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  1. Nice! Very nice indeed! Need one of those desks! Is that custom made?
  2. Chuck, great inspirational job as always! Two questions if I may please: 1. What do you use to re-punch the rivets? 2. How do you apply the Tamiya Accent Colour?
  3. Enjoy Maui, such a beautiful island! Was there in 2017, enjoyed every bit of it!
  4. very nice progress! well done! Quick question, did you glue the etched parts together, or solder? Keep up the good work! Duncan
  5. Watching with great interest as I have the same kit in my stash!
  6. Was following this build on LSP, now following here 🙂
  7. That is a great whiskey! I have a couple of Nikka (Coffee Malt and SIngle Malt) and they are good, though I prefer smokey ones like Lagavulin, Ardbeg, etc 🙂
  8. Nice! I also like the Whiskey collection 🙂
  9. Don't want to rub it in, but here in Malta it is +20C today and sunny :)
  10. I use almost exclusively CA as a filler. Used several putties in the past like Green Stuff, Mr Putty, etc with mixed results. I now use CA and zap it with accelerator so I can start sanding immediately. Like that it is not too hard. With regards to talcum powder, I have heard of it before... so do you just sprinkle the powder on the fresh CA? How is it done exactly?
  11. Following.... I have the Trumpeter kit, do you know if it has the same issues?
  12. Where you also using PVA glue when attaching PE to the side of the cockpit?
  13. Great job getting the forum back. Unfortunately even I am still getting the Phishiing site warning, using Chrome on Mac.
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