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The next project

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Hi all gents.

First,janman,thanks for the infos and sorry for my late reply...You're perfectly right about the rear brakes.Is curious ( and funny) that both the Lock-On and the Walkaround books stated that the brake is locked when the tank is carried on the centerline,only to discover,in the same books,pics showing planes with a slightly drooped airbrakes!And look at this photo,I think this wiilbe my choice.But another question:there're a direct relation of how much degree the three brakes opened or not?What I mean is that I will pose the rear one as in the link,but the forwards ones in a more opened position,as the PEs detail are very good and I want show it.

And now my build.

I finished to converts the wings bays that now look this way.






As visible,I tried to squeeze in  much details as possible;quite happy with the result,despite I think the various bottles ( fishing weights) are smaller than anticipated...


The two wings finished.





The rescribed upper surface of one wing.






And about rescribing,I changed almost all the panel lines of the spine in accordance with my refs.





And now some pics of various details added here and there.

The new scoops under the wingroots,courtesy of some lead sheet.





As mentioned in one of the previous post,I finally added some structural "ribs" in the engine exhaust area.





Moving on the other fuselage end.I rescribed the windshield area ( to be finished only with the clear part in position).






And the scratched alchol tank under the Quickboost resin air scoop in front of the windshield.







So,I've moved a little forward with the build,especially in respect of the more important areas to be converted,but like always is a long journey,and beside continuing add missed panel lines,I started think about rivetting the whole airframe.

But I'm not really good to this,I cross my fingers!


Like always thanks for watching and feel free to comment!




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Hi all gents;

in the time since my last update I was quite busy at work,so the free time for continuing the build was a price.

Anyway I was able to add some rivets to the model.

I used 4 different riveters to accomplish the job.




The fuselage




Some close-up








The wings




Besides the rivets,I continued add details like the PEs wing fences...





...or the small blast deflector between the parabrake housing and the jet exhaust






At this point I glued the wings;the resulting seams wasn't so bad.





Some plasticard and Mr.Surfacer 500 with the excess removed with a Q-tip soaked in Gunze thinner saved the day.





Actually I'm a little further with the build,as I added some detail in the Karman area,the new Quickboost  airscoop,the cannon (visible in some pics above, courtesy of the new Eduard MF) and some new details to the fuel tank.

So expect some new pics soon guys.

Like always thanks to stop by and feel free of comment.


See you soon mates,



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Gianni, this is really cool and it's time to see lt finished! Go go go!

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Ehi Giovanni,

thanks for your appreciation,but I'm still in deep water with the build,the last month was,and still is very busy,and the things with the summer go even worse,as working with children,I'm involved with summer camps,working 'till 12 hours a day...

Anyway I made some little progress.

First,I added some extra details as per pics to the wingroots,both in the upper and lower surfaces.




At the same time,I added the Quickboost air scoop (designed for the Fujimi's ) and scratched a new one on the spine.




I followed with the attachment points for the RATO system.





Also the belly fuel tank received some attentions...




The new air pressure probe.




...as the belly speedbrake inner face;I don't waste too much time here,as will be only slightly drooped and very few visible.





Received in the meantime the Brassin wheels...





...and pylons.Compare the latter with the kit ones,the difference is more than evident!





So actually the model look this way.






But I've still a lot of things to do,first check the correct lenght of the MLG legs,as the new bays for sure altered the total lenght of the kit ones.

Always glad to see you guys in the thread,and feel free of comment ( bad and good) and suggestion!





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Thanks for your words Captain!

I take advantage of some free time this afternoon and glued some PEs on the model.

Tomorrow,if possible,will start see how the landing gear fit,hope to update the thread ASAP.



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Hi all guys.

From my last post passed almost 3 months,but this timeframe wasn't a easy one for me,I'd two deaths in my family ( the last one just yesterday),the usual childs's summer camp with shift of 12 hours and the health problem of both my parents left me a little shaken so my ability to concentrate wasn't the best...

All this,together with the need to correct some issue,left little time to real progress.After consulting with a guy in another forum wich was a former Polish AF MiG-21 mech,I glued in closed position the rear speedbrake 'cause the belly pylon will be loaded with a fuel tank.

So,I needed to slightly lenght the rear edge of the speedbrake ,fill,sanding and rescribing the upper surface of the latter and add the new central rib.Fortunately the real speedbrake don't sit flush with the fuselage surface,but is slightly raised,a detail that I think was able to rapresent no too bad...




The same was true for the flaps.At first I cut the kit parts in order to glue slightly drooped,but again my friend suggested that a plane with control surfaces in different position that neutral had some kind of problem.

