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  1. Great video! I really wanted to go but family obligations prevented that. That and the show was about a month earlier than they normally have it. Hopefully next year.
  2. I've never participated in a GB here but I do have a Tamiya Viper in the stash. It's the Blk 25/32 one so I'll need to find some markings for it.
  3. I did the same thing. It melted the entire nose and part of the front fuselage.
  4. When I switched to the AK Real Air Colors, I bought several big sets (all US and British) of paints. Now I just buy as I need them.
  5. Our current dog "Ed". We've had him about 3 1/2 weeks now. Quite the character. We named him Ed cause he looks like the crazy hyena from "Lion King".
  6. A good 1/48 Cutlass. Now that Kitty Hawk is done, there's none in the pipeline anywhere.
  7. The Gunfighters always seem to do some really cool schemes.
  8. Oh wow! I hadn't seen this one. Yeah I'd love to have decals for this jet!
  9. What about a Fighters of San Antonio, TX? All kinds of options there.
  10. It says MV-22 everywhere and has Marine markings but it shows a CV-22 on the color and markings guide.
  11. I'd be interested in this as well. It's always cool to see other peoples workshops.
  12. Wow! That's a very nice build! I didn't even know that they had detail sets for these. I've done the Osprey and the Legacy Hornet. I have the Space Shuttle in the stash as well.
  13. As long as Kings Hobby is still there we'll be ok.
  14. My LHS has seen great business since this all started. Even during the lockdown, they said go to our website and order. They even started carrying paints like AK Real Colors which is great for me!
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