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Kittyhawk 1/48 Mig-25

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I followed much of Gabor's hints building the kit, read all 30 pages of the blog several times, because I respect his knowledge...but I actually PUT THE DAMN THING TOGETHER. And it looks great when done.


Post the pictures then.

After that it'll be interesting to see what your "opponent" has to say/do.


in NYC

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Mingwin, wenn ich sage das die Kitty Hawk Foxbat ist genug genau, meine ich dass, weil die Modellbaukasten nicht perfekt ist, einem gutes Modellbauer kann ein gutes komplett Modell machen. See? I even capitalized the nouns as is correct in German...

Was für ein blöder Kommentar... In falschem Deutsch...

Could we stop this? I'd like to discuss about improving the MiG-25 kit, about building experience, aftermarket parts and so on...

(and sorry, English is not my first language...)

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Sakai- (Mario); I don't have any opponents. This is supposed to be about model building. And mingwin, when you get a decent command of the English language, let me know. Here is a blog with some arrogant personalities on board who nit-pick kits and count rivets, but can't actually put a grammatically correct sentence together in the English language. You will all see my pics posted of my finished build...on another website, because it seems this site is full of mean-spirited, not nice people just blogging.

1. This isn't a blog. This is a discussion forum.

2. Stop trying to dictate how other people should participate in and/or enjoy their hobby.

3. Stop trying to stir up confrontation trolling.

Oh... guess I should have read the rest of the thread. In that case,

4. Check out this thread instead. You might get some good pointers.

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Well, I just finished this kit and you know what? Despite all the criticism of the kit (one of the biggest, longest blogs of negativity I have ever seen), the damn thing really LOOKS like a MiG-25 Spitfire when it's completed.


Funny how so many people tend to complain about the inaccuracy of kits, but they don't ever BUILD them...😳

I can only speak for myself, but i don't build kits that are so amazingly inaccurate as KH's MiG-25. You got it right. As to never building or finishing anything, good thing that you know every builder in the world to make such a sweeping statement.

You post like an immature child, you are really arrogant, and what comes out of your mouth is MERDE.

Hello pot, meet kettle.

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Mingwin, ich kann anderen sprachformen verstehen. Yo comprendo otras linguas. Yo no soy un idiota.

If you guys are gonna keep the poo slinging move it to PMs, please. Also, you don't need to double or even triple post, there's an 'edit' button for a reason. BTW it's 'lenguas', 'lenguajes' or 'idomas', not 'linguas'.

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