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  1. Canadian modifications the the F-35, eh?: Timmies cup holder in cockpit. Hockey Night in Canada streaming service antennas. Deployable spotlight mounted on Freezing Wingman drone. Hockey gear bag luggage pods. Onboard voice module set to say "Zed" instead of "Zee" (Already a feature on UK and Australian F-35s) Beer cooler mounted where the lift fan would be in the "B" model. Poutine warmer mounted in same bay. Alvis 3.1
  2. Canada joins the F-35 club: https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/canada-ends-years-long-search-for-new-fighter-jet-with-deal-to-buy-f-35s-1.6222706
  3. See: -Lucas, Prince of Darkness. -Lucas Three Position Switch: Dim/Flicker/Off -Triumph Oil Indicator: That black line on the road trailing behind the car -Lucas= Loose Unsoldered Connections and Splices
  4. Au contraire, mon frère, British cars are the MOST intelligence vehicles ever built. They know before you do when you're done driving for the day.
  5. Thanks! I recently watched the Clifford movie and found it enjoyable, with only mild degrees of pretentiousness. What are your thoughts on it?
  6. It's self explanatory. Really. Read it again.
  7. 😄 I ordered your IBTL Trophy, but I think I accidentally ordered an IBS one instead. My bad bro.
  8. Exactly. This is why threads get locked.
  9. Any time you whine that you are sure to be blocked, shut down or ignored, you are acting like a martyr. Over and over. Pretty much every post you've done here ends with you claiming nobody will listen to you and the conversation is going nowhere. You act like you are being persecuted. Have you been blocked? Had the thread closed? Nope. But please keep driving nails into your own hands and claiming people are being mean to you. They aren't. Complaining about how the site is run isn't being a martyr. Pretending that complaining is persecuted is being a martyr. You project mo
  10. I used that link on Chrome just now and it's working ok for me.
  11. The reality is that not everybody is a good fit on every site. I'm glad he's contributing to the world of modelling knowledge. He's an awesome source of information!
  12. Nope. Participation and entertaining do not equate lockdowns. BTW, was that your way of posting "IBTL"? :P
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