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  1. HobbyBoss 1/72 Hind

    Wow! The camo looks great!
  2. 1/32 Mosquito Tamiya wip

    Just incredible.
  3. Photobucket Update.

    Yeah that's not happening. They've burned those bridges for most people I think.
  4. Yak-130 'Mitten' - update 06/02/2018

    Very cool!
  5. My very own Big Hornet

    Very nice work! The tiger stripes look great!
  6. 1/35 Italian Forest bird

    Awesome work!
  7. Very nice!! Love me some Medevac helos!
  8. 1/48 Kinetic Hornet Nose Fix

    Great tip. I'll definitely have to save this for another time when I build mine.
  9. Academy 1/72 Super Etendard

    Very nice!
  10. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  11. What are you drinking?

    Nothing at the moment (I'm at work) but I wish I was.
  12. Very cool. I read that with the retirement of the Tornado imminent, that they're going to give the Typhoon a true A/G capability.
  13. What other hobbies do you guys and gals have?

    I agree! I love Rush. I too tried playing to them (drums) and I realized that it wasn't gonna happen. Course when I had my drums I wasn't very good to begin with.