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  1. After many months of attempting to find a buyer, BC Shaver and Hobbies in Victoria BC is having a 20% off almost everything* "Retirement Sale". Hope remains a buyer will be found. *10% off R/C vehicles, transmitters/receivers, R/C car batteries and electric shaver accessories Alvis 3.1
  2. Alvis 3.1

    Anyone seen that evil mon-key?

    You know we live in desperate times when unleashing the Mon-Key is seen as a good option.
  3. Alvis 3.1

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    No, it isn't. It's a suspicious thing to post, most certainly. In case you weren't aware of it, I was agreeing with you that the posting seemed oddly motivated. However, taking shots at people who can't reply is a fairly common event in model airplane forums. It's childish and petty and honestly, it's behaviour I've come to expect, sad as that sounds. I'd like to hope any other baseless accusations in this thread were apologised for by the commentators, even when they're deliberately vague but really obvious at the same time.
  4. Alvis 3.1

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    Yes, it's always interesting to see who trashes certain decal manufacturers. It's almost as if there's fanboys at work or something like that. But it's always okay when it's one you don't like, right?
  5. Alvis 3.1

    Why few 1:35 scale airplanes?

    Armour was typical of most model subjects in the early days, every company had their own size they seemed to like, although Monogram had both 1/32 and 1/35th scale kits in the late 50s. 1/32 seemed to be fairly common, with Airfix, Monogram and Revell all doing kits in that size (1/40th wasn't unusual either, but never caught on), but it was Tamiya that shifted the game into 1/35th scale when they started producing their motorized tanks (story goes they used that scale as it fitted the motor size they adopted. Being a metric country likely also was a factor). They rapidly produced a lot of different kits, swamping other companies like Bandai whose 1/48th kits were actually better in many ways. Soon everyone has to adapt to 1/35 or be left on the shelves. Meanwhile, 1/32 stayed a standard scale for aircraft kits as it had been a popular scale since the early days, and nobody saw a need to change it.
  6. Alvis 3.1

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    Unfortunately people with a tenuous grasp of factual narratives tend to not make great witnesses, and people who post a great teary repose on how mad they are and why they're leaving a site aren't actually banned. That "take a chill pill" advice only seems to work in one direction for some. And we go back to the OP on this: Does the fan base size of a member dictate whether they get special treatment or not? Does the fact they have a bunch of people who'd either leave or threaten to leave become a factor in whether they have to follow what are really some pretty basic rules: Don't be a dick to others? Does somebody who'd been here 20 years have more right to speak their mind than a noob? ARC is an organic entity, and has changed over time, and how it handles the more colourful characters has changed as well. We could rehash old conflicts and how they were handled until the cows come home, but it doesn't answer why this site, along with many others are dropping in users. Personally, I blame the Jackal Squadron, but I can't find their island on Google Maps any more Did it sink? Did all those trillions of rivets that made up the atoll finally get counted? Did all the hot air finally ignite Mount Anubis, setting off the ammo in the Tirpitz that was anchored nearby, or did it just slowly fade away into insignificance? Curious minds want to know.
  7. Alvis 3.1

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    If you feel you've been treated unfairly, please report the situation. Be succinct and indicate who gave you feelings of being potentially persecuted, and the mods will have stern words with them. Stern. Words. I've gone over your dossier and cannot find any examples of you being tattled on. If this situation is true, well it reflects poorly on ARC as a whole and whoever made you feel like you can't speak from your extensive knowledge base. You should feel safe to post your information that is factually correct and not worry you'll be bannified for that. AFAIK that is not the standard operating mode. If somebody had registered a legitimate complaint, you would have been notified and requested to refrain from that behaviour. While you may feel that isn't how ARC operates, I can assure you it isn't. The Star Chamber usually takes a good two weeks to convene nowadays, assuming people aren't holidaying.
  8. Alvis 3.1

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    It's always easy when you make it up from the beginning.
  9. Alvis 3.1

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    Hoards or hordes? If you meant "hoards", what I do with 3,000+ models is my business, mister! If you meant "hordes", well, that's a different matter completely.
  10. Alvis 3.1

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    That involved throwing a Spitfire and a Bf109E into the fire.
  11. Alvis 3.1

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    If Rex is from Devon, then he's 100% safe.
  12. Alvis 3.1

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    As yes, fun times. I recall a lot of dramatic exits, and cranky postings. While we may choose to disagree on how exactly that transpired and whether things changed here because of it, the fact that in the last 10 years massive changes to how people interface on the internet has had a huge effect on many websites, dropping traffic drastically, and a specific site's rules being enforced aren't the reason why it's seeing fewer postings. However, the sensation of picking at scabs is comforting, although rarely productive. Jennings might have agreed on that point actually.
  13. Alvis 3.1

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    You appear to not be clear on how getting banned on ARC works. Having people not like you doesn't get you banned. Not following the rules and refusing to change that behaviour is what gets you banned. You can file as many reports as you want to about an individual, but in the end, if they've not gone over the line in their behaviour, they won't get banned. it also involves a cabal of black robe wearing acolytes, a fire, three sea shells and a lock of hair of the person to be banned, but Steve says we aren't supposed to talk about that. Oops.
  14. Alvis 3.1

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    Every forum I'm on has had a drastic drop off in postings since Facebook arrived. Some have strict rules and twitchy mods, others are pretty loose with the rules, and rarely enforce them. Blaming "banning' as to why this site is experiencing less traffic is simplistic at best. As for it being too liberally used, you may be a tad off base, as there's been far more rage quits than bans here.