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  1. Slight hijack of thread but related to Black Hawk weaponary and Live Resin... Haven't seen this posted anywhere here yet (apologies if it has been) but also in the works from LR are external wepons for HH-60G with plans to release in 1/35, 1/48 & 1/72 along with associated helo crew. No release date as of yet. See Armorama thread also
  2. Bit of breaking news from down under, the entire Qantas fleet has been grounded indefinitely without warning, that includes all domestic and international fights: Qantas grounds planes over union dispute Tom
  3. Looks very slick! I like the look of those new HIRSS's (if that's what they're still called). Is that a new style of winch hanging off the side there as well? Tom
  4. Unfortunately I don't think they are the right kind of pylon for a Night Stalker bird. ROKAF birds use the upward 'gull-wing' type pylons. Those latest pics of the Night Stalker birds have pylons facing down, sure would be nice to see some of those though! I am interested in the mention of a HH-60G update, hopefully its along the lines of the new lump/bumps/antennas and external mods added in recent years! Would make life a lil bit easier and may get me going again Tom
  5. Haha can I ask what happened to the other one without re-poking the hornets nest, so to speak? Tom
  6. Not sure if this has been posted before, but I though some might be interested in this video. Pretty interesting, looks like its during carrier quals. Cheers, Tom
  7. Yeah they are some very interesting pics you've got there Pete. Another thing I just noticed looking at this pic was the attachments to the ESSS pylon covers (the white things raised up and out to the sides). Another new mod/sensor for this helo? If you have anymore pictures we would love to see them! Cheers, Tom
  8. It looks as though the minigun just slots straight into the Mi-17 by attaching the the pre-existing tie-down points by the door, no need for any sort of conversion to the airframe. Mi-8/MI-17 Mounts Tom
  9. A bit of info for the rivet counters out there looking to build an Aussie Super Hornet, unlike the first half of the fleet (A44-201 to -212), the second half (A44-213 to -224) have the lumps and bumps of a Growler on the fuselage for possible conversion later in life to EA-18G's. Seen here on -218 with blisters under the tail, above the serial and on the spine... -219 in the background would be the same. (Edit: this is not my picture but link to original source provided) Cheers, Tom
  10. If your interested, the entire in-progress thread is over on Armorama. You really don't get a full appreciation for the detail in his dio until you've had a look at the work he's put into it. I seem to spot something new every time I look at it - so many subtle and hidden details.. That Aussie's in Iraq Diorama, 2006 Tom
  11. Geez guys, a bit behind the times aren't we :) ... I'm joking, but check out the Helo forums MH-60s got Bin Ladden - Or where they.. New stealth Helicopters Tom
  12. I don't think the point was that 'they' (wonder if we will find out who 'they' are? 160th SOAR?) used EH-60's for this raid. Rather, the original concepts and designs of the stealth and LO helicopters tested in the 80/90's seem to have continued to be developed - quite possibly resulting in what we are seeing in the photos. Another point if anyone can clarify.. some posts have said that the rotor is on the wrong side for a H-60 (assuming this is in fact a H-60 derivative). However, it seems to me that the tail rotor in the majority of the pictures is upside-down and showing the rotor to the
  13. Wow those new pictures are much show a much clearer picture. I was a bit on the fence before, but I do get a sense of H-60-ness from the shape and design of the tail rotor here. Note the top two blades don't seem to be broken/damaged at all. Tom
  14. Yes the paint on it stood out immediately with its silver/metallic sheen... looks similar to that on the CV-22. Maybe this has something to do with the "special technology" being referenced in the media? I have been looking though many, many photos trying to find something that looks similar in either the US or Pakistani heli fleets. And even through possible UAV/drone choppers that I could find, but so far nothing. Cannot wait to see what becomes of this... I wonder if the Daily Mirror realises what they have published! Could these be the first images of a 'Stealth Hawk'?? Tom
  15. Scroll about halfway down for some interesting photos of the helicopter wreckage. I have absolutely no idea what that tail rotor (?) or blades are from?? Anyone know?? Here Tom
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