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  1. clioguy

    1/48 Accurate Miniatures B-25B

    Watching with great interest as I have the same kit in my stash!
  2. Was following this build on LSP, now following here 🙂
  3. clioguy

    Zvezda SU-33 Yellow 13 build

    That is a great whiskey! I have a couple of Nikka (Coffee Malt and SIngle Malt) and they are good, though I prefer smokey ones like Lagavulin, Ardbeg, etc 🙂
  4. clioguy

    Zvezda SU-33 Yellow 13 build

    Nice! I also like the Whiskey collection 🙂
  5. clioguy

    GWH Su-35S building

    Don't want to rub it in, but here in Malta it is +20C today and sunny :)
  6. clioguy

    A-6E Intruder

    I use almost exclusively CA as a filler. Used several putties in the past like Green Stuff, Mr Putty, etc with mixed results. I now use CA and zap it with accelerator so I can start sanding immediately. Like that it is not too hard. With regards to talcum powder, I have heard of it before... so do you just sprinkle the powder on the fresh CA? How is it done exactly?
  7. clioguy

    Hind 1:48 revell

    Following.... I have the Trumpeter kit, do you know if it has the same issues?
  8. clioguy

    1/48 Hasegawa F-14D VF-31 Tomcatter

    Where you also using PVA glue when attaching PE to the side of the cockpit?
  9. clioguy

    Moving ARC Forums

    Yeay! No more warnings!
  10. clioguy

    Moving ARC Forums

    Great job getting the forum back. Unfortunately even I am still getting the Phishiing site warning, using Chrome on Mac.
  11. clioguy

    HK 1/32 Dornier Do 335A

    Great start! Question: how do you manage to paint the piping so perfectly without any blemishes? i always manage to mess mine up!
  12. clioguy

    1/48 Hasegawa F-4EJ Phantom

    is it just me, or are the pics not showing?
  13. Go for whatever you wish... your builds are always great no matter the subject!
  14. I'd say it depends if you're going to weather the aircraft in any way. If the actual bird does not fly, it's probably in pristine condition with no weathering at all. If that's what you're after then no exhaust stains. If, on the other hand, you're going to weather the panels, etc with a wash, then put some light exhaust stains...
  15. clioguy

    1/48 Academy B-25B Mitchell

    Also keeping this as a reference for my build. With regards to the window, maybe you could use some clear lexan plastic, like that used for r/c cars bodyshells?