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Su-27P "Red 01" 689th GvIAP, Baltic Fleet, Russian Navy, Autumn 2003

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Hi all


Finish this aircraft on March end and finally found some time to take photos of it.

Not very satisfied with the photo quality, so just very few shots.


Painting scheme:

Su-27P "Flanker-B" serial number: 36911027920 (means the 20th airframe of 27th batch), 689th GvIAP, Baltic Fleet, Russian Navy, Autumn 2003



Great Wall Hobby GWH L4824 1/48 Su-27 "Flanker-B"



Detail & Wonder Studio 480601 Su-27 highli detailed 3D print landing gear set

Master 48113 brass static dischargers

Tempmodels AL-31F exhaust nozzles


This will be finalized as a diorama, so let me show you the final version of photos later one.

If you are interested in the in-progress thread, you can find it here:

GWH 1/48 Su-27 "Flanker B" heavy fighter building record






Comparison with "Red 01" in real life.


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Some reference and nostalgic collection of Su-27, my most favourite aircraft forever!



Thanks for watching, and stay tuned!



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Looks great! What ratios did you use custom mix the  colors? 

 I hope GWH keeps putting out the different flanker series. I have 2 built so far, 1 su-35, 1 Su-27UB and a single seater B that is 3/4 done. I also

have  8 of them in the stash and an SM on the way.

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Outstanding. Yufei! Your build set the standard we all wish to emulate...your exquisite eye-watering details are simply amazing!

Thank you for showing us the way!

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