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  1. Yes It sucks to see this happening. I wish I could go down and physically help out somehow but I don't have the financial resources to do so.
  2. I guess they were just horsing around with that one...😃
  3. Chris, I know it's probably expensive but have you priced out an injection molding of the A:7 and su-27 canopies?
  4. Sadly you probably just got hosed. That is happening to me at the moment. Bought something from a Chinese ebayer and they sent it out. After 2 days suddenly the negative feedback flooded in on that same ebayer. Fake tracking # and I have been watching it go all over the midwest the last week but cant do anything about it even though I know whats going to happen. I just gotta wait until its delivered somewhere to get and ebay refund. I rarely get anything off ebay from China but as the old saying goes, "If it sounds too good to be true...''' Sadly it gives credence to the 'Chinese scam' even though there a plenty out there that are legit.
  5. Gee, I guess that's the end of Sprue Bros. If local brick and mortar stores have to collect taxes why should big E-tailers get a pass? Who will get the tax revenue? The place where the business is at or should they send the revenue back to the state the purchaser is in? Ultimately it doesn't matter because the way things are going in 20 years 80% of the population will probably be working in some sort of warehouse anyway. The Boston warehouse will send socks to the Amarillo warehouse where they will in turn send the Seattle warehouse shirts and they will send.. etc...
  6. Whatever the new release is from GWH it will likely result in many empty wallets!
  7. Right on!! If its anything like the their su-35 I will be getting several of these! Let's see.... Eritrean, Ethiopian, Indonesia, Ukraine digital, Russian... Oh yeah.. giggity....
  8. So who is the current importer/distributor for the GWH line here in the states?
  9. Greetings! I checked the 2 4811 kits i have ( one built one still in the box) and both have the early version lower fuselage style. All the other 9-12 versions i have are the new style undersides. I bought the 4811 kits at different times so it seems they are not updated parts. Hope this helps!
  10. Well on this one I still haven't installed the smaller second part if the inside burner cans yet if that is what you mean?
  11. Sure, here is a few shots of my in progress UB..
  12. Lol thanks! I bought those as they were starting to disappear from stock years ago. They are such awesome kits to build! Yeah the Fulcrum is my favorite Russian fighter jet followed by the flanker family. The fulcrum may not have the best combat record but its aesthetically pleasing IMO. The missiles and pylons are alright, they look like what they are supposed to. The zacto goodies are much better. I didn't pick up the M version so the exhaust on it i couldn't comment on. The exhaust nozzles are very passable but again the Zacto ones are better. I built my A model OOTB and i'd give the Trumpy kit about a 7 out of 10 overall. The GWH mig-29 gets a 9.5 outta 10 from me Thanks it was an easy build. I actually have about 20ish mig-29s in 1/48 and 1/32. Indeed. Dave Ramsey is the bomb diggity! Well not 100% completely debt free more like 90%. lol. My monthly bills are pretty small and that is why I can afford my Plastic addiction. I drive a 2004 suburban with 230K miles its been paid off for years. No hot rods, no RV or camper, no beach house, no fancy new car or latest $1k cell phone, older house with a very manageable payment, etc. Hardly any stress and the Jones' envy me lol. I used to drag race cars many years ago and THAT is an expensive (expletive?) hobby. I got outta that and I learned my lesson on from there...
  13. Agree 100% about the inside of the intakes for lack of detail, if I had any complaints that would be about it. However unless one is doing and flight model (or a maintenance scene) the front covers are usually closed on the ground. As for the comparison between the two, the GWH is better IMHO. The fit on the trumpeter is pretty good but there are some shape issues such as the LEX, cockpit area and rear upper engine bulges are the first things I noticed. It still looks good after its done though. However the trumpeter UB 2 seater is better shaped around the cockpit since there was a new fuselage. I generally don't gripe about these issues, heck I've built 3 of the 1/32 revell fulcrums lol, but since I had the opportunity to crawl all over and study a few of these over the years, I got pretty in tuned with the details and shape of these planes. Shape wise I think GWH nailed it. Here is a couple of shots of my 1/32 trumpeter A model ..and a quick shot of the front lex area of my 1/32 UB I am currently working on sorry for the thread hijack with trumpeter kits.
  14. My 9-13 i built had the little bump too by the center pylon. fortunately I didn't install that pylon so it was no problem for me. I've built 3 of these kits and loved them all. The first one i had fit issues with the intakes as well but the next 2 I assembled the intakes and rear engine cover as a separate assembly then attached it to the lower fuselage and only had to fill the inner part by the external fuel tank. It is much easier that way IMHO. As for the GWH kit it's the best mig-29 out there in any scale for accuracy as far as I am concerned. Therefor I picked up a few over time...
  15. Thanks for the compliments. I was really happy with the model but the colors looked just a little off. I looked at so many photos of the -35 and every one had a different look in different lighting conditions, it's close but not quite lol. I have a feeling finding the right colors is going to get expensive. I may mix my own if I get brave enough to try it. Yeah, I tend to agree. The Akan colors were the only ones available at the time. I have 3 more GWH Su-35 to do and try to get the good color match. So far all the colors i tried have hit the tree but missed the bulls eye.
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