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Lots of big changes here lately in my life.

On August 10 i was laid off from my architecture job. Walmart is one of the clients, and they kept cutting fees in an effort to save money (and live better...at least the stock holders) so unfortunately I was one of two on our team to be laid off and one of four in the office to be let go. The timing couldn't have been worse...as we were 33 weeks pregnant at the time, and insurance was cut off four weeks before the due date.

One upside for that though was being able to get a model done I'd been working on to donate for an event at the Cosmosphere. It was called Operation Blackbird, and they had 17 pilots and RSO's there for the event. I built the Testors 1/48 and mounted it like the one in their lobby.


Here it is at the event with some of the autographs on it. I was very pleased with the way it turned out, and the pilots I talked to seemed genuinely impressed with it. Unfortunately...I didn't get to stay very long as my wife wasn't feeling so pleasant.

She'd been having contractions since week 28, so I had to duck out and miss out on most of the event and chatting with more of the pilots...but that's alright, because on Tuesday the 25th of September I got to welcome into the world my very first 1:1 scale model! Lillian Ruth was born at 2:27 pm. Both her and mom are doing great.

Here she is 20 minutes after birth:


And me holding her 48 hours later right before we got to come home:


After my wife's first pregnancy of 22 hours of active labor and 4 hours of pushing, Lilly was a dream at 7 hours of active labor and only 3 minutes of pushing! Our doctor only got there 5 minutes before birth, so our amazing nurse almost got to do the honors. Lilly had a bit of a problem that night as they had to suction her tummy to get rid of some amniotic fluid that normally would be squeezed out in labor. But other than that we are all doing great! Happy to be home and working on getting things into a new routine.

So...it sure has been an incredibly emotionally draining yet rewarding in the end 6 weeks. I'll be busy helping Lilly out as I'll be staying home with her when mom is recovered and goes back to work. I honestly have no idea when I'll even get to look at a plastic model, but I've got an amazing addition to my wonderful family so it doesn't really bother me. But I know I will be lurking around here.


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It sounds cliche but everything happens for a reason. Congrats on a beautiful daughter and best wishes for happiness in the future. Things could be much worse.

PS - Walmart sucks.... My brother is a supervisor at one of their major warehouses. The stories he tell me are disturbing.

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The timing was honestly the worst part. I was going to resign later this year so I could stay at home with the kids so my wife can go back to work. We're also trying to get my photography business going, so hopefully I can get that going too. Things are still more or less going with the plan, just not the right time. We were just peeved about losing insurance weeks before Lilly came. It took all of those six weeks to get mom on SRS insurance, in fact the card came a couple hours before we left for the hospital. They could've waited just 3 weeks to lay me off and she would've been born under the insurance I already had, with all of our deductables met.

But I am getting unemployment and as a family we're getting other assistance. We are making the best of the situation as we can. Sucks during the moment, but already I'm so glad I was able to be home with mom during the last weeks of the pregnancy. It very well could be the best thing that ever happened to us, we just need to take it a day at a time.

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