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  1. And? Thats a poor excuse to be disrespectful.
  2. This information was what was presented to me by one of the museum operators the last time I was there. Whether or not it was true is news to me; I was told that it was in fact an unused article used exclusively for training only. Who am I to correct someone who works at the museum? You seem to want that urination contest. Im not going to debate you on it. Im not going to argue with you because you are obviously an expert, but as an expert you should convey that information in a more professional manner, not in the manner which you just presented. Thanks.
  3. This is the F-15E Ive been working on for the better part of the last 4-5 months. Its most likely not going to get any more finished than this, but Ill put it in the in progress forum for now. As it is, I just made this for a test of hand for freehand airbrushing camouflage; it worked, but to a certain extent. Still lots of flaws in the paint, but nothing my camera can obviously point out. I may or may not finish it, I do have some touchup work to hit on the engine side with alclad, but I cant find any more stainless steel paints at my local HobbyTownUSA. This kits landing gear was just a
  4. double thread post - please delete this thread
  5. I used to have a bunch of pictures from Wings Over the Rockies when I was in A&P school and I have no idea what happened to them. They were posted on ImageShack, but since they turned to a paysite...all my great pics just..disappeared. That particular B-1A never even left Buckley AFB, it was always a trainer of sorts; ordnance training, maintenance training, ect...the wheel casters were never even taken off and never had a single engine mounted in the nacelles. The true definition of a hangar queen. No -1A Ive ever encountered had a nose mounted pitot tube. Maybe airframe #1 might have had
  6. I really"really" wish I could like posts on here...
  7. Dont give up on cancer, you still live in Texas! Go build that B-1...you never know how long it will take you to get it to where you want it...Im going on 8 years on mine, get that birdy finished.
  8. Airframe #3 is an unflyable trainer model, IIRC. Its currently stored at Wings over the Rockies. It didnt have anything special added on it when I last saw it...then again Im just a 5'7 tall fat dude! Look - the B-1A and the B-1B are two separate aircraft. The tail cone on the -A is more pointy and aerodynamic than the -B. The nose gear is slightly different -varying hingepoints, and the strut is located differently. The radome is different. The biggest difference between the A and the B is the simple fact that the A model was mostly a development concept in action. Very few if any A models
  9. Update after a slight life-delay... I did buy Werners Wings open gun turret, as well as his ammo bay and have yet to use them. They will be coming! Also have some 19xFFAR pods from Werners Wings too...just starting this again after 6 month layoff from building the F-15 and working overtime. Forgive the size, imgur seems to have reworked their BBcode...
  10. Its not much to converse, just depends on which model you wish to build. Only one had a dorsal spine, but almost all of the A models had a different type nose gear. On top of that, you will have the engine nacelle blisters and turkey feathers, and only one or two had canopies with seams around the cockpit area with explosive shaped charges for the crew compartment separation. Very few aircraft out there actually stayed an A model, and all of them are non flying. Best example would be airframe #3, which is at Wings over the Rockies in Denver, CO.
  11. No that cant be right, nobody worth digging up around there.
  12. You can blame Tom Brady for this.
  13. Patriots all the way. Cheating or not, it shows they care!
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