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COVID-19 ARC Group build.

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Had a thought,  seeing as we only have one group build going, and so few people want to moderate anymore. How about a group build that we all can get behind.


The Covid-19 group build........I don't care WHAT it is. I don't care what scale. I don't care if you built a new deck in the back yard.


Post a completed photo (don't care about the normal rules) of something you STARTED after the lockdown started (March in North America, Late December in China) and FINISHED before life gets back to normal.


For those of you who were deemed "non- essential" you should have pumped out SOMETHING by now. Crap, I am working stupid hours and am still pumping stuff out on my off days, seeing as I can not go anywhere. (I work a high risk job, so its work and home ONLY for me)


Lets see what you have done......

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Two Testors 1/48 Silver Stars. The Testors is the poor cousin compared to Academy and Hobby Craft.




And this one, backdated to a Lockheed built Silver Star Mk.1



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You are as always inspirational at building and quality phantom!

I managed to get one kit done since lock up. It's the Meng F-35A with Caracal decals. I'm 3/4 done with a F-15E from Lakenheath that I will post when complete.

The pic is really bad. My digital camera bit the dust.



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Yep, here!


My second "moving bush", a 1/72 Dragon Humvee converted to support SpecOps-Snipers:








Started at march 7th, finished on march 14th.


The Amodel Bo-105 in 1/72, started cosequently on march 15th:






The kit was a bit disappointing, you better save the HOT-launchers for an Airfix-Bo-105 and add a Roco (1/87 scale) weapon sight. Done on march 25th.


My third Gun-Truck, but this time a "missile truck", converting Academys excellent M977. Started on march 28th.








Finished on april 8th. Then I had a "secret model" (you will see pictures in some days), from april 9th to 11th.


On april 12th I nearly didn´t found anything to build, but then grabbed the Italeri HSS-1 from my stash and did it as German Naval Aviation H-34G:








Finished after a week, on april 19th.






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The only one I actually finished before going back to work (today): Airfix 1/72 PBY-5a Catalina. The old one. The same one I built in an hour when I was a kid and to accelerate glue dry time, put on top of the LP heater...  It didn't live 10 more minutes.


 No photo etch, no resin, no corrections. Straight out of box just like the first time I built it except sanding seams and painting it GSB overall (the same color it was molded in) as well as painting what interior bits there were and the crew, fully decked out in their high altitude pressure suits 🤨


 All the working features work but the plastic is so old & brittle I don't dare "play" with it. It sits right here on my computer desk as a memorial to the one I killed, so long ago.



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Okay, Scott "Building Machine" Weiler!  Let's see.  Kits started and completed since mid-Feb 2020?  I've got two for you:

Academy 1/144 B-1B Lancer, 9th BS, 7th BW Dyess AFB. TX circa 2016  (scroll down for album)

The B-1B is for a friend who is retiring.

Revell 1/80 Northrop SM-62 Snark, 702nd Strategic Missile Wing, Patrick AFB, FL circa 1959 (scroll down for album)

I turned the Snark into an office plaque to motivate the staff.  If they pronounce an exceptionally subtile phrase of snarkiness, they get a very nice certificate (suitable for framing) and their name is added to the back of the plaque. The plaque is named in honor of a past office member who was the King of Snark.  A Marine pilot, his call sign is "Useless," hence the award is named the "Useless Plaque."

Currently working on:

Monogram 1/48 T-6/SNJ Texan in metal foil. * [Started ~20 years ago and sitting for about 18 years.  For my daughter.]

Hasegawa 1/72 F-105D (scrapped),

5x 1/72 F-15A/B Early Eagles using a mixture of Hasegawa, Monogram, & Revell kits with the new Caracal sheet.

 😎  Dutch 

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