So, in order to rapresent a line bird ready to fly,I'd to correct this other issue.

But during the cut,the Zvezda flap was damaged;fortunately the new Eduard kit have two pair of flaps so I replaced the kit ones with the Eduard's.

I'd to scratch also the missed part of the actuator fairings.





I've also added some details in tha cannon area and the small piece of the fuselage when the forward speedbrake pivoted ( sorry for my probably use of incorrect words to indicate the various parts).




The forward speedbrakes;

I discarded my first idea to show'em fully opened for a more natural pose ( in the meantime ya-gabor started post the same issue in his fantastic build and this confirmed my new thought ).

There I will try scratch the new part in order to preserve the Part PEs.I used both a Pepsi can and some lead foil for this step.

The new parts are visible besides the Part PEs,wich served as template.






I used different media in order to sort out the better suited:the Pespi ones are more strenght of the others,but the lead ones allow more manipulation for obtain the better shape/fit but are also very susceptible to mishandling.

Here you can see the fit of all three choices





But for the aforomentioned "softness",I discarded almost immediately the example from the lead foil.

In the following pics,you can see side by side the PE and "Pepsi" examples  dry fitted in the final position.

To be honest,I think to use my scratched parts-





Finally,I modified the Brassin MiG-29 rails and adapted to the Fishbed inner pylons as my model will be loaded with two Atolls on the outer pylons and two Aphid in the inners's.




That's all for now;I don't know when I'll post some progress but hope very soon my friends!

Thanks all for watch and feel free of comment!




Edited by kurnass77

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Just finished catching up and the work is simply amazing. I am having a hard time understanding how you are able to create such exquist detail in 72nd scale - I couldn’t come close in 32nd scale; wait, close is patting myself on the back - I couldn’t come with in miles of your detail work. 

Thoroughly enjoying your build 

Keep ‘em comin

Peter :thumbsup:

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Thanks both guys!

I made less progress that I hope but I'm almost ready to paint it anyway.🙂




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Fantastic work as usual Gianni, thanks fro sharing your techniques, it's a great inspiration :thumbsup:



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Thanks for your word Arnaud!

I'm eager to see some news from your works mate!




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Thanks Captain for your words,but this's the life after all...

This week I'd more time to spent for my MiG so I made some little progress.

After cheking my refs to see if was time to add the windshield and start to put some color on the model,I noted that I miss a small instrument on the left side of the gunsight,so I scratched one and added together the gunsight itself snd his lens,obtained from a yellow clear sheet of plastic and glued with Future.





I added also a pair of levers protruding from the IP (red arrows) but this was maybe an hazard at this point;in fact I started fearing the possibility of lost'em during the masking step of the pit...

I already scratched the canopy hinges on the right side (green arrow).





Next,I added a small dial on the internal frame of the windshield.

During the various dry fit of the clear part,I noted that the scratched gun-camera was a little too big and interfered with tha windshield frame.So I scratched a new one;the two gun-cameras can be see in the insert.





At this point I glued the windshield.The part fit quite nicely,I used only some Mr Dissolved Putty for it,as visible in the photo (still not sanded).






Working on the opposite fuselage end,I added the parabrake locking mechanism.






Finally,in preparation for the paint,I assembled the PE doors for the landing gears and started re-work the MLG, as I need to lengthen the latter a bit to compensate for the new MLG bays.





AS always thanks for watching and feel free of comment.



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Hi Gianni,


excellent progress on your MiG. Love your attention to small details.





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Hello again Gianni,

All the scratchbuilt stuff on the glareshield looks great! As do the PE doors.
She's looking real nice with all the extra exterior details too.
Go put some paint on!


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Thanks guys!

This morning I've painted the winshield frames and added some minor details,so I think to be very close to start to paintit,stay tuned please!



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WOW!!!! To say I am impressed would be an understatement! Exceptional work on this build, Especially on the pit!!!!!





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Hi all guys,some time passed since my last post,and honestly I made small progress as free time is a big price lastly,but I decided to show what I realized just to keep alive the thread...

The last time,I left the forum with the problem of the forward speedbrakes;well,I changend my idea and used the PE parts as better shaped that mine examples and more workable to obtain the correct section.

Thanks also to the Gabor thread,I focused on small details like the huge space present on the forward part of the speedbrakes,where the part pivoted.Also focused on finish the cannon with the add of the PEs. Naturally,after finish it,I discovered that Quickboost produced a nice resin alternative designed for the new Eduard kit...for any good count I ordered a pair of examples

Well,now the pics,beginning with the cannon.






