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  1. Oh good, cause I want the Texas ANG jet.
  2. Thank you! This was the first time (and not the last) that I've used your decals and they were awesome! Honestly the best I've ever used.
  3. Thanks everyone! The decals were great and I had no issues at all with them.
  4. I FINALLY finished the F-16 Viper in the 149th FW Heritage Scheme. I’m not completely happy with it but it’s not horrible. Glad to get it finished.
  5. Personally I would get the Furball Decals. I'm going to get them myself.
  6. I'm currently building the 1/48 kit. Got it all the way to the decaling stage. The intake decals shattered and would not come off. Had to sand it off and repaint. During that time, I didn't like how light the Light Gull Gray is. May have to strip it all that way down and repaint the entire thing.
  7. I use an app on my phone called "Model Colors". I can scan almost all barcodes and have an inventory. It's especially good for paints.
  8. I'll be there. I have family in San Antonio so it makes it easy.
  9. What ever happened to the P-3 Orion decals?
  10. I've always wondered about that. Thanks for the explanation Collin. And thanks for the Osprey pics Gregg!
  11. Right! I'm going to be so broke now.
  12. Man those Mustangs look awesome! Very nice work!
  13. I too used MMA. I tried Vallejo Model Air and hated them. I tried AK Real Air Colors and I love them. They're lacquers as well and need to be thinned. I use Mr Color Leveling Thinner and they spray great!
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