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  1. Not sure what the problem is.. our local hobby shop has 6 of them in stock on the shelf?
  2. Anyone have this sheet or even partial sheet they want to part with? I am after the Venezuelan line jet and the Vietnam markings. PM or post up if you can help, Thanks!
  3. You are probably right, in my many observations any college degree always trumps experience. If you have that piece of paper that says you went 2 years at the U in "Remedial Underwater Basketweaving" ( love that one BTW 👍) the world is yours. But if you only just have a bunch of time and experience working in the respective field your not worth squat.
  4. It's safe to say NONE of the upper management will be a part of the new squadron. Plus its a safe bet it will have probably 99% new people working there since it will most likely be based in Georgia. Besides it was mainly the last CEO lady that killed Squadron not any of the rank and file workers. I hope they do well.
  5. Luckily a few passes with some sand paper will take care of that If they did. I'm looking forward to this model. The GWH Flanker family have been great kits and the ones I've built so far have been a pleasure to build so keep them coming Haneto and GWH! I'm still in for several of these too.
  6. Thanks Scoobs, I did find that Dstorm.eu page where I got the phot but the other site will be helpful too. 👍 I may have to piece together some markings from a sheets.
  7. Looking for more info on this airframe. Either my research skills suck or there ain't much out there. I know it was involved in one of the Desert storm shoot downs but thats about all I came up with. Plus looking for any possible decal sheet for it as well, any help would be appreciated.
  8. THIS is the one I have been waiting for! I'm in for 5 of them!!
  9. Great news! My wallet will take a hit but I'm in for a bunch of them!
  10. ouch...that ones gonna hurt. I think Sprue Brothers ought to open a big chain of hobby shops across the country with a ton of stores. I'm sure it would be very popular!
  11. It sucks for sure if they are truly gone. I dealt with them for decades on many levels and visited frequently. The last CEO they had unfortunately didn't do them any good IMO and pretty much ran it into the ground. She was a bean counter that was not into the hobby and only looked at the bottom line without insight on how the hobby world worked. If you dig deep she was also CEO of the Franklin MInt before Squadron and you can see how they went down hill too. One formula DOES NOT work in every business. Eagle quest was always fun to go to but all good thing come to an end. I guess
  12. Got my 2 from the LHS today, man what a beautiful kit!! I will be getting more for sure. When the single seater comes out I am hosed because I will be getting several of them. My poor wallet. Great work GWH!
  13. Looks great!! I'm in for a few when our local hobby shop gets them in!
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