Continuing with the result of the slightly drooped speebrakes and again the cannon.






I added also other PEs like the IFF rods under the nose and on the fin top,and added the beautiful Master electric dischargers.

For the latters,I cut a small notch from wing and horizontal stab tips,glued in place the brass parts and filled all with CA glue,following with the usual sanding step.









At some point during the various steps,just for paint something,I put some Alclad metals on the nose cone,left only the characteristical green of the dielectric of Russian planes of the period.





So now the model look this way,with some gloss black on the exhaust area and ready for some paint.








And at this point,a Hamlet doubt hit me!

Reading the various Harpia books and a thread on Britmodeller about the colors of Syrian Fishbeds,the infos obtained are vague at best!

If for the 70's era some notice about the camos are available,for the early 80's the things are not so good.

What I deduced from direct indication of Tom Cooper  ( author of the Harpia books) on Britmodeller is that at the time probably the SyAAF had a mix of old style camo and probably some examples of the camo visibles also on the net relative at planes captured on the airfields at the time of the succesful "conquer"of Syrian territory by the ISIS.

Here the discussion of the fellow ARCer friend Marlin.

This lead me to discard the colors suggested by the decal sheet I'll use.

So any help will be more than appreciated!

Another doubt is about the loadout;I want load my bird with two each of R-60 and R-3S.But for the early 80's,are the R-3S a viable option or will be better maybe a pair of R-13s?

If so,I couldn't find any example anywhere. Is possible,in light of the extremely resemblance,use  the Brassin AIM-9D replacing the colors and markings with the ones from the Begemont stencil sheet designed for the MiG-21 family?


As always thanks for watching and feel free of comment and thanks in advance for any possible helps!




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Impressive job Gianni! What is that sort of liquid you used over the rivets and what it is for? I've seen it a couple of times but I don't get what's the idea behind it!

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Hi Kike,first of all thanks for your words mate!

Second,the liquid you mentioned is tha Tamiya Line Accent Color,basically a panel wash. The idea is very simple,use it to check the rescribing-riveting job.Nothing of genial...

Yesterday I received the SAC metal gear legs;designed for the Eduard kit,are slightly longer that the Zvezda ones and I hope that the extra height compensante for the added depth of the scratched wheel bays and restore,in conjunction with the Brassin wheels,the correct asset/height of the model.

I've already replaced the SAC scissor with the Part PEs reproducing the linkage system (the "parallelogram" ) and begin add plumbing.

Finally just finished spray some Alclad White Aluminium on the exhaust area to start officially the painting step



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Man, your work in 1/72 puts anything I ever done in 1/32 or 1/48 to shame. Incredible.

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HI all guys,after a long hiatus i'm here with some progress.

The reasons are different: I was kept busy painting sci/fi and superheroes statues for my collectors since the last post.Also I  losing the mojo for the build,especially 'cause find infos for the subject isn't so simple.I work usually with the best references possible,to the last spot of dirt or touch-up ,so I'm still ghighly irritated to be in an almost "what-if" condition,but I decided to finish the Fishbed in order to start eventually a new model. Using this thread on Britmodeller and a pair of Harpia books,I take the decision of replicate a late scheme ( as mentioned by Tom Cooper in Britmodeller) with a camo  pattern derived either from an Iraqi  Bis example or a SyAAF MF,as are the best ref I've.For the belly I choose to use a Pale Roundel Blue option with topside in sand and brunswick green ( but honestly I wasn't totally sure,this is one of my more frustrating build ever).

So after long time finally i painted the model belly using the MRP-230 Pale Roundel Blue.
The color work flawlessy,without obliterate the added rivets ( I fear a lot that the riveting job will disappear under the paint), but look like I don't work too bad after all....

I used for the first time my new Iwata Neo for this model and a new air compressor,my old ones developed an hole in the air tanks that force me to buy a new one.The difference was honestly immediately clear.

I added some drop of MRP Silk Grey to paint some weathering and touch up,when perfectly dry I'll add a little more weathering with Tamiya or Alclad Smoke and artist oil.I hope isn't too much,any head-ups are more than welcome!

But stop talk now,here the pics!










As visible,I've already painted the exhaust and rear fuselage metallic area but honestly I forget to take the pics...You need to wait to see the result,sorry:woot.gif:






In this moment I started to paint the belly tank in NMF,so the next post will show the result and maybe some sand on the upper surfaces.


Like always guys thanks for watchin and feel free to comment!



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