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  1. I plan on going as well as long as they don't cancel it. But the way it's going here in Texas, I don't see it happening.
  2. They're training in the sim right now.
  3. And currently underway is the Trumpeter 1/700 USS John F Kennedy CV-67. I'm building this for one of my EMS Chief's that served on it.
  4. Bandi X-wing that was finished last month. Only problem is that it's missing the droid that I have no idea where it went.
  5. After reading through the whole thread, there's not much I can add to what has already been said or posted. This thing is very real and scares the crap out of me, and I've been in EMS for 27 years. I work for a fire department based EMS and at a hospital. We wear so much personal protective equipment on the ambulance that I feel relatively safe. I still change clothes before coming home and my work uniform goes directly into the washer on hot. The good thing is that our call volume has gone down a little and the ER is pretty slow. It's because for the most part people are heading the warnings and not going to the hospital for stupid stuff. Trauma is almost non-existent (car accidents and such) because people are staying home and inside. But if you feel sick and have a fever, do NOT take it lightly and infect others. Get tested if you can and please wear a mask.
  6. Sprue Bros is always my go-to for all my modelling needs.
  7. Went to my local HL a couple of weeks ago when I heard of the sale and nothing. Went recently and still nothing and the same kits as usual.
  8. Very nice work!
  9. Wow! All the work you've done on these Hornets is incredible. Very well done!
  10. It's really a bummer that he's calling it quits but I understand. He is doing it all on his own.
  11. I have some CH-46 and some MV-22 pics I'll send you.
  12. Hey Kurt, do you have a build log of your Phantom? I know it's not the same kit but I'd like to see how you pinned the gear legs.
  13. Yeah unfortunately I got this long before the ZM Phantoms came out.
  14. Thanks all. Those pics really helped. I'm sure I'll break off at least once.
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