived today, with more on the way. Also started laying out blueprint panel lines on the wings for scribing next. Havent touched these in a few years...
  10. Would anyone happen to know someone or some place where I can get some jack stands, jack pads for the wings, common trucks for weapon deliveries to the aircraft for the CRL's and even the fuel tank or conventional bomb bay racks perhaps? Stuff like that I can put on for a static display? I know someone was building stuff like that on facebook, but Ive long forgot who was doing it. Any assistance would be great, thanks!
  11. small update: started painting the first apache this past weekend. Im trying out this black basing technique, and since this one is the practice model its of course not going to look the best...doesnt mean I cant try, right? Anyways, this is the first layer of OD Green. I would like to know how you expert weathering painters would approach this. Im going to follow up with thinned out shades of a lighter olive drab color on certain panels, lay heavier (but not that heavy) OD green on some panels to indicate spot repairs on worn areas, and follow up with a last coat of OD Green to pull it all to
  12. Ok. After detailing these things (still doing some final touchups and some corrections on them) I have them dry fitted to the bottom fuselage. The fit is...I want to say amazing, but really dont know how to put it into words. Its a fight the whole way, but its an exact fit. Like water tight. Tight like gotta call the city to get in that hole tight. Its about at the point where you have to secure EVERY SINGLE BULKHEAD FIRST before moving on to the next piece or else its going to buckle somewhere. These bays form the aircraft to the shape its supposed to be in so theres going to be a lot of rei
  13. got the majority of the detail painting done on the MLG bay and nose gear, as well as one bomb bay. small details need to be cleaned up, weathered and whatnot...but took about 8 hours total to paint all these parts. Have to find some acrylic panel wash that wont stain into the white enamel paint.
  14. I have an even better plan. I just used acrylics to see how good it will look and just took a sample picture to show how well these things are detailed. In case anyone was curious, I bought this kit for $250 on ebay. Not a bad price considering all you get with it, TBH. The gear was a tad bit more expensive.
  15. update: I have about 12, 13 hours maybe just painting these bulkheads. I still have to do some finer detailing to them, Im maybe about 2/3 of the way done with just these bulkheads...and thats just with these. I still have to do the main gear bays and the actual weapon bay walls. The hose clamps, line insulation and hydraulic pumps and whatnot look like they're already done since it looks like everything else is white...but Id expect there to be a few hydraulic line leaks around that Im still searching for + a common bay where the fuel tank is stored. Speaking of which, I got my end caps for t
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