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  1. can i get a bigger image of your avatar please?? thats fking perfect!
  2. This is exactly what I was looking for when I asked this question originally. Thanks for helping me out with this, I apologize for the other garbage in this thread.
  3. He gave me a 3 word sentence, 2 of which I've never heard of before that had nothing to do with what I asked for, not products I need to buy. If you want to blow up on me for saying that's not what I asked for, well you are entitled to. I politely stated that's not what I was looking for, and if you believe that throwing a temper tantrum was a great response to MY statement, then maybe it's not my head that need to be examined. I apologize if it came out like that, but that attack was unwarranted. Prove me wrong.
  4. Gotcha, thats exactly why I needed to know!
  5. I like how he did the exhaust on his flanker. I believe Ive seen this somewhere before, but the weathering on the Flanker/Mig series is a lot different than what I normally see on aircraft as I believe they use different alloys for their nozzles. IIRC, you dont see a whole lot of bluing on featherless exhaust sleeves, and I cant recall ever seeing much bluing on any turbofans Ive ever worked on. Im always ok to be corrected though, if thats not the case. Thats why I ask these questions.
  6. Oh yeah. Actually no. Had this been in person and he replied with that condescending tone with me, Id have to call an ambulance for him. Sorry dude, I wont tolerate that attitude.
  7. Ive never used dry brush on weathering before. I see the kits and Im going to order some, but when it comes to finishing...does one use it last after everything is already painted with no clear coat to go over it?
  8. Dumb question again - what kind of paint is AK Xtreme? Looking to get some, but need thinner for it, and I cant find any info on what kind of paint it is.
  9. Personally I wouldnt comply anyways. You give an inch and they'll take a mile; complying has only made it worse, and the people who think they are helping their families are making it worse for them and everyone else. Next up is social credit scores, vaccine passports and being watched by big brother every step of the way. But hey, people voted for it.
  10. Well, guess you're the lucky one! Hit up www.bone-fragments.com and be sure to look up their facebook page and the B-1B builders group.
  11. I also want to say that the petals are made of differing materials and/or were heat treated differently; as you can see, the petals with actuator links are more of a titanium yellow color while the odd ones look like monel. Id really like to know why that is, and can proceed from here. Already I have an idea where to start, but why white? I get it with the F-16 nozzles as they have ceramic blocks on the petals.
  12. Just a suggestion: if you buy anything from Bone Fragments, be advised they are in Australia and might take a bit to reach you. Im going on 1 month and it hasnt even left port yet, so play the long game with this one. Also he just finished up the rotating launcher stations and they are a masterpiece; Ill hopefully be the first in line to get me a set or 2, but he has a LOT of goodies to go with it too. Get them all if you can; be patient. Very patient.
  13. The exhaust sleeves Im looking to paint were once steel, but they've been scorched to a rusty color like this. Also the interior of the nozzles have these various colors on the petals; I work on 747 exhaust sleeves, I can scotch brite that to its original color...almost...but what would I do to weather them? Not looking to blue them as I dont see any evidence of that around here, and if I use a metallizer it will just come out shiny and these arent shiny at all. IRL they are about as coarse as 200 grit sandpaper. How would one get that kind of texture on paint?
  14. Nobody is asking for you to hold my hand, and the best advice you give is to do it yourself plus go buy some books. Go off on your own tirade somewhere else, and if you have advice for other people, keep it to yourself. Thats my advice to you.
  15. that doesnt really tell me anything. Ive looked on youtube for aircraft engine nozzle painting techniques, and Im more interested in seeing step by steps from people who have their own techniques: the kind of paint they use, the colors, shading techniques, whether or not they use airbrush or paint brushes. You know, individual tastes that I can experiment with and test out various methods, not a book I need to buy.
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