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  1. Looks great!! I'm in for a few when our local hobby shop gets them in!
  2. Hi Sean, thanks for update. I will accept what you've got and piece it together, if you can pm me with details so we can work it out. Thanks for the link as well I might have to check them out as well! Brian
  3. Hi Sean! I was going to eventually all 4 NMANG as a timeline airframe scheme display but I am going to do the gray/green and Grey/Grey camo ones first. The NMANG SEA's and a few others will be done later down the road. Thanks! 😎
  4. Looking for a complete 1/48 sheet but will settle for just the NM-ANG markings. If anyone can help post up or PM me. Thanks!
  5. That is the resin correction nose cone to fix the mis-shapen and too short original.. 😎
  6. Yes It sucks to see this happening. I wish I could go down and physically help out somehow but I don't have the financial resources to do so.
  7. I guess they were just horsing around with that one...😃
  8. Chris, I know it's probably expensive but have you priced out an injection molding of the A:7 and su-27 canopies?
  9. Sadly you probably just got hosed. That is happening to me at the moment. Bought something from a Chinese ebayer and they sent it out. After 2 days suddenly the negative feedback flooded in on that same ebayer. Fake tracking # and I have been watching it go all over the midwest the last week but cant do anything about it even though I know whats going to happen. I just gotta wait until its delivered somewhere to get and ebay refund. I rarely get anything off ebay from China but as the old saying goes, "If it sounds too good to be true...''' Sadly it gives credence to the 'Chinese
  10. Gee, I guess that's the end of Sprue Bros. If local brick and mortar stores have to collect taxes why should big E-tailers get a pass? Who will get the tax revenue? The place where the business is at or should they send the revenue back to the state the purchaser is in? Ultimately it doesn't matter because the way things are going in 20 years 80% of the population will probably be working in some sort of warehouse anyway. The Boston warehouse will send socks to the Amarillo warehouse where they will in turn send the Seattle warehouse shirts and they will send.. etc...
  11. Whatever the new release is from GWH it will likely result in many empty wallets!
  12. Right on!! If its anything like the their su-35 I will be getting several of these! Let's see.... Eritrean, Ethiopian, Indonesia, Ukraine digital, Russian... Oh yeah.. giggity....
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