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  1. The Dude

    mig ammo su-35 flanker - E colors

    Thanks for the compliments. I was really happy with the model but the colors looked just a little off. I looked at so many photos of the -35 and every one had a different look in different lighting conditions, it's close but not quite lol. I have a feeling finding the right colors is going to get expensive. I may mix my own if I get brave enough to try it. Yeah, I tend to agree. The Akan colors were the only ones available at the time. I have 3 more GWH Su-35 to do and try to get the good color match. So far all the colors i tried have hit the tree but missed the bulls eye.
  2. The Dude

    mig ammo su-35 flanker - E colors

    one more of the other side,
  3. The Dude

    mig ammo su-35 flanker - E colors

    Here is a shot of my first finished GWH Su-35 in the Akan colors, set #47325.
  4. The Dude

    mig ammo su-35 flanker - E colors

    Cool, interesting comparison.... what were the numbers on those akan paints? I liked the way the MRP colors sprayed the best, then the AKAN, then the Mig ammo colors but they were all pretty close spray wise and being able to just shake 'em up and pour each of them into the airbrush and spray was a major plus.
  5. I just picked up the 4 color paint set from mig ammo for the su-35. I did a test spray of the blue color and boy was it no where near what it looks like it should be for the Russian birds. Its closer to the Chinese colors than the Russian colors. Anyone else spray these yet? Here are the different "darker' blues that i have sprayed on a scrap part for a comparison, the top color is AKAN Flanker blue faded that I used on my first Flanker-E build, the middle is the MRP su-35 color and the bottom is the Mig ammo color. The MRP and Mig are supposed to represent the same color...
  6. The Dude

    For all modellers out there that don't like big masking jobs!

    Oops, they forgot to pre-shade...
  7. The Dude

    Most Pleasurable Kits

    Built recently? That would have to be: 1/48 GWH Su-35s 1/48 AMK Mig-31 1/32 tamiya corsair (X5) Built overall would be: See list above 1/32 Tamiya-f-16's (X4) about half of the 1/32 German Wingnut wings kits 1/32 tamiya p-51d's (X3)
  8. Looking good! I just finished my 1st GW su-35 few days ago and it was a wonderful kit to build. Hopefully I can get some pictures posted up in the display case section soon.
  9. The Dude

    Optional details: sand out, or scribe in?

    ^^^^ this.
  10. Looks great so far! I like the magnet idea I might have to borrow that... My first one i almost done, all I have left is the seat, canopy, weapons and landing gear doors and its finished. A little over 6 weeks build time. I really like this kit and I credit it for getting me back into build mode after a long burn out spell. I now have four of these kits total. Thanks GWH!
  11. Just a little bump to this thread on what an excellent kit this is turning out to be with a teaser pic of my latest on my build. I guess I should start another new build thread...
  12. The Dude

    Things to know about college

    Interesting comment... I recently applied for a job as a vehicle inspector and being that I was a former GM certified tech with 20+ years in, I figured I was well qualified for the job. I could take a car apart, sans internals on the transmission, put it back together and make it run. I was detailed oriented enough to spot hidden body damage and repaint jobs so figured I would get the position. I got passed over for a younger recent college grad with a degree but had little to no vehicle experience. That was pretty obvious when I interacted with the kid about 2 months later when I was looking a car the place had on their wholesale lot. So yeah in that case that piece of paper trumps 20+ experience.
  13. The Dude

    1/32 Mig-29UB Trumpter - Any review?

    Sorry but I didn't do a build thread for it. My work space is not really set up for taking pictures plus my camera skills aren't that great too.
  14. The Dude

    1/32 Mig-29UB Trumpter - Any review?

    FWIW here is my trumpeter single seater i finished last year..
  15. The Dude

    1/32 Mig-29UB Trumpter - Any review?

    I've got one partially built and overall fit is pretty good, similar the the single seater. The LEX shape is a better but still not 100% correct and the engine upper bulges are untouched from the single but not many non-die hards will notice it. I have been lucky to be able to examine and crawl all over several mig-29's so I am a little more picky that most on this kit. Over all it a pretty good kit IMHO and i plan to build several of the single and twin seat trumpeter Mig-29 kits. Its the best one out in 1/32.