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  1. Went to my local HL a couple of weeks ago when I heard of the sale and nothing. Went recently and still nothing and the same kits as usual.
  2. Very nice work!
  3. Wow! All the work you've done on these Hornets is incredible. Very well done!
  4. It's really a bummer that he's calling it quits but I understand. He is doing it all on his own.
  5. I have some CH-46 and some MV-22 pics I'll send you.
  6. Hey Kurt, do you have a build log of your Phantom? I know it's not the same kit but I'd like to see how you pinned the gear legs.
  7. Yeah unfortunately I got this long before the ZM Phantoms came out.
  8. Thanks all. Those pics really helped. I'm sure I'll break off at least once.
  9. Hey all! I have a question regarding the placement of the main gear legs on the Academy F-4J. It's kinda vague on where one side goes. I can tell one side goes into the notch but the other side I'm not sure of. I have the Xacto knife pointing to the spot I'm not sure of. Untitled by wolfgun33, on Flickr
  10. By far my favorite has been the Naval Aviation Museum. I really want to go to the Air Force and Pima.
  11. Absolutely incredible work Giovanni!! You did the Texas ANG proud with this one!
  12. Man that sucks. Glad to hear that everyone is ok. I read that a tornado hit Tyndall AFB. Same system I'm sure.
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