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  1. Ah, cool.. Thanks for the info. I assume its only open when in use?
  2. That is a cool photo. What is that black 'T' looking thing at the bottom of the wind screen? I've seen it some AC and not on others?
  3. Yup, I'll build them all. I have a garage and two hobby rooms to put it all in several decent size cases. I've build multiples of many kits over the years. About 7 1/32 corsairs, 5 1/32 P-51 and 3 1/32 f-15s from tamiya,3 flankers, a couple of mig-29s from GWH with 10ish unbuilt fulctums and also about 10ish flankers from GWH. Plus several other multiple subjects... Here are some pix of what I mean. A few of the boxes are empty to hold leftover parts from the built ones in my display cases.
  4. Very cool! If its Tamiya, then as usual its pretty much guaranteed gold... Ugly azz airplane therefor I will take two please.
  5. Oh yeah! The GWH A-10 will destroy my wallet... 7 'hogs please...
  6. A GWH 1/48 A-10??? I'm in for at least 6!
  7. Oh man, I'd love to go, we love the Grapevine Tx area, but doubt I can get the time off from work. These things creep up so fast on me that I never remember to plan the trips until its too late.
  8. Looks great! What ratios did you use custom mix the colors? I hope GWH keeps putting out the different flanker series. I have 2 built so far, 1 su-35, 1 Su-27UB and a single seater B that is 3/4 done. I also have 8 of them in the stash and an SM on the way.
  9. I hope that Steve is ok as well. My thought is that is that I believe if ones deeply and heavily involved in something for so long that eventually burn out starts to set in. IMO doing anything 24/7/365 WILL fry just about anyone out if done long enough. After awhile it just gets to the point where one says F it and just has to walk away- cutting any losses and everything else associated with said subject. I've been there. Its like trying to recover an aircraft out of control and riding it too far in in hopes something suddenly happens but then just end up crashing and burning. P
  10. Anyone have this sheet they are willing to part with? Prefer complete sheet if possible but will settle for a good partial sheet too. Post or PM me if you can help, thanks!
  11. Not sure what the problem is.. our local hobby shop has 6 of them in stock on the shelf?
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