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  1. Guessing that after you're done building this the next project would be a shrink ray so you can fly this Intruder away.
  2. You mean Bone Fragments? He's around, but he's also in AU and they're in the middle of draconian measures with COVID. Be patient, and you can always join their FB page for updates and hes fairly active there.
  3. Just got word those bricks on the flap tracks dont get cut, they get shaved to fit. In case anyone decides to get a set for themselves...
  4. anyone with the mechanical flaps set for the 1/48 Bone: can you explain to me if the piece circled in red is supposed to be cut off?
  5. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Iwata-4298-Kustom-Eclipse-CS-Airbrush/52026599 Although I wouldnt buy anything from Wal Mart all things considering...but theres nothing stopping you from it. Theres also this... https://www.midwestairbrush.com/iwecai.html https://www.amazon.com/Eclipse-Gravity-Airbrush-Studio-Compressor/dp/B003G84INS/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=iwata+eclipse+cs&qid=1635473466&sr=8-4
  6. Still nobody telling me where I went wrong. Let me put this in a better context: Me, new to area- hey neighbor, can I borrow some milk and sugar? Neighbor: yeah you can buy it at Albertsons or smith's. Me, never hearing of those stores before- huh? Neighbor; yeah you can get them from Albertsons or smith's. Me: that's not what I asked for..just need a bit of milk and sugar... Neighbor: WELL LET ME HOLD YOUR HAND FOR YOU. IM NOT GOING TO BAKE IT FOR YOU EITHER, IVE BEEN DOING THIS FOREVER! Yeah, I'm the as5 here. Can't fix it if I don't know what
  7. Violent? Show me the moment where I went out of line. Yeah, you talk to me like that in person I would plant my foot up where the sun dont shine.
  8. Cockpit started today. JUST started today. Still more work to do, but looking nice. Red Fox panels installed, late B-1B.
  9. Ill be happy to be the first person to line up for your rotary launchers! OOh, me want.
  10. can i get a bigger image of your avatar please?? thats fking perfect!
  11. This is exactly what I was looking for when I asked this question originally. Thanks for helping me out with this, I apologize for the other garbage in this thread.
  12. He gave me a 3 word sentence, 2 of which I've never heard of before that had nothing to do with what I asked for, not products I need to buy. If you want to blow up on me for saying that's not what I asked for, well you are entitled to. I politely stated that's not what I was looking for, and if you believe that throwing a temper tantrum was a great response to MY statement, then maybe it's not my head that need to be examined. I apologize if it came out like that, but that attack was unwarranted. Prove me wrong.
  13. Gotcha, thats exactly why I needed to know!
  14. I like how he did the exhaust on his flanker. I believe Ive seen this somewhere before, but the weathering on the Flanker/Mig series is a lot different than what I normally see on aircraft as I believe they use different alloys for their nozzles. IIRC, you dont see a whole lot of bluing on featherless exhaust sleeves, and I cant recall ever seeing much bluing on any turbofans Ive ever worked on. Im always ok to be corrected though, if thats not the case. Thats why I ask these questions.
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