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    He how dies with the most toys ....wins !
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    Gold Coast, Australia......originally an RAF bratt !
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    1/48 modern (1980 +) military aircraft, (and helo's !) Australian/British & European />1/350 Australian navy

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  1. Hahhaha yes, very much seen that set available....... -postage outside the USA has actually improved recently? Mmmmm, I may eagerly see what Mr Kursad can produce for a Pavelow ?........... 🤩
  2. Mmmmmm, yes. but finding a set ????
  3. ......PS, LOVE your work !!
  4. -no need Olympic Resins already have a conversion. Hence my inquiries....... -just the decals are pritty lame ....thats all.
  5. 110% works for me (and I do have the choice between the two as a dilemma....) -though I would doubt the RAN artwork will be as 'spectacular'....?
  6. --don't want to overload you. but for my two cents.....? -thank you for your - consideration
  7. -Rapunzel ! (Glad to see you guys are still alive)
  8. -Duh !! I fear you are correct, and 'we' will end up with......a (contractually obligated) handfull ?
  9. -and the "show", must go on...... Is it supprising that the traveling simulator turned up now; after an Australian, Budgetry delay and current lack of confiance in the program as a whole ? (retorical question !)
  10. 1/48 1/48 1/48 (not a Hotwheels aeroplane or a G.I Joe aeroplane) -and you can do other versions too; because- "commonality will make it more affordable" !
  11. Clive Palmer's latest 'look at me' "God himself could not sink this ship - he couldn't" - maybe Clive would have made a better "Cal" Hockley in the movie ?
  12. Have always 'loved' this movie (even in German). It is one of the few war movies that does nothing to glamorise itself.
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