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Revell Merlin HM.1 Royal Navy 1/72

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There are a LOT of decals on this bird, that's for sure. I lost a few of the data to an "accident" (which we won't discuss) and a few of the walkway decals over the forward part of the cabin just do not fit. I decided to just leave them off, as I wasn't going to try to adjust them by cutting them wet. Doesn't bother me!

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looking good....how big a model is she? I didn't realise how big the Merlin was till I saw one at the RAF Museum.

How is the kit? I've been thinking of picking one up


It's pretty big. Longer than a Sea King in fact. 26 cm long in 1/72.

The kit itself is very nice. Good fit and detail, nice interior. The only problem so far has been the walway decals.

Thanks all.

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Looking good. Is that stbd static vent decals I spy there?

I have just got out my stash of EH101's to start building, but I need to get the RoG Naval kit. I also need to remind myself what needs fixing on the Cormorant kit. I have also foolishly decided that power and lights are required in some of them.

Seeing your kit in progress is a good insentive for me to get started!



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